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HUGE Playmates Toys Update

Simpsons News — Posted 06 Jun, 2002 by MrBurns

Once again it's time to see what the people at Playmates Toys are up to with the WoS Line. We already had drawings and the list of the upcoming sets and now we finally have the Promo pics for these sets as well as the very popular waited Main Street.

Let's actually start with the Main Street Set. The set will most likely include Crazy Old Man and Sqeaky Voice Teen. It features the outside of such places as Moes, Lard Lad and the Jazz Hole.

Next on the list is the Series 3 of the Celebs. This is rumored to be the last in the series since all other celebs will be incorporated into the normal series sets. Series 3 includes Albert Brooks as Scorpio, Jim Varney as Cooder and Jon Lovitz as L. Sinclair.

What would a Playmates update be without the preview of the normal series. Now we know that Series 9 is not even out yet ( but will be soon ) but we still would love to show you the Series 10. Series includes: Stonecutter Homer, Sunday's Best Marge and Maggie, Marvin Monroe, Resort Smithers, Scout Leader Flanders and Wendell.

Last we have the preview of Assortment F environments. These include Dr. Nick with Doctor's Office and Pajama Burns with Burns Manor.
Whew! We think that's it for now.

BIG thanks to Simpsons Collectors Sector for the images as well as the good people at Playmates Toys.

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