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New Episode 11/06/05: Treehouse of Horror XVI

Simpsons News — Posted 10 Nov, 2005 by MrBurns

It is game six of the World Series and Kang and Kodos decide to speed up the play of the game and they fire the acceleray. They shatter the fabric of the universe and everything is destroyed.

Story 1). "B.I.: Bartificial Intelligence"

Bart falls into a deep coma from which he will never emerge. Well Bart does wakes from his coma only to find that his family has replaced him with David, a newly developed artificial robot son. Bart struggles to fit back in with his family and Homer and Marge decide they must get rid of one of their sons. They abandoned Bart, but harvesting parts from some abandoned robots he gets his revenge. The robot nightmare only turns out to be a dream when it is revealed that Homer has actually been possessed by the devil. Continue...

Story 2). "Survival of the Fattest"
Homer and others are invited by Mr. Burns to his estate for “A Most Dangerous Game.” It turns out that they are participants on “The World Series of Manslaughter” featuring guest analyst Terry Bradshaw where they are the quarry and Mr. Burns is their hunter. Surprisingly Homer is the last contestant left standing, but it takes Marge’s intervention to even the score.

Story 3). "I’ve Grown a Costume on Your Face"
It’s the Springfield Semi-Annual Halloween Party but the costume contest goes awry when a real hideous witch turns everyone into real-life versions of their costumes. Lisa, as Einstein, searches for a solution to their problem; but it is up to Maggie, who was dressed as a witch, as the only one with the power to reverse the spell.

"I've Grown A Costume On Your Face" is very similar to episode 2-6: Halloween of Buffy the Vampire Slayer where the characters turn into the costumes they've rented from an evil guy's shop.

During the introductory baseball game segment, a marquee says "Pomona: Wednesdays at 9" and the commentator announces that it's a "new O.C. spinoff." Pomona is a Southern California town, not far from Orange County, in a region disparagingly referred to as the "Inland Empire."

"I've Grown A Costume On Your Face" parodies both the title of a song in MY FAIR LADY (a variation of which is performed by Sideshow Bob in "The Great Louse Detective") and a classic TWILIGHT ZONE episode called "The Masks". In it a wealthy old man is dying, and his greedy relatives are summoned to the will reading. They are required to wear hideous masks until the stroke of midnight. When they remove them they are horrified to see that their faces now resemble the monstrous masks.

I've Grown A Costume On Your Face
The title of this segment is a parody of I've Grown Accustomed To Your Face, from the musical My Fair Lady. In a sense, the various characters' faces completely change, so what happens in the episode is more or less the opposite of what the song is about.

The scene where Maggie flies her brown against/into the moon is a parody (or homage) to the opening credits of the television series Bewitched, complete with a few seconds of the theme music.

During this episode's credits, producer Al Jean wrote his name as Al "Family Guy" Jean. And during the opening of the Family Guy episode that aired later, Stewie ran over Homer in a way similar to when Marge narrowly misses him in their garage during the Simpsons opening.

The sign in the 3rd segment read "Semi-Annual," which means that they also hold a Halloween costume party sometime in April.

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