This is an interactive version of the popular Simpsons cast poster. If you've seen it before, you may have tried to name all the characters, but come up short. Now help is at hand - I've identified every Simpsons character on this poster, from Homer, Bart and Mr. Burns right down to the generic jobsworths that appeared for 5 seconds in Season 1.
Click a quadrant to zoom in, and hover over a character's face to see who they are. Click here to zoom out.

Simpsons character poster
Simpsons character poster, top left
Simpsons character poster, top right
Simpsons character poster, bottom left
Simpsons character poster, bottom right
* Not literally every character appears on the poster - it only goes up to Season 9. However, Fox recently released an updated version (though very badly compiled) to accompany the Season 20 DVD. Read about it here. Note: If you have problems viewing the poster, you can look at the character list »

The character list

Below is the full list of every character on the poster. It is grouped by the four areas above: top left, top right, bottom left, bottom right. Currently the characters are not listed in any sensible order (actually it's the order I drew the hotspots on the image map), but you can have fun trying to match them all - I'll get round to ordering them eventually!

This is as good a place as any to say huge thanks to the members of the wonderful No Homers Club forum, who helped naming the last few people I didn't know - particularly Jamie, Cash Kerouac, Mr Johannson, and headintheclouds87. Also thanks to Charlie/TSR123 on The Dead Homer Society who named the final character we couldn't get.

Top left

Top right

Bottom left

Bottom right

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