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Simpsons Movie toys & products

The Simpsons Movie, much like the show proper, spawned a mass of merchandise including figurines and a well-designed soundtrack CD.

The soundtrack

The Simpsons Movie soundtrack album cover

The official soundtrack is composed by Hans Zimmer (Alf Clausen was too busy working on the television show). It comes in a neat donut-shaped box and includes some bonus content.

The Simpsons Movie soundtrack donut-shaped box

The soundtrack worried fans for a number of reasons. Track titles such as Thank You Boob Lady and Bart's Doodle instilled a fear that the movie may slip into old late-Scully/early-Jean era habits of smut and dirty jokes, out of place in The Simpsons. The latter also seems to confirm the various rumours that we will see Bart's penis in the movie, a sight most fans are no doubt dreading...

Also of note is the tenth track, Why Does Everything I Whip Leave Me, indicating that this line lamented by Homer in one of the animatic clips is still present (it was in the Comic Con clip but absent from the official animatic preview).


  1. Simpsons Theme (Orchestral Version)
  2. Trapped Like Carrots
  3. Doomsday Is Family Time
  4. Release The Hounds
  5. Clap For Alaska
  6. What's An Epiphany?
  7. Thank You Boob Lady
  8. You Doomed Us All...Again
  9. ...Lead, Not To Read
  10. Why Does Everything I Whip Leave Me
  11. Bart's Doodle
  12. World's Fattest Fertilizer Salesman
  13. His Big Fat Butt Could Shield Us All
  14. Spider Pig
  15. Recklessly Impulsive


The World of Springfield figures produced for the Simpsons Movie brought to our attention the general theme of the movie. Images of the set with Bart and Flanders were originally published with the multi-eyed creature censored out, with the message 'TOP SECRET CHARACTER'.

However, the full image surfaced after a few months and we got to see the character model. This creature, which looks like a cross between Binky (the three-eyed fish from Season 2) and a squirrel, is a major plot point in the film.

World of Springfield figures

Other merchandise