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Simpsons Comics guide

Simpsons Comics began life as a magazine called Simpsons Illustrated, which ran for 10 issues from 1991 to 1993. It featured articles, interviews and fanart as well as comic strips. In 1993 Bongo Comics published Simpsons Comics and Stories, consisting solely of comic strips. It was a big success and in November 1993, Simpsons Comics was born.

Over the years there have been many different series of Simpsons Comics published alongside the regular comics, including Treehouse of Horror Comics, Radioactive Man Comics, Bart Simpson Comics, and even Itchy & Scratchy Comics!

In this section you will find reams of information about the various series of comics published in America and United Kingdom, including a list of the stories in each comic and cover scans. Most of the stories in the comics published in the UK are the same as those in the US, however, many stories do not correspond to the same comic number; we have listed differences where known (not complete).

Simpsons Comics and Stories

This comic was produced in January 1993, before the main Simpsons comics started, kind of as a pilot to the Simpsons Comics series.

Simpsons Comics and Stories

  • Lo, There Shall Come A Bartman
  • Bring Me The Head Of El Barto
  • Maggie's Excellent Adventure
  • Itchy & Scratchy's Power Tool Safety Tips (single page)


January 1993