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Bart of Darkness

Bart of Darkness

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After Bart breaks his leg, he spends the summer spying on the neighbors with a telescope, and sees Ned Flanders murder his wife.

Memorable quotes

Lisa: Dad, you have to put clorine in water everyday to keep it clean.
Homer: Clorine, eh? (cut to next day)
Ralph: Owww, my face is on fire!

Milhouse: (trying to avoid Bart) I think I left my glasses in your pool. I better go in and find them.
Bart: But you're wearing your glasses.
Milhouse: No, I'm not.


  • As Bart enters the Flanders' house, stuck to his cast is his wastebasket, the garden hose, a piece of turf, a tricycle and a dog on a leash.


  • The main plot of this episode parodies Hitchcock's "Rear Window" - in fact, when Bart is peering into "Springfield's seamy underbelly", he sees Jimmy Stewart (from the film) in a wheelchair looking back at him.