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Bart Gets a 'Z' information

Simpsons News — Posted 16 Sep, 2009 by DisgruntledGoat

Fox has released some information for the upcoming episode, Bart Gets a 'Z'. It will air on October 4th.

When Mrs. Krabappel confiscates student’s cell phones, the class, organized by Bart, decides to teach her a lesson by spiking her coffee and watching her make a drunken fool of herself. Principal Skinner fires Mrs. Krabappel and replaces her with a cool new teacher, Zachary Vaughn, who impresses Bart and his friends with a hip attitude and love of texting, blogging and using Twitter and Facebook. Torn by his affection for Mr. Vaughn, yet plagued by guilt, Bart makes his way to Skinner’s office to tell him the truth and get Mrs. Krabappel’s job back.

Simpsons lose animation Emmy, but Dan Castellaneta wins for voicing

Simpsons News — Posted 16 Sep, 2009 by DisgruntledGoat

The winners for the 2009 Creative Arts Emmys - the precursor to the main Emmy ceremony - have been announced.

The Simpsons episode Gone, Maggie, Gone was nominated for Outstanding Animated Program, along with South Park's Margaritaville and episodes of American Dad and Robot Chicken.

However, The Simpsons lost out to South Park - which is a shame, because theirs was one of the weaker episodes of the Season, while Gone, Maggie, Gone was on of the best of Season 20. The same episode was also nominated for Outstanding Music Composition For A Series, but lost to ABC show Legend Of The Seeker.

There was some good news though, as Dan Castellaneta - the voice of Homer - won an Emmy for Outstanding Voice-Over Performance for the episode Father Knows Worst. Congratulations, Dan! Also nominated in the same category were Hank Azaria - voice of Moe - for Eeny Teeny Maya, Moe and Harry Shearer - voice of Burns and Smithers - for The Burns and the Bees.

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The Simpsons get African makeover in Angola

Simpsons News — Posted 24 Aug, 2009 by DisgruntledGoat

The Simpsons family have received a cultural makeover by an Angolan advertising agency to promote the show there.

The Simpsons as Angolans
Even Homer's Duff Beer has been changed to Cuca, a popular beer in Angola.
Homer, Marge and the kids were given brown skin instead of the usual yellow, and they wear traditional African clothes. Instead of her points, Lisa has braids.

The show itself will of course air in yellow as normal - just think how long it would take them to reanimate it!

Antonio Pascoa, the Creative Director of Executive Center, said, "Our goal was to adapt the satirical parody of the typical middle-class American family to Angola. If people don't like it than I guess they don't have a sense of humor big enough to enjoy the Simpsons."

Promo Card for "Homer the Whopper"

Simpsons News — Posted 23 Aug, 2009 by DisgruntledGoat

A promotional image has been released for the upcoming Season 21 premiere, Homer the Whopper:
Homer the Whopper promoThe episode was written by Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg. Comic Book Guy creates a superhero called "Everyman", which is turned into a feature film. Homer is cast as the lead, with Seth Rogen playing his personal trainer. The episode airs on September 27.

Season 12 DVD released

Simpsons News — Posted 23 Aug, 2009 by DisgruntledGoat

Season 12 head box Season 12 standard boxThe Simpsons Complete Twelfth Season was released this week (Tuesday 18th).

The set features Comic Book Guy, with the overall theme being science fiction convention. Unfortunately the set still contains tight sleeves to contain the discs like Season 11 did, giving the potential for discs to get scratched.

The set will be released September 2nd in Australia and September 28th in the UK.

Homer & Marge to take up curling

Simpsons News — Posted 29 Jul, 2009 by DisgruntledGoat

An upcoming Season 21 Simpsons episode will focus on the sport of curling. In the episode (probably titled Rednecks and Broomsticks, though unconfirmed), Homer and Marge form a mixed-doubles curling team with Principal Skinner and his mother, Agnes.

Marge turns out to be a good curler because of her expertise at household chores, while Homer is not very good. Marge must decide whether to risk hurting Homer's feelings by dropping him from the team. Meanwhile, Lisa sets out to collect Olympic pins.

The episode is set to air in February, just before the 2010 Winter Olympics.

Sarah Silverman and Coldplay's Chris Martin to guest star

Simpsons News — Posted 26 Jul, 2009 by DisgruntledGoat

More guest stars have been confirmed for The Simpsons' upcoming 21st Season. Comedienne and actress Sarah Silverman will play Bart's new girlfriend, who "alternately loves him and hates him for no reason". In another episode, titled Million Dollar Maybe, Homer wins the lottery and hires Coldplay frontman Chris Martin to play a concert for Bart.

Other guest voices this Season include Seth Rogen, Anne Hathaway (again), Jonah Hill, Neve Campbell, Eartha Kitt, the Smothers Brothers, and the Manning brothers. Jackie Mason will also reprise his role as Krusty's father, Rabbi Hyman Krustofski.

Michael Jackson dies at 50

Simpsons News — Posted 26 Jul, 2009 by DisgruntledGoat

The pop star Michael Jackson has died at the age of 50. Paramedics were called to the singer's home around midday local time on Thursday after he stopped breathing and suffered a suspected cardiac arrest. He was rushed by ambulance to a local medical centre, but his death was announced shortly afterwards.

Leon: Hi, I'm Michael Jackson, from The Jacksons.
Homer: I'm Homer Simpson, from The Simpsons.
In 1991, he starred in the Simpsons episode Stark Raving Dad as Leon Kompowski, a big fat mental patient that believes he is Michael Jackson. After his release, he helps Bart write a song Lisa - Happy Birthday Lisa.

Jackson also wrote and produced the hit song, Do the Bartman, released in 1990.

Homer Simpson to star on Sat Nav!

Simpsons News — Posted 26 Jul, 2009 by DisgruntledGoat

Say goodbye to boring car journeys! TomTom, the GPS navigation system commonly known as "sat nav" has joined forces with Fox to release a voice module by none other than Homer Simpson.

The car Homer designed
You don't need to drive "The Homer" to hear the character's voice
Among the many phrases Homer spouts is You have reached your destination. And you can hold your head up high, because you are a genius!

You can listen to some samples on TomTom's website.

Futurama returns... again!

Simpsons News — Posted 26 Jul, 2009 by DisgruntledGoat

Nobody doesn't like Molten BoronThat's right, Futurama has been resurrected once more! Comedy Central has announced they have picked up the series for an impressive 26 new episodes.

Futurama was cancelled in 2003 after the fifth series. However it was revived in 2007 in the form of four straight-to-DVD movies, the last of which released earlier this year. Comedy Central will begin showing the new instalments in mid-2010.

Quipped Matt Groening, "We're thrilled Futurama is coming back. We now have only 25,766 episodes to make before we catch up with Bender and Fry in the year 3000." Added David X. Cohen, "We're excited and amazed that the show is coming back, perhaps due to some sort of mysterious time loop. We look forward to working with Comedy Central and 20th Television to make this the best iteration of the loop yet!"

Site updates

Simpsons 'Word of the Day' gadget

Website Updates — Posted 29 Nov, 2008 by DisgruntledGoat

I've created a new iGoogle gadget! This one is based on our popular Simpsons Dictionary page. Each day it will display a random Simpsons-coined word along with its definition, and in many cases, and appropriate Simpsons quote.

You can add the gadget to your iGoogle page below, or check out our new widgets page to add it to your website!

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Simpsons 'Quote of the Day' gadget

Website Updates — Posted 25 Oct, 2008 by DisgruntledGoat

I've been hard at work today creating a Google Gadget. If you have a Google Account (e.g. a Gmail address) then you can customise Google's home page with news feeds and gadgets.

I saw that there were no great Simpsons gadgets so I created this - a Simpsons Quote of the Day gadget! It has over 150 classic one-liners from 25+ characters. And we intend to keep plugging away adding more quotations so you'll never see the same one twice!

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You can see the gadget at the bottom of every page on Simpson Crazy, and you can add it to your iGoogle by clicking the Google plus icon underneath it, or using the link above.

DVD guide updated

Website Updates — Posted 20 Oct, 2008 by DisgruntledGoat

The Season 11 DVD guide has been updated. It now features Groening's introduction, audio commentaries and a full list of Easter Eggs on the box set.

Simpsons DVD Season 11
Other DVD guides

The Simpsons Dictionary

Website Updates — Posted 14 Jul, 2008 by DisgruntledGoat

Long time no update (again). I've been travelling in the States for the past 10 weeks - 'twas a great trip!

While in Hollywood I took a trip to Universal Studios and experienced the new Simpsons Ride. If you haven't already been, I thouroughly recommend it. To experience it to its fullest, wait until the line is quite long (at least 40 minutes) and you can catch masses of original animation and classic clips while waiting in line!

More about that coming soon. Today though, we have a really cool content update. The Simpsons has coined many words and phrases that have entered mainstream consciousness. You may already be familiar with d'oh, yoink and embiggen, which are all perfectly cromulent words; but there are many more you may not remember, which we have compiled into a big dictionary.

The Simpsons Dictionary

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Censorship update

Website Updates — Posted 26 Mar, 2008 by DisgruntledGoat

Apologies for a lack of updates recently. Working a job and going to the pub seems to take up all of my time these days.

I am still working on the movie script and general site maintenance. I also updated Season 9 of our British censorship guide with a few cuts from Channel 4 in The City of New York vs. Homer Simpson that was on just now.

I noticed yesterday that a bunch of links in the new top menu were broken so I've fixed them I hope. If you come across any broken links, feel free to fire an email off to me - contact [at] simpsoncrazy [dot] com.

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The Simpsons and the Constitution

Website Updates — Posted 12 Dec, 2007 by DisgruntledGoat

We've got a brand new page for you! This one is a guide to the U.S. Constitution, Simpsons-style. It was written by Dave Hettel and was hosted elsewhere until Dave decided he didn't have time to maintain it, and generously donated it to us!

The Simpsons and the Constitution
Homer hides behind the Bill of Rights

Bone up on the Constitution

We also updated the Secret Sound contest. The previous sound, Milhouse saying "Suck it in!", was from the Season 15 episode Milhouse Doesn't Live Here Anymore.

Finally, we added our Christmas wallpapers to the wallpapers section. Spice up your computer with one of seven holiday-themed Simpsons wallpapers!

New contest

Website Updates — Posted 06 Nov, 2007 by DisgruntledGoat

Just a mini-update to say a new contest has started, following last week's bumper Halloween special. Six people got all five THOH segments correct!

Take a look at the answers to see if you got it right, and check the leaderboard from the main contest page, where you can of course enter the new Secret Sound.

Simpson Crazy? Don't mind if I do!

Website Updates — Posted 22 Oct, 2007 by DisgruntledGoat

Since Halloween is just around the corner, we thought we'd put up a few decorations! Hope you like the new look.

Today we also celebrate the return of our regular "Secret Sound" contest! This week it's a bumper Halloween special with 5 clips from Halloween segments.

I've been busy behind the scenes improving the scoreboard script so it's easier for me to mark. Hopefully the contests will be updated more regularly than they used to be.

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“I thought you were dead!”

Website Updates — Posted 16 Oct, 2007 by DisgruntledGoat

“Well, dang blast it, isn't anybody on this dag gummed Internet dead?”

So... it's been a pretty long time since something happened on this web site. You may have noticed the hints in various posts about a redesign coming to this site. This has been in the works on and off (mostly off) for about three years! Now I've realised that this is gonna get done quicker if I implement it in stages.

Today begins the first phase of what I'm calling the "Simpson Crazy redevelopment". I've started a gradual switch from SHTML pages over to PHP pages, which will provide more flexibility behind the scenes.

I've also uploaded new content layouts for a few pages. These have been sitting on my computer for over a year and they fit into the current site's design so I added them in. Specifically, the main Image gallery page, wallpapers section and Simpsons Comics guide pages have been updated. If you click on a thumbnail you'll get a nice new image viewer where you don't have to leave the page!

Finally, keep your eyes peeled for the return of our regular Simpsons contest very soon!

26 new wallpapers

Website Updates — Posted 13 Jun, 2007 by DisgruntledGoat

The Springfield Files wallpaperYet more wallpapers have been added to the gallery! Most of them come from yet another defunct site, Krustylu Studios and have been remastered so that we can bring you both our standard sizes (1024x768 and 1280x1024).

Huge thanks to Brad for donating them! The one you can see top left was created by me and is from The Springfield Files.

Krusty the Clown Lisa On Ice wallpaper

Wallpaper gallery