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Season 6 DVD guide

For all those that fear change The Season 6 DVD set caused uproar among the Internet community when images of a new style of box were released (below right). Fans were distraught that the set would not "fit in" with the other sets on their shelves. After realizing what a bad move this was, Fox included an option for American fans who bought the box to send off for an alternate box (in-keeping with the traditional style) at an extra cost.

Fans from the UK and other countries, however, were given the option of choosing the traditional box (below left) from the start; The "Homer's head" packaging was sold as "limited edition" with a production of 50,000 in Britain.


Season 6 DVD box Season 6 DVD head box Season 6 DVD menus

The traditional box style depicting Homer sleuthing with suspects behind him (left); new head box (center); and DVD menu designs (right)


Matt Groening says:

Aloha, Simpsons freaks!

Welcome to - what is this? Season 6? Well, by golly, whatever season it is, I'll confess one thing: what you're holding isn't merely the spiffiest deluxe DVD boxed set we've cranked out so far. This fine gift item is chock-full of the vintage animated frivolity that true fans have long clamoured for: like the scene where Bart pulls that prank, the incident when Maggie falls down, the time when Lisa is unappreciated and, of course, who can forget that classic bit in which Homer hurts himself? Lots of laughs, lots of tears, lots of blood.

Here's what we've jammed onto this here DVD hoo-ha this time: all 25 of the classic episodes from whatever year we did these things, a whole mess of rambling, self-congratulatory audio commentaries for every episode, including the dreaded clip show - all of which feature the writers, directors, and actors sharing hazy show-biz memories while sipping cognac, smoking cigars, and in one case, munching on Froot loops. Plus spicy storyboards, sneaky designs, murky animatics, TV commercials for assorted snack treats, and various interactive whatnots, I think.

Best of all, this time around you get what may be the most profound philosophical statement in the entire history of The Simpsons. That's when sweet, innocent, pacifier-sucking Maggie (voiced by James Earl Jones) says (after nailing Groundskeeper Willie in the back with an axe):

"This indeed is a disturbing universe."

There's only one thing left to say after that.
Praise Jebus!

Your pal,
Matt Groening.


Special Features

Note: episode commentaries are not listed here, but they are available for every episode.

Disc 1:

Disc 2:

Disc 3:

Disc 4:


Easter Eggs

1. Squirrel house

There is a hidden sketch on Disc 4. Go to the main Special Features menu (via the icon on the left), highlight "Play All Deleted Scenes with Commentary", then press Right. A pencil icon will appear. Press Enter to see a sketch of the Simpson home made up of squirrels!

2. Anne Bancroft tribute

If you listen to the the audio commentary track on Fear of Flying, be sure to keep watching the episode to the very end, after which you will branch to a short tribute to Anne Bancroft, voice of the psychiatrist in this episode, who sadly died shortly after the commentaries were recorded.

3. Extra animations

In each episodes Special Features menu, you can highlight the production code in the photo. In most cases, this simply plays the episode, however, Treehouse of Horror V and Who Shot Mr. Burns? (Part One) show short animations. On the former, the Special Features icon moves to reveal a hole and an eye peers through; On the latter, several bullets holes appear.



The menus for the Season 6 DVD are very similar to those from Season 5, however they are themed on the episode Who Shot Mr. Burns? (Part One).

On the main menu, each episode is represented by a character stood against a police line-up chart. On each disc, there are two sets of animations, which are listed below.

The episode menus have their own animations, too. Each one consists of a character being photographed for a police photo.


Characters: Bart (in wheelchair), Lisa, Marge, Professor Frink, Sideshow Bob, Homer (with an axe), Jessica Lovejoy.

1a. Homer gets mad and swings his axe at Sideshow Bob, cutting off part of his hair. Bob replaces it.

1b. Bart spins around in his wheelchair while the others look on, shocked.

1c. A Scratchy robot comes after Marge and the kids. Frink scares him away using a remote-controlled robot Itchy.

2a. Jessica pushes Homer, who bumps Sideshow Bob, and so on to the end of the line, knocking Bart off his chair.

2b. Bart retaliates by doing the same back (pushing Lisa into Marge, etc).

2c. Bart pulls out his telescope out and hits Lisa with it. Lisa hits him back with it.



Characters: Lisa (in hockey gear), Homer, Grampa, Marge, Number One, Maggie, Bart.

1a. Grampa falls asleep and awakens, startled. He turns around, revealing the gummy Venus De Milo stuck to his jacket. Homer takes it an receives an impromptu slap from his father.

1b. A toy plane flies past and through Marge's hair.

2a. Number One paddles Homer's swollen ass...with a paddle.

2b. A comet flies by; Bart takes a photo

2c. Grampa takes a swig of whisky. Homer asks for some but is refused.



Characters: Krusty, Bart (with giant boot), Homer, Barney, Future Lisa (wearing wedding dress), Santa's Little Helper and Principal Skinner.

1a. Krusty lights up a cigarette, but sets his nose on fire.

1b. Santa's Little Helper sniffs Skinner, so Skinner sniffs him back

2a. Bart blows a raspberry at Lisa, while SLH grabs a flower from the bouquet, throws it up and swallows it.

2b. Lisa throws the bouquet behind her, but SLH catches it immediately and returns it.

2c. Bart makes a face at Homer, so Homer strangles Bart.



Characters: Bleeding Gums Murphy, Moe, Bart, Smithers.

1a. The Simpsons J.F.K.-style theme tune plays, and everyone points at each other.

1b. A gust of wind blows Moe's apron up, just like the famous photo of Marilyn Monroe.

2a. Bleeding Gums Murphy plays the sax, to Moe's annoyance.

2b. Bart skateboards off the left side of the screen, and reappears from the right side.



Bart of Darkness
Bart is in his wheelchair. He gets out his telescope and looks into the camera for the second photo.

Lisa's Rival
Allison Taylor runs into the shot and pushes Lisa aside.

Another Simpsons Clip Show
Marge falls over; her hair is caught in the second shot.

Itchy & Scratchy Land
Frink cleans the camera and grins goofily.

Sideshow Bob Roberts
Bob brings out what looks like a flick-knife...however it is a flick-comb. He combs his hair with it.

Treehouse of Horror V
Homer smashes the camera with his axe.

Bart's Girlfriend
Jessica makes a face at the camera, but in the photo she is angel-like.

Lisa on Ice
Lisa is in hockey gear; she makes a big grin, revealing that she has several missing teeth.

Homer: Bad Man
Homer sticks his tongue out at the camera - it has the Venus Gummi Milo stuck to it.

Grampa vs. Sexual Inadequacy
Grampa is sleeping. Wiggum (from off-camera) turns his head to face the camera - Grampa is still sleeping.

Fear of Flying
Marge cleans the camera.

Homer the Great
Number One yells "Silence!" and puts his hand up to the camera.

And Maggie Makes Three
For the second photo, Maggie removes her pacifier.

Bart's Comet
Bart brings out his camera and snaps back!

Homie the Clown
Krusty says "Hey hey!" to the camera, and gets pied.

Bart vs. Australia
Bart kicks the giant boot off his foot; it hits him in the head just as the photo is taken.

Homer vs. Patty and Selma
The I.O.U. note from the episode is dangled in front of the screen. Homer reaches out to grab it as the photo is taken.

A Star Is Burns
Barney belches as the second photo is taken.

Lisa's Wedding
Lisa is bombarded by confetti.

Two Dozen and One Greyhounds
Santa's Little Helper licks the camera.

The PTA Disbands
Skinner can't look good in a photo...

'Round Springfield
Bleeding Gums Murphy takes off his glasses to reveal another pair of glasses underneath.

The Springfield Connection
Moe smiles at the camera, and breaks it.

Lemon of Troy
Bart puts on his disguise from the episode.

Who Shot Mr. Burns? (Part One)
Several characters pop out from behind Smithers.