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Simpsons Birthdays

Here's a list of all the birthdays that characters have had (or been referenced to) on the show, and an explanation of the scene that goes with it. Note that Marge is the only Simpson (including Grampa) who has celebrated one birthday - in fact, Lisa has celebrated three.

Oddly enough though, while she or the rest of the family haven't aged, Homer has somehow aged by three years over the course of the show - he started at 36, then he was 38, then 38.1, then Marge revealed he was in fact 39. Anyway, I digress... enjoy the list!

Life on the Fast Lane
Marge celebrates her birthday, for which Homer buys her a bowling ball.
Old Money
Grampa is dragged away from Bea's birthday party by Homer. She later dies of a burst ventricle.
Stark Raving Dad
Bart forgets Lisa's birthday, so he and Michael Jackson write a song for her: Lisa, It's Your Birthday.
Homer Defined
Bart learns that Milhouse did actually have a birthday party, but he was not invited.
Radio Bart
It's Bart's birthday, but he has a lousy day, until he realizes that Homer's present, the Superstar Celebrity Microphone can be used for mischief.
Treehouse of Horror III
Homer forgets to get Bart present for his second birthday on the show, so runs out to a toy shop. However, the Krusty doll he buys Bart is evil.
New Kid on the Block
Bart goes to see Grampa about a girl he likes. When he arrives, Grampa is overjoyed that Bart remembered his birthday. Bart gives him a bus schedule for a present.
Marge In Chains
Patty and Selma exchange presents. Both are Juice Looseners, containing the Osaka Flu.
Mr. Burns celebrates his birthday, however all he really wants is his teddy bear, Bobo. Also in this episode, Smithers imagines his own birthday, with a half-naked Burns popping out of his birthday cake.
Lady Bouvier's Lover
Maggie celebrates her first birthday.
The Springfield Files
Homer complains that he is being mocked by his own kids, on his birthday. The family didn't know, and Homer reminds them that it is the same day as the dog's. The kids proceed to celebrate Santa's Little Helper's birthday instead.
Homer vs. the Eighteenth Amendment
It's not a very happy birthday for Rex Banner, as he has not caught the beer baron.
Grade School Confidential
Martin serves oysters at his birthday party, causing everyone to become ill. After everyone leaves, Bart sees Skinner and Krebappel kissing in Martin's playhouse.
Sunday, Cruddy Sunday
When Bart gets a coupon book from a school trip to the Post Office, he gives it to Homer for his birthday.
Homer Simpson in: "Kidney Trouble"
The Simpsons' car breaks down outside the retirement home, where Grampa is thrilled that the family remembered his birthday. Note that this is his second birthday; in both cases, the family forgot.
Viva Ned Flanders
Homer reveals when Barney's birthday is: Let's see, what's Marge's birthday? Barney's is April 20th, same as Hitler...
Make Room For Lisa
After the Flanders' bury the sleep deprivation tank that Homer is in (thinking it is a coffin), Todd remarks: This is the best birthday I ever had!
Days of Wine and D'oh'ses
Barney thinks everyone had forgotten his birthday. However, the barflies reveal that he was too drunk to remember it.
A Tale of Two Springfields
Bart wants to borrow Todd's woodpecker. Todd says he wants it back by six because it's his birthday.
Insane Clown Poppy
Bart and Lisa blow up Lisa's room. When told to pretend it's her birthday, Lisa says that it is her birthday.
Trilogy of Error
Lou (the cop) asks if he can hold his gun sideways, as it looks cool. Wiggum replies "Anything you want, birthday boy."
The Dad Who Knew Too Little
Lisa celebrates her birthday (for the third time!) and Homer buys her a very unthoughtful present.
Moe Baby Blues
Maggie celebrates her birthday for the second time (is she now two years old?)