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Simpsons lists, guides & information

Pages for Simpsons nerds! Here we have catalogued all sorts of Simpsodata in easy-to-read formats, and in a way so meticulous we'd make even Professor Frink, Milhouse or Database envious. Here you will find lists of voice artists, guest stars, lyrics and all those running gags that the writers are running out of ideas for!

Simpsons cast

The Simpsons cast

All the regular voice actors (credited as Starring or Also Starring) and some of the characters they play.

Simpsons guests

Guest Stars

A thorough list of actors with guest star credit, including the characters they played.

Simpsons albums

Simpsons Discography

Details on the four Simpsons music albums.

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Official Simpsons Websites

All the muck that's fit to rake! Official websites from around the world, promotional websites from certain episodes, and fake websites mentioned in the show.

I Will Not Waste Chalk

Bart's Blackboard Gags

The old classic...this page has all of Bart's chalkboard punishments from the opening credits.

Marge, stop this crazy thing!

Simpsons Couch Gags

The sofa gags are another of the opening credits variations in The Simpsons. This page has descriptions and pictures of every couch gag.

Lumber has a million uses

Homer Says "D'oh!"

Every time Homer and others have uttered that world-famous catchphrase.

endorsed by Hugh Jass

Bart's prank calls to Moe

If I find out who made this page, I'm going to use their head for a bucket and paint my house with their brains!

Now available in triple-chocolate


Mmm... yet another list...

Extra Extra! Todd Smells

Newspaper Headlines

Hippo Promoted To Detective? President Simpson Wins Super Bowl?! Yes, these are just two of the hilarious headlines you can see every day in Springfield.

Moes Tavern; Now With Electricity

Opening Billboards

Billboard advertisements from the new High-Definition opening sequence.

Praise Jebus!

Church marquees

As our lord and saviour Jebus Christ says, "What A Fiend We Have In God."

But what if you don't get shot?

One day left 'til retirement

In the business, we call it "retirony".

More asbestos! More asbestos!

Beneath the floorboards

742 Evergreen Terrace is a house of dark secrets... see what's hidden under their floorboards, and what else is buried in Springfield!

Not a single animal was wasted

Recycled Animation

Ever watched an episode and thought the animation looked out of place? Chances are it was recycled from an earlier episode. Check out this list of reused animation.

I go in and out of comas all the.........French toast please

Grampa's Go-Nowhere Stories

There's an interesting story behind this web nineteen-dickety-two I think it was...I tied an onion to my belt, which was the style at the time...

Such a nice day, think I'll go out the window

Diving Out The Window

Another original list: all the times people jump out of windows at a moment's notice.

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Quick-Talking Voiceovers

This page is absolutely, one hundred percent guarateed to make you laugh (not a guarantee). Snapping fingers may not make this page appear.

Licking an electrical outlet will not turn you into a Might Morphin Power Ranger

Scrolling Lists

All those impossible-to-read credits have been made readable! Rock Bottom Corrections, Kent Brockman's Gay List, Arrested Celebrities, Krusty's Birthday Buddies, and DNA Names can be found here.

You're the birthday, you're the birthday, you're the birthday, boy or girl!


Just how many characters have celebrated a birthday on The Simpsons? Which family member has not celebrated more than one? The answers to these and many more pressing questions can be found on this page.

Did you say cleans AND straightens?

Troy McClure productions

You may remember him from such television shows as The Simpsons, voiced by the late great Phil Hartman.

Someone down here like you too, sir.

Smithers gay references

Oh, who am I kidding? The boathouse was the time!