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Product Updates

Simpsons News — Posted 29 Apr, 2002 by MrBurns

Some updates on Simpson products which are out now and are to come out soon. The first is the products which Hot Topic is to have. More and more reports are coming in that Hot Topic stores are starting to carry the Pin Pals Bowling shirt. We here have called all the Hot Topics in the Los Angeles County and all don't have it in yet but one store did tell us that they are expecting them very soon. While on the subject of Hot Topic, their website ( is featuring a brand new product "Puffy Stickers". For now we only found these two packs.

As mentioned before, there is scheduled to be a New Years TRU Exclsuive Simpsons Playset. The following is a primary sketch of what the playset was supposed to look like. As one can see it includes the new Toys R Us which is located on Times Squres in New York City. But!, this sketch has not been approved by the people at 20th Century Fox since the Toy R Us in the sketch is not in the show. Therefore, this will NOT be how the final one (if they don't cancel it completely) will look like. The new design is still being worked on and we will keep you informed of any news news on the item as we get it.

Thanks to Simpsons Collector Sector and (the best toys' reviews) for the New Years Simpsons sketch pic.

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