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Simpsons Movie teaser trailer #2

This second teaser trailer was released in November 2006. The third teaser has the same CGI introduction.


Teaser Trailer 2

The trailer starts with an animated 3D CGI sequence of a bunny dancing to the Sugar Plum Fairy music.

In a time where computer animation brings us worlds of unsurpassed beauty, one film dares to be ugly...

The Simpsons Movie logo then drops into the screen, knocking out the bunny. Moe appears in the 'O' (a donut), and says, The Simpsons Movie: in 2-D. He pauses and looks down. Uh...the bunny's not breathing...

We then see a short clip from the movie, where Homer & Bart do some repair work on the house. On the roof, Homer lines up a nail to hammer in; his thumb, however, is over the nail head. Steady... steady... he says. Much to Bart's surprise (and enjoyment), Homer suddenly hits himself in the eye with the back of the hammer. Homer screams in pain; Bart laughs.

Next, Homer is leaning over the edge of the roof, fixing the gutter; he falls through the roof. Look out for: Grampa reading Oatmeal Enthusiast magazine inside the house.

This film is not yet rated, Homer groans over the closing black screen.