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28 D'ohs Later - the Simpsons become zombies

Simpsons News — Posted 04 Oct, 2008 by DisgruntledGoat

The Simpsons' 20th Season has only just started but believe it or not, we already have some information about next year's Halloween special!

Treehouse of Horror XX will air November 2009 and Al Jean has revealed that they will do a parody of 28 Days Later. "Krusty makes his hamburger out of mad cows, and it winds up turning everybody into zombies." We even have a promotional picture for the episode, showing how the family will look:

The Simpsons as zombies
The Simpsons as zombies

The drawing style is reminiscent of the Simpsons Comics Treehouse of Horror specials (you can see samples from Simpsons Comics here) but will be a first for the animated series.

UPDATE: it seems we've been duped by that abysmal excuse for a newspaper, The Sun. Although the plot for next year's THoH is legitimate, the image above is actually from Simpsons Comics - this year's Halloween special (#14), to be exact.

Nonetheless, here's hoping the Simpsons animators do something great with the animation style regardless. It would just look amazing.

Don't ever buy The Sun!

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