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Simpsons Movie animatic clip #2

This clip is the second of two rough animatics shown at Comic Con (July 2006); someone caught it on video camera and released it online.


Animatic Clip 2

An angry mob descends upon the Simpsons house. The camera tracks into the crowd and we get to see a lot of familiar faces! We stop at Lenny and Moe.

So, uh, who we gonna kill again? Lenny asks.

Uh, I think the people in the front know, replies Moe.

We want Homer! We want Homer! the crowd chants. Marge is with Homer in the their bedroom.

Look what you've done to us, she says. Our only hope is for you to face that mob and apologise for what you did!

I would, Homer replies, but I'm afraid if I open the door they'll take all of you.

No we won't, yells Carl from outside, we just want Homer!

Well maybe not you, Homer continues, but they'll kill Grampa!

I'm part of the mob! shouts Grampa.

A ladder is propped against the wall of the Simpson home. Ladders! They've got ladders! Lisa cries as Captain McCallister rips the blinds with a hook.

Homer attempts to fend them off with the objects on the dresser. Lights out! he says, as he hits the captain with a lamp. Then he hits the blue-haired lawyer with a camera. Say cheese! All that is left is a doily. And, uh, hello doily! he exclaims as Dr. Hibbert enters. Hibbert grabs Homer's arm.

I'll get you, you son of a bitch! he barks. Homer escapes from his grasp but the mob start pouring into the house.

Downstairs, Smithers breaks down the front door (yes, I'm as shocked as you) and more of the rabble enter. Krusty holds a baseball bat and looks around. He points to Maggie. Teeny, take out the baby! he orders. Maggie, however, is ready to take on the monkey...