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Barney Gumble

Name: Barnard Gumble.
Age: 40.
Identity: Drunken barfly.

Occupation: None.
Source of Income: Is a Santa at the mall at Christmas, donates frequently at Springfield Sperm Bank and sucks coins out of the Love Tester machine.
Residence: Lives in a dingy apartment, but spends most of his time at Moe's.
Friends: Homer, Moe.
Catchphrase: A belch.

Past girlfriends: Philips (the woman Marge shared a cell with) [9F20], went on a date with Selma Bouvier.

Previous jobs: Santa Claus at the mall [7G08], 'Plow King' [9F07], member of the B-Sharps [9F21], worker at the Bowl-a-rama [2F10]. Also tried out for a NASA space mission but was beaten by Homer [1F13].

Awards won: 1st prize in the Springfield film festival, for his film about his alcoholism entitled 'Pukahontas' [2F31].

Appearances: Many episodes. Was a member of the B sharps, started a snow plow business called 'Plow King,' and gave up alcohol to take helicopter flying lessons.