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New T-Shirts and 2004 Calendars Previews from Diamond

Simpsons News — Posted 04 Apr, 2003 by MrBurns

Hey fans, we here just received our April 2003 issue of Diamond Comics previes and with it came some new Simpson product previews for us. The first off is we have 3 new Simpsons t-shirt designs. The first is a military green t-shirt with Abe Simpson's Hellfish Squad logo. Up next is a white t-shirt with Homer and Kang, a classic scene from the first Treehouse of Horrors episode. Finally the third t-shirt is a black parody shirt for Springfield Elementary Summer School Program XXX-D (Extra Extra Extra Dum). All these shirts are 100% cotton and have an MSPR of $16.95.

2004 is still a while aways but Diamond is already bringing us how the new 2004 calendars will look. This year along with the desk calendar and wall calendar there is a 2004 Family Organizer. All three of these products are released by Harper Collins and are MSRP for $12.99. You can now pre-order your copies at


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