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Susan Boyle namedropped in Simpsons promo

Simpsons News — Posted 26 Jul, 2009 by DisgruntledGoat

Susan Boyle was namedropped in a Simpsons promoBritain's Got Talent star Susan Boyle has been mentioned in a new Simpsons spot advertising the show on Fox. Pieced together from old clips and redubbed, it shows Homer auditioning for Springfield's Got Talent. You can see a video below.

My name is Homer Simpson. I'm 39 and well... I've never been kissed, Homer says. My dream is to become a great singer like Susan Boyle.

Boyle became famous after dispelling the myth (apparently) that only attractive people can sing, and has since been the focus of an intense media storm. She ended up coming second in the talent show.

Cities fight over Groundskeeper Willie

Simpsons News — Posted 26 Jul, 2009 by DisgruntledGoat

Groundskeeper WillieCivic officials at two Scottish cities are fighting over the home town of Simpsons character Groundskeeper Willie. Both Glasgow and Aberdeen believe he hails from their city.

Glasgow City Council have put Willie in their online hall of fame alongside the likes of Billy Connolly and Lulu. In the Season 8 episode, Simpson-califragilisticexpiala (Annoyed Grunt) cious, Willie reminisces about Shary Bobbins: Then she got her eyesight back. Suddenly the ugliest man in Glasgow wasn't good enough for her!

However, in the Season 14 episode, 'Scuse Me While I Miss the Sky, Willie wakes from a nap shouting Go Aberdeen!

But of course, any Simpsons fan will tell you that Groundskeeper Willie actually hails from North Kiltown!

Artist creates "Celebrity Simpsons" real-life Hollywood cast

Simpsons News — Posted 26 Jul, 2009 by DisgruntledGoat

Freelance graphic designer Brad Anderson has created an awesomely bizarre set of Simpsons character models based on real-life celebrities.

Celebrity Simpsons: George Clooney, Cate Blanchett, Ewan McGregor, Reese Witherspoon, Jennifer Aniston
George Clooney, fat and bald is Homer J Simpson. Cate Blanchett is Marge, Ewan McGregor is Bart, Lisa is based on Reese Witherspoon and Maggie is Jennifer Aniston. Other celebrities include Steve Buscemi, Dustin Hoffman and Ricky Gervais.

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Simpsons Season 12 DVD Cover revealed!

Simpsons News — Posted 12 Apr, 2009 by DisgruntledGoat has revealed the DVD cover art for the Twelfth Season boxset! It features Comic Book Guy sporting a superhero costume.

The Simpsons Season 12 DVD
The choice is a little suprising, since Comic Book Guy - real name Jeff Albertson - is a relatively minor character compared to others such as Flanders, Moe, Apu or Mr Burns. CBG does have a whole episode to himself this Season - Worst Episode Ever - but so too does Ned and Sideshow Bob. The DVD set is currently sceduled to be released on 28th September in the UK. No word on the US release date yet but it will probably be August.

US Postal Service launches Simpsons stamps

Simpsons News — Posted 12 Apr, 2009 by DisgruntledGoat

The Simpsons are being immortalized on a set of stamps issued by the United States Postal Service.

The Simpsons USPS stamps
The 44-cent first-class mail stamps, designed by Matt Groening, feature each of the Simpsons family members - Homer, Marge, Bart, Lisa and Maggie. "This is the biggest and most adhesive honor The Simpsons has ever received," said Matt Groening. "We are emotionally moved by the Postal Service selecting us rather than making the lazy choice of someone who has benefited society," said executive producer James L. Brooks. The stamps will be released nationwide on May 7th. You can pre-order your set of stamps here.

Homer headed for the Middle East?

Simpsons News — Posted 17 Mar, 2009 by DisgruntledGoat

Homer Simpson could be the answer to world peace, according to the show's executive producer.

Al Jean, who has helmed The Simpsons since 2001, said the dysfunctional cartoon family's next venture would be to the Middle East.

"I think we're going to do one next year where they go to the Holy Land as we haven't been there yet. The premise will be that the Christians, the Jews and Muslims are united in that they all get mad at Homer. It's the only thing they can agree on," he said.

The Simpsons visting a pub near you!

Simpsons News — Posted 14 Mar, 2009 by DisgruntledGoat

To promote the upcoming Simpsons episode where the family visit Ireland, FOX is sending Marge Simpson look-a-likes into Irish pubs across New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Boston and San Francisco on St. Patrick's Day, March 17th.

They will also distribute 20,000 "Irish I Was Watching THE SIMPSONS" buttons as well as 50,000 drink coasters offering a free Irish Bart wallpaper and Homer ringtone for recipients' mobile phones. At Times Square in New York, a musical number from the new episode will be shown on Astrovision.

In the Name of the Grandfather will for the first time air in Britain before America on Tuesday 17th March. It will air in the U.S. the following Sunday 22nd.

The Simpsons renewed for two more Seasons!

Simpsons News — Posted 02 Mar, 2009 by DisgruntledGoat

That's right, Fox has picked up The Simpsons for a further two years, taking the show though to Season 22.

44 episodes have been comissioned for the two series, meaning that the show will be close to breaking the big 500, with 493 episodes!

The Simpsons will also break more records, notably beating Gunsmoke as the longest running show (in years) and overtaking several shows by number of episodes. However, it will still be behind Lassie and Gunsmoke in number of episodes, with those shows having 588 and 633 respectively.

Simpsons episode to premiere in UK/Ireland

Simpsons News — Posted 23 Feb, 2009 by DisgruntledGoat

Simpsons LeprechaunUK-based satellite channel Sky1 is to premiere a new episode of The Simpsons ahead of its U.S. airing for the first time ever! states that the Irish-themed episode, In the Name of the Grandfather, will air on St. Patrick's Day (March 17th). Nancy Cartwright (voice of Bart), Al Jean and James L Brooks will travel to Ireland for a special screening of the episode.

The Simpsons goes High Definition

Simpsons News — Posted 02 Feb, 2009 by DisgruntledGoat

Starting from the next new episode on February 15th, Fox will begin airing The Simpsons in high-definition. It will also appear in a 16:9 (widescreen) aspect ratio. The opening titles will also be reanimated in HD, which could mean an entirely new opening sequence! Here's hoping they simply revamp it and not stray too far from the original sequence.

The Simpsons in HD
Hopefully The Simpsons won't look as bad as this in HD!

The episode, entitled Take My Life, Please (LABF01), recalls how Homer lost the election for class president in high school. However, Homer soon learns that the election was rigged, and sees what his life would be like if he had won.

Site updates

New British censorship guide

Website Updates — Posted 10 Jun, 2007 by DisgruntledGoat

Wow, it's been way too long since I made a content update here, but this is a big one! Today we unveil our extensive guide to Simpsons censorship in the UK, listing all the words, lines and even whole scenes cut from episodes because of bad language, violence and some more reasons that don't make sense.

I 'inherited' the guide from another site that shut down, The Britsons. And after a lot of work formatting, editing and adding to the great work done before me, we have what is one of our finest sections here at Simpson Crazy.

If you're a Briton you will find it indispensible. If not, I'm sure you will have fun reading through what our TV channels believe is offensive!

View the censorship guide

New wallpapers!

Website Updates — Posted 02 Jan, 2007 by DisgruntledGoat

Happy New Year! And what better way to kick off 2007 than a new wallpaper for your desktop! I've added 23 new wallpapers to the gallery - there are so many now I've had to split it up into four sections:
- Simpsons characters
- Other characters
- Episode-specific
- Other scenes

I also took a decision to limit the resolutions to 1024x768 and 1280x1024 because these are increasingly becoming the two most common resolutions. If you are using a low resolution you should consider switching up so that the backgrounds look better.


New images and wallpapers

Website Updates — Posted 01 Aug, 2006 by DisgruntledGoat

An upcoming site Planet Springfield has decided to close before opening, and the owner, Kane, has kindly donated some of its content to us.

We have 13 new wallpapers and 13 new images (ooh, unlucky) in the galleries. The pictures can be seen by clicking the "more" link below, and the wallpapers by clicking here.

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New wallpapers and images

Website Updates — Posted 10 Apr, 2006 by DisgruntledGoat

I was thinking the other day how long it's been since I added any pictures to Simpson Crazy. So I got out my creative cap and put together a new set of classy wallpapers, each featuring a character with classic quote.

Each one is available in 1024x768 or 1280x960 res. It's just too much effort to make too many sizes.
Go to wallpapers gallery

I also added six new pictures to the image gallery, in the townspeople section:

Principal Skinner Milhouse van Houten Nelson Muntz
Kent Brockman Itchy Scratchy

Townspeople picture gallery

Season 7 DVD guide updated

Website Updates — Posted 30 Mar, 2006 by DisgruntledGoat

I finally got around to updating the Season 7 DVD guide with lots more details: includes special features, menu animations and more.
View the guide

I also updated the promo pictures page with a few new episodes.
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Update: DVD guide, Ullman shorts, and contests

Website Updates — Posted 17 Jan, 2006 by DisgruntledGoat

A guide for the Season Six DVD has been added at last. It lists special features, 'Easter Eggs', and all the cool menu animations! Season Seven has been partially completed, but as I do not have this DVD yet it is not finished.

The Tracey Ullman shorts page has been finished finally! We now have en episode guide for all 48 shorts, where you can also download each episode.

Finally, the contests have been reset. Thing is, I kinda messed up the last one (long story...). I've decided to scrap the character contest and concentrate of the Secret Sound contest, which I have more enthusiasm for. Head on over to the Interactive page to enter the new Secret Sound contest!

Brand New Episode Guide

Website Updates — Posted 15 Sep, 2005 by DisgruntledGoat

Today we can finally unveil our bigger and better episode guide! we've got loads of information on your favourite episodes, from quotes to references to images. The main page has a few facts about the Seasons, with some opinion on how the show has changed. The Season guides have short descriptions of the episodes with a screenshot; then, clicking an episode name takes you to the detailed guide for that episode, which is pretty similar to our old episode guides, but with more info.

There are a few nifty features too. If you're signed up as a member (click here for more info), you can submit quotes, references and visual gags to us and they will appear in the guide! Furthermore, several episodes have a 'Visual Summary' - this is a slideshow of screenshots from the episode, but soon will include a quote/fact for each image. Bart the Genius is the only episode to be completed so far, but more are on their way!

Click here to see the new Episode Guide

Content, content, and more content!

Website Updates — Posted 07 Aug, 2005 by DisgruntledGoat

It's been a long while since we made a content update, but we've got loadsa great stuff for you today!

First up, the song lyrics page has been totally revamped. The layout has been condensed so it is easier to see the songs - just click a song name to see the lyrics for that song. This will be merged with the music page (in downloads) over the next week or so, since both pages are very similar.
Simpsons Song Lyrics

More Ullman shorts have been added to our gallery: episodes 32 to 41 are up, and the remaining few will be up soon.
Tracey Ullman Shorts

The Itchy & Scratchy episode guide has been updated with episodes and appearances from the latest episodes. Other lists have also been updated:
Official Simpsons Websites
Homer says D'oh!
Newspaper headlines
Church Marquees

The promo pictures page has been updated with images from Season 16's episodes. We now have over 220 images in this gallery!
Promotional Images

And finally, the Secret Sound and Which Character contests have been updated; The previous answers were Simpson Tide (Secret Sound) and Roger Meyers, Jr. (Which Character). Matt Starr and Fredrik Larsson still reign supreme at the top of the leaderboards, but others are not far behind!
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Whew, that's everything! And we've got some more great stuff lined up soon, so keep your eyes peeled!

New contests!

Website Updates — Posted 13 May, 2005 by DisgruntledGoat

A seemingly small update, but it's taken me the last hour to mark the contests. The answers were: $pringfield (sound) and Captain McCallister (character). I have also made a page of the last six contest answers. New ones are now up, so go play!
Previous answers

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The Yellow Impression

Website Updates — Posted 03 May, 2005 by DisgruntledGoat

We've got something very special for you today! We've gathered the best impressionists we could find to bring you a Simpsons fan-recording. Basically, it's a fan script acted out in the Simpsons voices by our impressionists.

None of the voices are perfect, but a couple are excellent. The recording quality also varies a bit, but we hope to work on this for future shows. Big thanks go to Poll aka OKC who has run the whole project, and chosen Simpson Crazy to host this file; and of course to the impressionists and everyone else involved in the show. Please let us know what you think!!
The Yellow Impression