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Season 10 DVD guide

This DVD will be released Aug 2007. This guide will be updated as information becomes available.


Season 10 DVD box Season 10 DVD head box Season 10 DVD menus

The traditional box style with Bart breaking onto the Twentieth Century Fox lot (left); the alternate 'head' box (center); a DVD intro where Bart wrecks Fox logo and DVD menu design (right)

Matt Groening says:

Howdily doodily, Simpsons Obsessives!

Welcome to Season 10 of those mischievous animated rascals, the Simpsons, on DVD and in color!

This deluxe, bubbling pot of scraps is a good one - 23 freeze-frame-gag-filled episodes of rich, Simpsony goodness, sprinkled with zesty bon mots and topped with extra-chewy cartoon knee-slappers. I'm going to stop the stew metaphors now.

Highlights this time around include "Simpsons Bible Stories," with Homer and Marge au naturel as Adam and Eve, Milhouse whimpering to let his people go, and Bart doing battle with Goliath II. Then there's the heartwarming episode "Viva Ned Flanders," based on several thousand true stories, in which Homer and Flanders go to Las Vegas, get drunk, and wake up married to a couple of floozies. And of course we mustn't forget "Treehouse Of Horror IX," in which Krusty the Clown says, "Get ready for the violentest, disembowelingest, vomit-inducingest Itchy & Scratchy Halloween Special ever!"

OK, you mugs, can the chatter and listen up to these buzzworthy guest stars: Lisa Kudrow! Stephen Hawking! Dolly Parton! Jerry Springer! Isabella Rossellini! George Takei! Alec Baldwin! Mark Hamill! Fred Willard! Yo La Tengo! Martin Mull! Cyndi Lauper! Michael McKean! Elton John! Ed Begley, Jr.! Jasper Johns! Jack LaLanne! Rupert Murdoch! Kim Basinger! The Moody Blues! George Carlin! Hank Williams, Jr.! Ron Howard! And of course, the late, great Phil Hartman!

Plus, at no extra charge, you get the usual snickering audio commentaries on each and every episode; new-fangled illustrated lectures by the long-suffering animators at Film Roman; lots of deleted scenes that still haunt us; and a bunch of TV commercials, foreign-language features, and Hidden Easter Eggs.

So, on behalf of all the happy animation elves and giggly cartoon imps and magical acting pixies and ticklish comedy sprites and morose Hollywood gnomes at the Simpsons Fun Factory, I say, "Begone, ye scamps! Off to your DVD players with ye! And don't come back till Season 11!"

Your TV friend,
Matt Groening



Easter Eggs

An unfinished deleted scene of the townspeople singing the Springfield Anthem.

Audio Commentaries


Other special features