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Big Products Update

Simpsons News — Posted 05 Sep, 2002 by MrBurns

Hey fans, we've got some great item updates for you. First off we have gotten the word that Amazon has posted the picture for the Big Ol' Box for the collection of Guide to Springfield books. There are 3 in the set which in total cover up to the 12th season. The next item up is the Simpsons Fridge Alarm clock. This clock has 6 phrases programmed into it and the fridge has a light inside it for the night. It is an alarm clock so it does have a snooze.

Next up is the two new dancing Homers which are already out on the market. The first is a Santa Homer which sings Jingle Bells and other phrases. The other is Rapper Homer which also says phrases and sings Rappers Delight. These are the extra releases made after the popularity of the Hula Homer and white/gold suite Homer. Each of these is approx. 12 inches tall.
The final products we have for you is some new stuff we found in our local Hot Topic. These include a Simpsons Carshade and Simpsons Tissues. When we were in the store Hot Topic was also having a sale on a few of these items so stop in if you have one next door, you may get something for a fairly good price. Ok, we'll keep you updated as we get more news on new products.


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