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Products Updates: Games and More

Simpsons News — Posted 26 Oct, 2003 by MrBurns

Hey fans, some updates for you regarding some products which we mentioned in the past. First off we have news that you can find the Bart Clip Game from the Hasbro company now in stores for $5.99. Next up we have the Simpsons Group Photo Game which can be found at your local SunCoast / Media Play stores for $14.99. The good part about picking up the game at these stores is it comes in a very cool Tin Box. While on the subject of SunCoast and Media Play, these stores also now carry the Simpsons Squishy Maker for $29.99 which is the same as the price of the product online. Finally for all you Lava Lamp fans, the very cool SNPP Lava Lamp from NECA is out as well and can be found at Spencers for $59.99. Yes, it is a bit pricey but it is also a very very cool item for all your hardcore collectors. Grab your credit cards and let's go shopping!

If you're not already broke that is :P .

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