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New Episode 05/09/04: The Way We Weren't

Simpsons News — Posted 10 May, 2004 by MrBurns

After a spin-the-bottle session goes wrong in Bart's treehouse and Milhouse ends up kissing Homer the subject of kissing comes up and Homer confesses that Marge was NOT his first kiss [in High School]. Homer tells the story of his time at summer camp when a younger version of him, Lenny, Carl and Moe. At camp Homer gets himself into a blind-date with a girl from the very posh girl camp and they end up kissing on their blind date. Continue...

But is this girl more than he knows. As soon as Marge hears the story she realizes that SHE was the girl. Homer is very happy to hear that but Marge becomes upset over the fact that Homer was the one that broke her heart over 30 years ago because he never showed up for the second date. Homer then explains that he couldn't make it because of an accident falling down the gorge and ending up in Fat camp where he escaped from but too late to catch Marge and explain. Needless to say, Homer and Marge make up.

The title of this episode is a play on the title of the 1974 film "The Way We Were."

This is the 2nd time that the show has used "The Way We Were" for an episode title. The story of how Marge and Homer met was entitled "The Way We Was"

Milhouse has kissed a girl before Homer in season 3. Homer has kissed more than Marge including, Shirleen Lumpkin, the women who worked at the Powerplant and Selma(or was it Patty) in this episode

The history on this episode is off. Homer says that he met Marge at camp 30 years ago, when he was 10. 30 years ago is 1974. In the episode, The Way We Was, Marge and Homer graduate high school in 1974, making them at least 17 in 1974, not 10.

It was definitely not Milhouse's first kiss when Homer kissed him. Milhouse and his former girlfriend, Samantha Stanky, used to kiss all the time when they were together. (8F22, "Bart's Friend Falls in Love").

Marge's hair is shown swept up at ten. However, at 16, it's down and flowing, and she contemplates something different for her date with Artie Ziff--wearing it up.

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