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Homer says "D'oh!"

Just when you thought there were enough Simpsons lists, here comes the mother of them all... the definitive D'oh list! I created this list and I maintain it here and at The Simpsons Archive (though this page will always be the latest version). I have included other characters as well as Homer in this list as well, so unless otherwise stated, the character saying "D'oh!" is Homer.

The origins of D'oh!

Matt Groening initially conceived it as an "annoyed grunt," and it is still written that way in most Simpsons TV scripts. In fact many titles that feature the word D'oh are referred to as annoyed grunt, for example, E-I-E-I-(Annoyed Grunt).

"D'oh!" originates from the Laurel and Hardy films. Dan Castellaneta (the voice of Homer) was inspired by Jim Finlayson, who said "doooooh" (long and slow) whenever something angered him. However, Matt decided that to suit the speed of animation, it would be better said faster. And so, D'oh! was born.

Opening credits

Driveway scene
... when Lisa scoots past him on her bike (nearly every episode since Season 2)

Couch gag: There's No Disgrace Like Home (7G04), The Crepes of Wrath (7G13)
... when he is squeezed off the sofa

Couch gag: Bart Gets An F (7F03)
... when the couch falls through the floor

Couch gag: Midnight Rx (FABF16)
... when Homer gets hit by a spear

Season 1

Simpsons Roasting on an Open Fire (7G08)
... When he discovers the extension cord for the Christmas tree lights is tangled up
... as Bart pulls off his fake Santa beard off
... when he bangs his head: "Ho, ho, D'oh!"
... when he gets a question wrong at the Santa training school
... when he realizes that Santa's Little Helper is in last place

Bart the Genius (7G02)
... when Bart will not come out of his room [twice]

There's No Disgrace Like Home (7G04)
... when the kids are misbehaving at the company picnic
... when a ball hits him in the back of the head
... after realizing that he has trampled on his own rose bed
... in response to Marge's suggestion that they should move to a larger community
... as he is given an electric shock [twice]
... Mr. Burns, when the family present him with gelatin desserts

Bart the General (7G05)
... when Lisa snatches her cupcake from him.
... when Nelson beats Bart up (Homer is in Bart's vision)
... as Grampa hits him with water balloons [twice]

Moaning Lisa (7G06)
... upon finding that he left his keys in the front door overnight
... during a game of video boxing, as Bart beats him (three times)
... when, in a nightmare, Bart beats him up in a boxing ring

Call of The Simpsons (7G09)
... when his echo tells him to shut up
... when, after mourning for Bart, he finds out that Bart is actually alive
... after eating bee-laiden honey [twice]

The Telltale Head (7G07)
... while watching a football game
... when a player fumbles as he listens on the radio

Life on the Fast Lane (7G11)
... when he finds out Patty & Selma will be joining the family for dinner

Homer's Night Out (7G10)
... when he gets a "purple fruit thing" on his Scratch & Win ticket
... when he sees Bart's picture of him and Princess Kashmir behind the bar at Moe's
... as Princess Kashmir stamps on his hands as he hangs from her cage [twice]

The Crepes of Wrath (7G13)
... after he falls down the stairs and can't get up

Krusty Gets Busted (7G12)
... when Marge tells him that Patty & Selma are coming over
... after he is shown as a coward in court
... Bart, when Patty & Selma bring eight carousels of slides
... Krusty, during his on-screen heart attack

Some Enchanted Evening (7G01)
... when the receptionist at the babysitting service calls him an ape

Season 2

Bart Gets an F (7F03)
... when Bart asks to have the TV in his room
... Bart (in the future), when Bart junior gets him in trouble

Simpson and Delilah (7F02)
... when he realizes he's out of tartar sauce
... after Carl calls him "chrome dome"
... when Bart says "I love you" to get himself out of trouble
... upon realizing that he forgot to bring an umbrella to work
... when Smithers tells him his speech is in five minutes

Treehouse of Horror (7F04)
... when he is hit in the head by the censor
... when the raven says "nevermore" (twice)
... as he falls over the chair trying to catch the raven
... as he runs into the bookcase
... after he throws a lamp at the raven but misses

Two Cars in Every Garage and Three Eyes on Every Fish (7F01)
... when Marge tells him her plans for the evening

Dancin' Homer (7F05)
... when Marge tells him he cannot wave his fanny in public
... when he falls into the dugout
... when Marge points at something and hits him in the face
... Burns, when Homer asks if they are having a drugs test the next day

Dead Putting Society (7F08)
... when he is out of beer
... as his golf ball bounces out of the park
... when he misses a shot
... when SLH moves his head rather than Bart
... when Bart can't think of a decent name for his putter
... when he realizes Flanders saw Bart meditating
... when Bart says he'll "try"
... when Homer's "'fraid not infinity!" is beaten by Flanders' "'fraid so infinity plus one!"
... when Todd gets a hole in one
... when Flanders is not humiliated by wearing his wife's best Sunday dress
... Flanders, as Homer catches him putting a letter underneath The Simpsons' door

Bart vs. Thanksgiving (7F07)
... when Patty & Selma are at the door
... when Patty & Selma say even a cave man could light a fire
... when Santa's Little Helper steals a turkey drumstick
... as Lisa plays her saxophone loudly

Bart the Daredevil (7F06)
... after Skinner announces the recital the family are attending is the first in a series
... when Bart makes a fake promise
... upon finding that Bart broke his promise
... as he falls down Springfield Gorge [twice]
... when Bart's skateboard hits him at the bottom of the cliff
... as he falls down the gorge a second time [four times]

Itchy & Scratchy & Marge (7F09)
... when Marge tells him she is too busy to make pork chops

Bart Gets Hit By A Car (7F10)
... when Marge testifies in court that Dr Nick is not really a doctor

One Fish, Two Fish, Blowfish, Blue Fish (7F11)
... when he is told his meatloaf will be eight more seconds
... when Bart knocks a bottle off the shelf
... when the phone rings while he is making a videotape for Maggie
... when he is stopped for speeding
... when he sees Barney from the prison window

Homer Vs. Lisa and the 8th Commandment (7F13)
... 'Homer the Thief,' as Moses reads the commandment: "Thou shalt not steal."

Principal Charming (7F15)
... when Patty & Selma can't look after the kids for the evening
... when Skinner calls about Bart
... when Homer realizes he has introduced Skinner to Patty instead of Selma
... Bart, when Homer invites Skinner to dinner
... Bart, when he realizes he still has a whole field of grass to sow

Oh Brother, Where Art Thou? (7F16)
... when he is pulled over by the police on the highway
... as he drives over a hole in the road
... Herb, as his executive tries to explain the name 'Persephone.'
... Grampa, upon finding out that Homer has ruined Herbert: "D'oh! I knew you'd blow it!"

Bart's Dog Gets an F (7F14)
... when Santa's Little Helper rips up the newspaper
... when SLH eats his breakfast
... when Mrs. Winfield does not believe that SLH is in his back garden
... when he realizes that SLH has escaped from the garden
... when Bart tells Marge that Homer's new trainers cost $125
... when Marge yells at him for strangling Bart
... Bart, when his attempt to get Lisa to do his homework fails

Lisa's Substitute (7F19)
... when he sits on Lisa's doll house and breaks it

Brush with Greatness (7F18)
... when he realizes the family has become separated just as he tells them not to
... when he is hit by several kids in the waterslide he is stuck in
... when he sees himself on TV stuck in the waterslide
... after his stomach gurgles, when he has just promised to go on a diet
... when Bart switches the light off in the attic
... as the scales fluctuate wildly [seven times]
... upon viewing Marge's nude painting of Mr. Burns

The War of The Simpsons (7F20)
... when Marge signs him up for the marriage retreat
... when General Sherman hits the back of his boat
... Grampa, upon discovering the party

Three Men and a Comic Book (7F21)
... when water gushes out of his car after a storm

Blood Feud (7F22)
... when Homer receives only a thank-you card for donating Bart's blood, and not a present
... when Bart tells him that he mailed Homer's letter to Mr. Burns
... after he is unable to think of a fake name to give to Mr. Burns
... when he receives the giant Olmec Indian head as a present
... Bart, when Marge asks him to "do the right thing."

Season 3

Stark Raving Dad (7F24)
... when he has to listen to Lisa's poetry
... when he is interrupted by a visitor as he is just about to eat his pancakes

Mr. Lisa Goes To Washington (8F01)
... when he wakes up to find the welcoming mint stuck to his face
... Bart, when Lisa does not win the essay contest

When Flanders Failed (7F23)
... when the man from the collection agency says he'll be back for Homer

Bart the Murderer (8F03)
... Bart, when it stops raining the instant he gets to school
... Bart, as he falls down the steps to the "Legitimate Businessman's Social Club"

Homer Defined (8F04)
... when reading the introduction to the manual for the nuclear reactor
... upon seeing a diagram of the reactor: "How complicated can a nuclear reactor be?"
... when Marge finds his "Employee of the Month" certificate

Treehouse of Horror II (8F02)
... after Jimbo & Kearney egg his house
... when Lisa tells him that he confused Monaco with Morocco
... when Maggie uses one of The Simpsons' four wishes to get a new pacifier
... when a baseball hits him in the head
... when he discovers that a surveillance camera is monitoring him
... when Burns hits him with a spade

Lisa's Pony (8F06)
... while banging his head on Moe's bar [four times]
... after realizing that he doesn't know whether Lisa has an alto or tenor sax
... when Marge tells him to spend some time with Lisa
... when Lisa doesn't forgive him
... when Marge tells him that horses can live for up to thirty years

Saturdays of Thunder (8F07)
... when he realizes Lisa heard him tell Marge that he would do something with the kids
... when a soap box derby official criticises Bart's racer ... when he is overtaken (in the car) by Bart in Martin's soap box racer

Flaming Moe's (8F08)
... when Patty tells him she has the last beer in the house
... after saying that he's going to Moe's" when he is trying to avoid it.

Burns Verkaufen der Kraftwerk (8F09)
... after the vending machine refuses his mangled dollar bill [twice]
... when he realizes he is the safety inspector Horst is talking about
... when Lisa tells him Germans are efficient and punctual

I Married Marge (8F10)
... when Marge's pregnancy test turns pink instead of blue or purple
... (echoing) when Dr Hibbert tells Marge she is pregnant

Radio Bart (8F11)
... when Bart gives Homer's gift back to him
... when he finds out there is no more chocolate ice cream [twice]
... upon realizing that he said Bart was an accident live on television
... Bart, upon realizing that he had left a "Property of Bart Simpson" label on his radio.

Lisa the Greek (8F12)
... when his favorite football team fumbles

Homer at the Bat (8F13)
... Bart, when Ralph chooses three professional baseball players for their game

Homer Alone (8F14)
... when he discovers that the woman having a breakdown in Marge

Bart the Lover (8F16)
... when he can't think of anyone who got rich by doing yo-yo tricks
... after a piece of lumber breaks
... upon realizing that he has nailed a piece of the dog house to himself [twice]

Separate Vocations (8F15)
... when he drops his beer can due to his stubby fingers: "Stupid fingers!"

Dog of Death (8F17)
... when his numbers don't come up on the lottery [twice]
... after the building that he stuck the 'Lost Dog' flyers on is demolished

Colonel Homer (8F19)
... after he is beaten to a parking space [twice]

Bart's Friend Falls in Love (8F22)
... when Bart escapes Indiana Jones-style by swinging on the ceiling fan
... Bart, when Samantha and Milhouse kiss in the cinema

Brother, Can You Spare Two Dimes? (8F23)
... when he has to report to Mr. Burns office

Season 4

Kamp Krusty (8F24)
... when his numbers don't come out on the lottery [four times]
... when he runs over a roller skate with the mower
... when he finds out Bart is the ringleader at Kamp Krusty

A Streetcar Named Marge (8F18)
... when he gets a 7-10 split on his bowling game
... when he gets a gutterball

Homer the Heretic (9F01)
... when he can't remember what to do in a fire
... when rain puts out the fire on Flanders' roof, but not his

Treehouse of Horror III (9F04)
... after his toga snags on the banister and it comes off
... after realizing he has forgotten to get Bart a birthday present
... when he messes up the scary story he was telling
... King Homer, when he is distracted and a dinosaur bites his arm [echoing]

Itchy & Scratchy: The Movie (9F03)
... when Marge guesses the correct number between 1 and 50 that Homer was thinking of (37)
... upon finding that Bart hasn't taken the garbage out
... when, forty years in the future, he is told that Itchy & Scratchy: The Movie is $650

Marge Gets a Job (9F05)
... when he finds out that Surly Joe is the only foundation repair guy in town

Mr. Plow (9F07)
... when his air bag inflates after he has got out of the car
... after realizing the auto wreck took place in his own driveway
... upon noticing the much more stable bridge several yards away.

Lisa's First Word (9F08)
... after Maggie steals his cookie
... when Lisa calls him "Homer" instead of "Daddy"

Homer's Triple Bypass (9F09)
... when Mr Burns cancels the condolence ham
... Marge, when she learns that the plant employees traded their health insurance for a pinball machine

Marge vs. the Monorail (9F10)
... when he messes up the "Monorail" song
... when the monorail continues after a solar eclipse

Selma's Choice (9F11)
... when he says: "Legend of the Dog Faced woman!" out loud by accident

Brother from the Same Planet (9F12)
... when he loses a game of blackjack: "19, (hit me), 20, (hit me), 21, (hit me), 22, (D'oh!)"
... Tom (Bart's bigger brother), when the starfish he rescues are eaten by a shark

I Love Lisa (9F13)
... when he discovers the school pageant has not finished

Duffless (9F14)
... when he is arrested for drunk driving
... Bart, when Lisa has no trouble finding her Science Project

Last Exit to Springfield (9F15)
... when Carl tells him the job of Union President is unpaid
... after realizing that he has traded his Danish for a doorstop

So It's Come to This: A Simpsons Clip Show (9F17)
... as he falls down the cliff face a second time [twice] (the first time is a repeated clip from 7F06)
... in a montage of "D'ohs" [32 times] (these are all clips from old episodes)

The Front (9F16)
... when Principal Dondelinger mistakes him for a vagrant
... when he discovers he has a plunger on his head at the 50th reunion
... Bart, when he loses a game of Rock, Paper, Scissors

Whacking Day (9F18)
... after he almost runs over Bart and Marge in the garage a second time
... Superintendent Chalmers, after Lunch Lady Doris tells him why she is also the school nurse
... a snake, when colliding with another snake

Marge in Chains (9F20)
... when he answers "Mr. Burns" as his name, to Mr. Burns

Season 5

Homer's Barbershop Quartet (9F21)
... when he has a blowout after selling the spare

Homer Goes to College (1F02)
... after a bee stings him in the rear
... as he open his college rejection letters [four times]
... when Sir Oinks-a-lot (the pig) bites him
... when Marge guesses that Homer changed his grade with a computer

Rosebud (1F01)
... as he slips on Bart's skateboard and falls down the stairs [twice]
... when, after saying "My life can't get any worse," he is ordered to do "Much worse" duties

Treehouse of Horror IV (1F04)
... when Mr. Burns returns from the dead to fire him

Marge on the Lam (1F03)
... when he learns that a lumber yard burned down while fireman were rescuing him

Bart's Inner Child (1F05)
... when he is hit on the head several times by the trampoline

Boy-Scoutz N the Hood (1F06)
... when his chair breaks, shortly after teasing Bart about making crappy furniture. "Stupid poetic justice!"
... Homer & Bart (simultaneously), as Homer accepts Bart's offer to go on the river rafting trip
... when he realizes that the current has taken them out to sea, rather that back to land
... as Bart, Ned and Rod try to stop him eating the rations
... when he hits the rescue plane with the flare gun
... when the next plane only rescues the pilot, and not the group

The Last Temptation of Homer (1F07)
... when Mindy is eating his favorite flavor donut (raspberry swirl with a double glaze)
... when he realizes that Mindy shares his idea of Heaven
... when trying to think unsexy thoughts, he imagines Mindy in a bikini

$pringfield (1F08)
... when he confuses an isosceles triangle with a right triangle reciting Pythagoras' Theorem

Homer the Vigilante (1F09)
... upon discovering that the cat burglar stole the portable TV
... Jasper, when he is hit by a laser

Bart Gets Famous (1F11)
... when he breaks a lamp

Homer and Apu (1F10)
... when he cannot think of a rhyme in Apu's song
... when he learns that India is over 16,000 kilometers away

Lisa vs. Malibu Stacy (1F12)
... when he learns that Abe's collection of silver dollars has been left to the whole family, instead of just him
... when he injures himself trying to prove to Marge that a toy is safe for Maggie

Deep Space Homer (1F13)
... when, after stating that TV laughs with him, not at him, he turns it on and a man laughs at him
... when he is hit on the head by a Fox satellite

Homer Loves Flanders (1F14)
... when he punctures his tires while driving in through the exit to the power plant [five times]
... Bart, when he tells Homer that being a loser is genetic, then realizes. "It's genetic, man! ... D'oh!"

Bart Gets an Elephant (1F15)
... (D'oh?) when he wonders why no one wants to clean the basement
... (D'oh!) when he realizes why no one wanted to clean the basement
... when he crashes in to a statue of a deer

Burns' Heir (1F16)
... when he is used as an industrial chimney sweep
... Actor Homer, when he drops his sandwich (he previously says "B'oh!")

Lady Bouvier's Lover (1F21)
... when Maggie knows what a credenza is
... Marge, when she finds out her mother is going to marry Mr. Burns

Secrets of a Successful Marriage (1F20)
... when he draws cards during a poker game [three times]

Season 6

Bart of Darkness (1F22)
... (D'oheth!) - when the family build a barn instead of a swimming pool
... Bart, when the trash can on his foot gets caught in the hosepipe

Lisa's Rival (1F17)
... Bart, when his crank call to Principal Skinner backfires

Itchy & Scratchy Land (2F01)
... The whole family, when instantly hitting traffic as they join the interstate

Treehouse of Horror V (2F03)
... when Homer forgot to lock the front door
... when, the next day, he forgot to lock the back door [twice]
... introducing himself as Johnny Carson to an empty room
... introducing himself as David Letterman to an empty room
... when he learns that Flanders rules the world
... when he is transported into a different world (however, he soon after realizing that it is a better one)

Bart's Girlfriend (2F04)
... Bart, while trying to avoid Jessica, is told he has to go to church

Lisa on Ice (2F05)
... Lisa, bouncing a basketball with her face (not on purpose!) [nine times]

Homer: Bad Man (2F06)
... when he realizes that the protesters are protesting about him
... when he is kicked in the face by a guy on a penny farthing

Grampa Vs. Sexual Inadequacy (2F07)
... when he is knocked out by a bathtub
... when the bath faucet breaks off
... Grampa, as the ceiling collapses above him

Fear of Flying (2F08)
... as Dr Smith in Marge's dream [twice]

Homer the Great (2F09)
... when his "Econo-save" stool breaks
... after realizing he has told Marge he is going to stalk Lenny and Carl.

And Maggie Makes Three (2F10)
... Homer's sperm, as they crash into each other trying to get to Marge's egg

Homie the Clown (2F12)
... after the fake name he gives to the mafia turns out to be worse than his own

Bart Vs. Australia (2F13)
... when Bart flushes the toilet, causing his shower to overheat
... Bart, when he realizes Lisa was right

Homer vs. Patty and Selma (2F14)
... when he loses a phone bet to Vegas
... when he gets a question wrong in his chauffeur's driving test

A Star Is Burns (2F31)
... when he writes 'Simpson' instead of 'Sherman' [twice]
... when, auditioning to play Mr Burns in Burns' film, he says "Exactly" instead of "Excellent"
... when he forgets that the can labeled 'beer nuts' actually has spring snakes inside

Lisa's Wedding (2F15)
... Lisa, when she finds out Hugh checked out the book she needed

Two Dozen and One Greyhounds (2F18)
... as the puppies eat his chips before he does [eight times]
... when the light bulb he is batting hits him in the head and breaks

The PTA Disbands (2F19)
... Grampa, when he winds Jasper's beard further into the pencil sharpener
... Bart, when Marge says she would be thrilled if Bart mopped the floor

'Round Springfield (2F32)
... when trying to improvise, he sings the same tune, just replacing "De's" with "Do's"
... Krusty, when he eats a poisoned Krusty-O

The Springfield Connection (2F21)
... when he corners himself in the house while trying to divide it in two a la 'I Love Lucy'

Who Shot Mr. Burns? (Part One) (2F16)
... when Burns cannot remember his name

Season 7

Who Shot Mr. Burns? (Part Two) (2F20)
... when he drops one of his two ice creams while driving
... when Mr Burns still cannot remember his name
... when he is arrested for the attempted murder of Mr Burns
... Wiggum, directly after this, says: "Yeah, that's what they all say. They all say 'D'oh'."

Bart Sells His Soul (3F02)
... when he trips over Bart's skateboard and gets his head caught in the stair railings

Lisa the Vegetarian (3F03)
... when he invites Ned to a barbeque after saying that he wouldn't

Treehouse of Horror VI (3F04)
... when he finds out that the colossal donut is actually a small one
... when he can't find a place to hide from Patty & Selma
...when he lands in a dumpster in the "real world."

King Size Homer (3F05)
... as a bucket of bolts misses him while he is trying to injure himself: "Must hurt self... must hurt self..."
... when Lenny tells him that each push up includes both an up part and a down part
... after saying "fat, don't fail me now!" his tires burst as he sits in the car
... when he can't get a lift to the power plant

Mother Simpson (3F06)
... Mother Simpson, when she bangs her head on her van.

Sideshow Bob's Last Gleaming (3F08)
... when he backs the car over tire spikes in a parking lot

Two Bad Neighbors (3F09)
... when he says something clever and no one was around to hear it
... upon discovering that George Bush is ahead of him at the drive-thru
... when he fails to get the last word in an exchange with Bush.
... Homer & Gerald Ford, when they both trip over.

Team Homer (3F10)
... Otto, when he chokes while bowling
... Homer, Otto, & Apu, during their team spirit song: "Go Moe, go Moe, don't make Homer shout out D'oh!"
... Moe, after he hits Burns' kneecap back in when he is trying to cripple him

Lisa the Iconoclast (3F13)
... upon finding that Flanders has already got the job of town crier

Homer the Smithers (3F14)
... when Burns throws a book at him
... when Smithers hits him over the head with the phone [four times]

The Day the Violence Died (3F16)
... Bart, when the only copy of the original Itchy & Scratchy film is destroyed

Bart on the Road (3F17)
... when he is asked an awkward 'Truth' question in 'Truth Or Dare?'

22 Short Films About Springfield (3F18)
... when Maggie gets trapped in a newspaper vending machine

Raging Abe Simpson and his Grumbling Grandson in "The Curse of the Flying Hellfish" (3F19)
... Grampa & Bart, when the Hellfish treasure is revealed to be buried at sea
... Fernando Vidal (the assassin, disguised as Homer), when Abe escapes

Homerpalooza (3F21)
... when he is pushed to the back of the crowd for being a nark

Summer of 4 Ft. 2 (3F22)
... when the fuse on his already lit firework burns off

Season 8

Treehouse of Horror VII (4F02)
... when an alien whips him
... when he accidentally shoots Bill Clinton and Bob Dole into space

You Only Move Twice (3F23)
... when Hank Scorpio answers the telephone instead of catching Homer as he falls backwards

The Homer They Fall (4F03)
... when Marge tells him he must see a doctor... a competent doctor
... when Drederick Tatum hits him in the head
... when his head hits a beam right after Moe tells him he's safe

Burns, Baby Burns (4F05)
... when he tries to hide in an abandoned warehouse which is full of activity

El Viaje Misterioso de Nuestro Jomer (The Mysterious Voyage of Homer) (3F24)
... when, trying to cool down his tongue with ice cream, it melts before it can reach his mouth
... while waiting for a very slow tortoise to write a message
... when he wakes up is a sand bunker and is hit by a golf ball

The Springfield Files (3G01)
... when he is told that the "Homer Is A Dope" T-shirts sold out in twenty minutes

Mountain of Madness (4F10)
... when a second avalanche traps him and Mr. Burns just as they escape from the first one

Simpsoncalifragilisticexpiala(ANNOYED GRUNT)cious (3G03)
... Mr. Burns, when he is struck by lightning
... Shary Bobbins, when Homer will not get up to get himself a beer

The Itchy & Scratchy & Poochie Show (4F12)
... after his brain tells him: "Now look sad and say D'oh."

Homer's Phobia (4F11)
... when Bart accidentally hits him with a pogo-stilt

The Canine Mutiny (4F16)
... Bart, when the blind man locks him in the closet

Homer's Enemy (4F19)
... Frank 'Grimey' Grimes, when imitating Homer [three times]

Season 9

The City of New York vs. Homer Simpson (4F22)
... when he discovers his car is being ticketed again as he is in the bathroom
... when he get a car boot stuck on his foot

Lisa's Sax (3G02)
... when Lisa informs him that he was supposed to tell her the story of how she got her saxophone.
... after dropping the saxophone on his foot while asking for an inscription
... Lisa, reading the inscription on her new saxophone: "Dear Lisa: May Your New Saxophone Bring You Years Of D'oh!"

Treehouse of Horror VIII (5F02)
... when the mutants start to attack him after he has teased them

The Cartridge Family (5F01)
... after realizing that he didn't rob the Kwik-E-Mart: "Oh well, I'll rob it next time."
... Marge, when Homer's burglar alarm doesn't work

Bart Star (5F03)
... when Bart throws something at him
... Bart, when his ball rebounds off the tire swing and hits him in the face

The Joy Of Sect (5F23)
... as Marge, Willy, and Reverend Lovejoy all hit him with baseball bats

Das Bus (5F11)
... upon learning that the company name 'Flancrest Enterprises' is already taken

Dumbbell Indemnity (5F12)
... when he realizes that he shouldn't have stopped Snake stealing Moe's car
... when he misses the opportunity to have the 10:15 train smash into Moe's car

Simpson Tide (3G04)
... when he realizes he shot the Captain out of the torpedo tube
... after the path of the submarine collides with the directional compass marker on the map

The Trouble With Trillions (5F14)
... when he realizes that he has to pay taxes every year
... when the post office door closes on his head

Trash of the Titans (5F09)
... when he has to take the trash out
... after Quimby tells him that the garbage men won't work for free
... Flanders, when Homer 'accidentally' drops garbage on him

King of the Hill (5F16)
... when a paperboy hits him in the head with a stack of newspapers while he is jogging (twice)
... when he hits his head on a rock, sliding down the mountain
... when he realizes he still has four vertical miles to go on his mountain climb
... discovering that he left his wallet on top of the mountain

Lost Our Lisa (5F17)
... when he can't see Lisa in the crowd
... when he hits his head on a traffic light riding the cherry picker
... as he scrapes his head along a bridge
... as he slides along the pier [twice]
... when his head gets caught between the two sides of a draw bridge
... when cars run over his head, stuck in the bridge [twice]

Natural Born Kissers (5F18)
... after a storage compartment opens and hits him on the head
... as the cutlery falls out of the compartment [twice]
... when everyone takes a picture of him and Mage naked (after he sarcastically tells them to)

Season 10

Bart, the Mother (5F22)
... as he is repeatedly hit by balls in a batting cage [three times]
... when he falls down the stairs to the basement because there is not light bulb [three times]
... when a lizard bites his finger

D'oh-in' in the Wind (AABF02)
... after Wiggum shoots him, embedding a flower in his forehead

Wild Barts Can't Be Broken (AABF07)
... after hearing that more of his secrets will be revealed on the kids' radio program
... when it is revealed that he has been practicing medicine without a license

Sunday, Cruddy Sunday (AABF08)
... as Dan Marino's bodyguards tackle him
... Wiggum, upon banging his head on one of the jail cell's bars

Homer to the Max (AABF09)
... when he walks into a cactus at the offices of Police Cops
... when he walks into another cactus, in the Simpsons' home.
... when he spills fondue on his workstation

Make Room for Lisa (AABF12)
... when Bart trades his 'special Saturday' for a dessert

Mom and Pop Art (AABF15)
... when he throws his own doormat out of the window of his car
... when he is drenched in his dream by the 'dripping clock' painting

Monty Can't Buy Me Love (AABF17)
... when he closely misses out on winning the jackpot at the Vegas Town Casino

They Saved Lisa's Brain (AABF18)
... when Dr Steven Hawking hits Homer with a springing boxer's glove

Thirty Minutes Over Tokyo (AABF20)
... after dropping his square watermelon which has returned to its original shape
... (in Japanese) when the family's last million yen gets blown away in the wind
... as he is being beaten with sticks by his blindfolded family [twice]
... Barney, disguised as Homer, trying to put beers on his tab: "D'oh! Woohoo! Uh... that boy ain't right!"

Season 11

... when he picks up gummy bears to plant by accident
... upon remembering why the family left town in the first place

Guess Who's Coming To Criticize Dinner? (AABF21)
... when he realizes he has taken the kids to the zoo, instead of the Springfield Shopper [echoed]

Treehouse of Horror X (BABF01)
... when he runs out of gas
... when the freezer hits him with ice cubes

Hello Gutter, Hello Fadder (BABF02)
... when Mr. Burns strangles him in the radiation core

Take My Wife, Sleaze (BABF05)
... upon realizing that the biker gang have taken Marge

Little Big Mom (BABF04)
... when the chair lift knocks him over
... as he is hit in the crotch by mounds of snow

Missionary: Impossible (BABF11)
... when Bart goes outside to play on the swing, instead of helping him
... when PBS traces his call to pledge $10,000
... when, in a game of roulette, the crab moves from the number he chose (6) to 31

Pygmoelian (BABF12)
... when Moe tells him that he was going to sell the bar to Hooters, but changed his mind

Kill The Alligator and Run (BABF16)
... as the car is hit by and oncoming train

Behind The Laughter (BABF19)
... upon realizing that he is driving away from Hollywood, not towards it.
... when a lobster bites him on the nose (on an episode being shown on British TV, watched by the Queen)

Season 12

A Tale of Two Springfields (BABF20)
... when Lisa tells him the arena that The Who are playing in is in Olde Springfield, not New Springfield
... Bart, when Homer, instead of using his bottle of chloroform on the guard, tries to trade it with him

Insane Clown Poppy (BABF17)
... when, looking for a violin, he open a violin case which actually has a gun in it
... Krusty, for the same reason, just after Homer

Homer Vs. Dignity (CABF04)
... when a cyclist rides over him

The Great Money Caper (CABF03)
... when he enters the gift shop addition, after thinking he had left
... Bart, when his 'old man' disguise is infiltrated and he is arrested

... when a rat has quicker reactions than him [twice]

Hungry, Hungry Homer (CABF09)
... when he sees that the last protester has withered away to a skeleton

Bye Bye Nerdie (CABF11)
... when Maggie pins his ears to the wall with a nail gun
... the 'Baby Safety' woman, pretending to be a baby, trying to get the lid off a bottle of baby powder

Trilogy of Error (CABF14)
... when Santa's Little Helper runs off with his thumb

Season 13

Treehouse of Horror XII (CABF19)
... when he uses the wrong cereal as bait for a leprechaun

Hunka Hunka Burns in Love (CABF18)
... when Snake punches him

The Blunder Years (CABF21)
... (as a child) upon landing in the empty quarry

She of Little Faith (DABF02)
... Burns, when a cross from the church roof falls on his head

Brawl In The Family (DABF01)
... when he lands on Bart's property in Monopoly (complete with a dozen or so hotels)

Sweets and Sour Marge (DABF03)
... when a bird flies off with a map
... Professor Frink, when Marge can tell he is the anonymous caller

Jaws Wired Shut (DABF05)
... (written down) when Marge tells him that Ned Flanders came to the door

Half Decent Proposal (DABF04)
... when he runs into the video camera trying to strangle Bart

The Lastest Gun in the West (DABF07)
... Bart, when the dog reaches through the letterbox and rips his clothes off
... Bart, when the dog comes back at the end of the episode and bites him

Tales from the Public Domain (DABF08)
... when Zeus flicks him off course again

I Am Furious (Yellow) (DABF13)
... as he gets stuck in a traffic jam
... when a piano lands on his foot
... Dan Castellaneta, auditioning for the voice of Homer, when he is told he will not be paid until 2012

Little Girl in the Big Ten (DABF15)
... when the frisbee he is using to try to get Bart out of the tree also gets stuck up there
... when the pellet gun falls out of the tree and shoots him in the rear

The Frying Game (DABF16)
... when he is sentenced to two hundred hours community service

Season 14

Treehouse of Horror XIII (DABF19)
... the Homer clones, when they all fall over the cliff

Large Marge (DABF18)
... as part of the song over the closing credits: "Who let the jugs out? D'oh! D'oh D'oh!" [several times]

Strong Arms of the Ma (EABF04)
... when he realizes there is no room in the car for him

Pray Anything (EABF06)
... when Flanders scores a basket after winning a free shot at the WNBA game
... while on a swing, trying to see into Flanders back yard [7 times]

I'm Spelling As Fast As I Can (EABF07)
... after reading that the Ribwich reduces life expectancy

Three Gays of the Condo (EABF12)
... when he realizes he is late meeting Marge

Brake My Wife, Please (EABF15)
... during his song, "I Love To Walk"
... when Marge runs him over

Season 15

Treehouse of Horror XIV (EABF21)
... when his donuts keep disappearing (due to Bart & Milhouse stopping time) [5 times]

My Mother the Carjacker (EABF18)
... with his mother, when they realize the police are on their tail

The President Wore Pearls (EABF20)
... playing "Spin to Win", every time his number doesn't come up [16 times]

Co-Dependence Day (FABF10)
... Marge, while imitating Homer

My Big Fat Geek Wedding (FABF12)
... Marge, after unknowingly agreeing to raise the kids as Klingons

Fraudcast News (FABF18)
... Lisa, seeing a magazine featuring Burns, with the caption "It's too late"

Season 16

Sleeping With the Enemy (FABF19)
... upon discovering Bart's test score of 100 is real

Mobile Homer (GABF07)
... when his RV falls into the sea

Don't Fear The Roofer (GABF10)
... when the waitress at Knockers tells Homer to stop looking at her breasts