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Sci-Fi Does Top 10 Simpsons Star Wars Moments

Simpsons News — Posted 16 Jan, 2009 by MrBurns

Sci-Fi Wire, the online magazine for the popular Sci-Fi Channel, has just recently done a very interesting story about how the Simpsons do a lot of references toward Star Wars. They have compiled an actual Top 10 list of these references..."The Simpsons is stuffed with references to science fiction, including zillions of allusions to one of the most popular futuristic mythologies of all time: George Lucas' Star Wars. The Lucas universe has intersected with the Groening universe countless times, and we've picked 10 of the funniest instances for your parody-loving enjoyment."

10) Season Eighteen: "Revenge Is a Dish Best Served Three Times"

9) Season Eighteen: "Please Homer Don't Hammer 'Em"

8) Season Fifteen: "Co-Dependent's Day"

7) Season Twelve: "Worst Episode Ever"

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Simpsons lead Writers Guild list

Simpsons News — Posted 09 Dec, 2008 by DisgruntledGoat

The Simpsons is leading the charge for the Writers Guild of America's (WGA) annual broadcasting awards, with five nominations.

The series was one of five nominees for best comedy series, along with Entourage, Weeds and previous winners 30 Rock and The Office.

Four episodes of the show were also nominated separately in the best animation category.

The WGA awards will given out at a ceremony in Los Angeles on 7 February.


Simpsons features NY Times Crossword

Simpsons News — Posted 28 Nov, 2008 by DisgruntledGoat

OK, we're pretty late on this, but if you caught the latest Simpsons episode a fortnight ago, Homer and Lisa Exchange Cross Words, you will have seen the special crossword in the New York Times that Homer 'commisioned' to prove his love for Lisa. Well it's a real crossword that appeared in the paper the same day the episode aired!

Lisa spots a message in the NY Times Crossword
Lisa spots a message in the NY Times Crossword

One of our readers Anthony Covino was kind enough to send us a scan of the real crossword, which you can see below. You can see the secret message by looking at the first letter of each clue. There's also a message in the diagonal of the completed crossword: "Dumb Dad sorry for his bet".

View the crossword

Hallmark Releases 2008 Simpsons Ornament

Simpsons News — Posted 09 Nov, 2008 by MrBurns

Hallmark and its popular Keepsake Ornament line has released a brand new Simpsons ornament with sound. The ornament features Bart and Lisa sitting in from of the TV about to watch the Itchy & Scratchy show. When you press any of the buttoms on the TV the TV screen lights up and it plays the theme song to Itchy & Scratchy. The ornament, called TV Time, is only available at Hallmark stores for $20 and can be viewed online here.

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New episode: Treehouse of Horror XIX

Simpsons News — Posted 04 Oct, 2008 by DisgruntledGoat

OK enough about next year's THoH, here's the scoop on Treehouse of Horror XIX, airing November 2nd.

The opening scene has been leaked on YouTube. It's election day, and Homer tries to vote for Barack Obama. However, the machine is rigged and forces him to cast six votes for John McCain! Just as Homer is complaining - "I only meant one of those votes for McCain!" - the voting machine sucks him in to his death.

Watch the clip here! And hit continue for more details on the THoH episode.

[video commented out]

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28 D'ohs Later - the Simpsons become zombies

Simpsons News — Posted 04 Oct, 2008 by DisgruntledGoat

The Simpsons' 20th Season has only just started but believe it or not, we already have some information about next year's Halloween special!

Treehouse of Horror XX will air November 2009 and Al Jean has revealed that they will do a parody of 28 Days Later. "Krusty makes his hamburger out of mad cows, and it winds up turning everybody into zombies." We even have a promotional picture for the episode, showing how the family will look:

The Simpsons as zombies
The Simpsons as zombies

The drawing style is reminiscent of the Simpsons Comics Treehouse of Horror specials (you can see samples from Simpsons Comics here) but will be a first for the animated series.

UPDATE: it seems we've been duped by that abysmal excuse for a newspaper, The Sun. Although the plot for next year's THoH is legitimate, the image above is actually from Simpsons Comics - this year's Halloween special (#14), to be exact.

Nonetheless, here's hoping the Simpsons animators do something great with the animation style regardless. It would just look amazing.

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New episode: Sex, Pies amd Idiot Scrapes

Simpsons News — Posted 27 Sep, 2008 by DisgruntledGoat

The Simpsons 20th Season kicks off this weekend with Homer getting into yet more trouble. Airing on Sunday, Sex, Pies and Idiot Scrapes (KABF17) starts at the Springfield St. Patrick's Day parade, where Homer causes a brawl and is sent to jail.

In jail he meets some bounty hunters and decides to become one, teaming up with the unlikely ally of Flanders! Meanwhile, Marge unknowingly begins working at an erotic bakery.

Sex, Pies and Idiot Scrapes
Promo card for Sex, Pies and Idiot Scrapes

The episode will guest star Robert Forster. Joe Mantegna and Julia Louis-Dreyfus also reprise their roles as Fat Tony and Gloria (Snake's girlfriend) respectively.

Simpsons win another Emmy!

Simpsons News — Posted 15 Sep, 2008 by DisgruntledGoat

The Simpsons won their tenth Emmy for "Outstanding Animated Program (Less Than One Hour)" at the Creative Arts Emmy Awards this weekend.

The nominated episode, "Eternal Moonshine of the Simpson Mind", fended off competition from King of the Hill, Robot Chicken, Spongebob Squarepants and Creature Comforts.

Interestingly, regular nominees Family Guy and South Park were instead listed in the category for more than one hour, for their "Blue Harvest" and "Imaginationland" features respectively.

Jodie Foster & Anne Hathaway to guest star

Simpsons News — Posted 13 Sep, 2008 by DisgruntledGoat

Entertainment Weekly's Hollywood Insider Blog revealed that Jodie Foster will be giving a voice to Maggie, while Anne Hathaway is going to lend her voice to Bart's object of affection.

Jodie Foster and Anne Hathaway

In the episode that is said to be scheduled for early 2009 broadcast, Foster gets the honor to voice the adult version of Maggie. The blog further suggested that Foster's episode may be entitled "Four Great Women & A Manicure" which "reimagines the worlds of Macbeth, The Fountainhead, Citizen Kane, and Queen Elizabeth I, with Springfield residents in key roles". Before Foster, Maggie was once voiced by Elizabeth Taylor.

Meanwhile, Hathaway has been chosen to provide voice to a sweet, charitable girl, whom Bart has a crush on, in different episode which will also be aired in early 2009. This episode allegedly will see Bart turning himself to be a good Samaritan to win her heart. But when Hathaway's character finds out the truth, she breaks with him and Bart returns to his old devilish style.

The Simpsons returns for its 20th Season on September 28.

Season 11 DVD news

Simpsons News — Posted 26 Jul, 2008 by DisgruntledGoat

The Simpsons Complete Eleventh Season is on its way! After being delayed from December last year due to The Simpsons Movie DVD release, we can now confirm Season 11 will be released on October 7th. As usual, the set will feature commentary on every episode as well as deleted scenes and commercials. Click continue below to see the full list of commentaries.

For the box design, Fox have continued with the 'head' theme from Seasons 6-10, but appear to now be using the standard box shape. They now move into secondary characters with Krusty the Clown:

Simpsons Season 11 DVD box

No word yet on alternate head-cases, though
this one looks slightly raised

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Site updates

Lots o' images

Website Updates — Posted 09 Apr, 2005 by DisgruntledGoat

Firstly, the DVD guide has been expanded and updated. It nows lists all the special features on the DVDs as well. More Easter Eggs have been discovered: I'm confident that we've got them all listed now, and a couple more animations were discovered. The guide is available from the Information page.

Furthermore, many new images have been added to the special gallery. It's too much trouble to list them here, but they're all marked on the page.
View the specials gallery

Simpsons DVD Guide

Website Updates — Posted 29 Mar, 2005 by DisgruntledGoat

Yet more in-depth information pages have been added to our growing library: a guide to the Simpsons "Complete Season" DVDs. The Simpsons is a fun show, and the DVDs reflect this with lots of special features, cool animated menus and even hidden bonus material, more commonly known as "Easter Eggs". The section is split by DVD, and available from the information page or here:
Season 1 DVD
Season 2 DVD
Season 3 DVD
Season 4 DVD
Season 5 DVD


Website Updates — Posted 23 Mar, 2005 by DisgruntledGoat

A few lists have been updated with information from the first half of Season 16:
- Couch gags (which has been reformatted)
- Bart's blackboard gags (also reformatted)
- Newspaper headlines
- Church billboards
I also added another entry to the recycled animation page. Other lists also need updating (such as the song lyrics) - I will try to get them done asap. Frink out.

Official Simpsons websites

Website Updates — Posted 01 Mar, 2005 by DisgruntledGoat

Seems like ages since I last updated, but today I've added a small but quite interesting page about official Simpsons websites. It includes information about the main official site, as well as websites featured in the show. Enjoy!
Official Simpsons websites

Furthermore I have updated the Secret Sound and Which Character? contests. The last answers were: They Saved Lisa's Brain (sound) and Artie Ziff (character). Fredrik Larsson and Matt Starr still reign supreme at the top of the both leaderboards, well done guys!
Play the new contests

"Who wears short shorts?"

Website Updates — Posted 25 Jan, 2005 by DisgruntledGoat

I've got a huge update for you today! 14 more Tracey Ullman shorts have been added to the downloads section! See Homer try to take a family photo, Bart take an interest in art (!), the first appearance of Grampa and more! Definitely worth watching.

New Wallpaper & updated contest

Website Updates — Posted 24 Jan, 2005 by DisgruntledGoat

First content update for a little while, but it's a good one. I finally got around to updating the contests. The previous answers were: Simple Simpson and L.T. Smash (from New Kids On The Blecch). A new Secret Sound and Which Character contest can be found on the Interactive page.

I also added a new wallpaper of Homer and Bender from Futurama at Moe's! Go to the Wallpaper page to download.

New Video Clips & Pictures

Website Updates — Posted 17 Dec, 2004 by DisgruntledGoat

Our miscellaneous pictures section has been updated today, with several new Channel Four mosaics, and a whole bunch of very cool Halloween art from Simpsons Comics.

Furthermore, four new Butterfinger adverts have been added to the Videos page. They're pretty funny so check them out!

Sky One's A-Z of The Simpsons!

Website Updates — Posted 13 Dec, 2004 by DisgruntledGoat

Throughout December, UK television channel Sky One are running a new promotion, "The Simpsons A-Z". Every day for 25 days, episodes are shown which highlight a representation for the day's letter (with Y and Z together on one day). A is for Apu, B is for Bart, C is for Couch Gags, and so on. Each letter's alias also comes with a clip compilation, highlighting the best of that character or situation.

The promotion started last Monday and we are already up to the letter H (for Homer). I have archived the definitions and corresponding episodes into one page, which can be found in the articles section of the info page, or by clicking here.

I also added a new promo card I found for the Season 6 episode, "Itchy & Scratchy Land".

Ho ho ho! Merry Everyone!

Website Updates — Posted 04 Dec, 2004 by DisgruntledGoat

The holidays are coming! And to celebrate, we've put up a nice Seasonal design, hope you like it! And to brighten up your desktop, we've got five great Christmas-themed wallpapers!

Christmas Wallpaper!

New episode info and more

Website Updates — Posted 23 Nov, 2004 by DisgruntledGoat

Long time no updates from me...been pretty busy the last few weeks. Anywho... the Season 16 page has been updated again with some more info on upcoming episodes. A promo card for the recent episode 'Sleeping With The Enemy' has also been added to the gallery.

Furthermore, my reviews for all three new episodes of Season 16 have been added. You can see my reviews and members' reviews by following these links:

· Treehouse of Horror XV
· All's Fair in Oven War
· Sleeping With the Enemy

Not all great episodes, but worth watching, of course.

Finally, the contests have been updated. The last one went unupdated for over a month, hopefully this time it will be updated more quickly.