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New Episode: Old Yeller-Belly

Simpsons News — Posted 04 May, 2003 by MrBurns

Santa's Little Helper is shunned as a coward after opting to devour a roast turkey rather than pull Homer from a fire. Getting his nose stuck in a can of Duff Beer afterward, however, proves to be somewhat of a spirit-booster when it propells him to the status of Spuds McDuff: the Duff Brewery's new mascott. But matters worsen when the the dog's new-found fame (and net worth) cause his original race track owner to come forth and reclaim his "property" -- leaving it up to the Simpsons to get their dog back by proving Santa's Little Helper a coward unfit to hawk Duff beer.
Guest starring Stacy Keach reprising his role as Howard K. Duff (Duffman).

Oh yeah!! Can't get enough of that sweet sweet Duff.

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