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Let's Talk Seriously for a Minute...

Simpsons News — Posted 03 Apr, 2002 by MrBurns

Ok people, I decided that I'm going to take a minute to address some issues people are having with this website. First of all I have to say that I would have never expected such actions from people within the Simpson community. Here's what's going on. A small crowd of people are ganging up on this site because it carries the same news as their website does or because their domain is similar to ours. To address the issue of the same news... MANY Simpson websites carry the same news. What about images? If there is a supplier with an image then we get it from them, if it is a borrowed image then we leave all recognitions and watermarks. Ok.. so the question of why do you post the same news as other Simpson website do? The fact is not everyone hits the same Simpson sites, we post news that we find from ALL types of sources and websites, we don't target one site and copy them. Some people could say that we should just tell people to go to the different site, maybe should link to stories at just because they cover the same topic as well?
Look people, we hate being made to look like the bad guy. We take in reasonable suggestions and ideas but we don't respond well to demands and threats. Please don't throw a fit if you don't like the site, there are 100's more out there that you can visit.
This site was setup to inform fans of the show, not to upset other fan sites. The store is being setup with different affiliates to bring fans the show merchandise at one location with fair prices, not to steal your credit cards and personal information.
The person who built this site works closely with people at Fox and a few of the stars of the show. We thought it would be fun to give something to the fans, instead we get complaints and hissy-fits.
We thank the fans that provide us with news and sources and all the fans that continue to use this site for it's primary purpose... to read about our favorite show, The Simpsons.

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