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The Simpsons — Season Six

Bart of Darkness

Bart of Darkness »

P-code 1F22 • Index 6×01 • Aired Sep 04, 1994

After Bart breaks his leg, he spends the summer spying on the neighbors with a telescope, and sees Ned Flanders murder his wife.

Lisa's Rival

Lisa's Rival »

P-code 1F17 • Index 6×02 • Aired Sep 11, 1994

Lisa has competition from a new student who is younger, smarter and a better saxophone player than she is. Meanwhile, Homer tries to flog some sugar he 'found'.

Another Simpsons Clip Show

Another Simpsons Clip Show »

P-code 2F33 • Index 6×03 • Aired Sep 25, 1994

Marge decides to teach the kids about romance - a cue for romantic clips from past episodes.

Itchy & Scratchy Land

Itchy & Scratchy Land »

P-code 2F01 • Index 6×04 • Aired Oct 02, 1994

The family take a trip to Itchy & Scratchy Land, the 'violentest place on Earth'.

Sideshow Bob Roberts

Sideshow Bob Roberts »

P-code 2F02 • Index 6×05 • Aired Oct 09, 1994

Mayor Quimby releases Sideshow Bob from prison, however, Bob runs for mayor and wins.

Treehouse of Horror V

Treehouse of Horror V »

P-code 2F03 • Index 6×06 • Aired Oct 30, 1994

The Shinning: No TV and no beer makes Homer go crazy. Time and Punishment: Homer's toaster transports him to the past, where he inadvertently changes the future. Nightmare Cafeteria: When detention becomes overcrowded, Principal Skinner and Lunch Lady Doris start cooking kids and serving them in the canteen.

Bart's Girlfriend

Bart's Girlfriend »

P-code 2F04 • Index 6×07 • Aired Nov 06, 1994

Bart falls in love with Reverend Lovejoy's daughter, however, she turns out to be more troublesome than him.

Lisa on Ice

Lisa on Ice »

P-code 2F05 • Index 6×08 • Aired Nov 13, 1994

Lisa is going to fail gym, so she takes up pee-wee ice hockey and turns out to be a better player than Bart.

Homer: Bad Man

Homer: Bad Man »

P-code 2F06 • Index 6×09 • Aired Nov 27, 1994

Homer is accused of sexual harassment when reaching for some candy stuck to the babysitter.

Grampa vs. Sexual Inadequacy

Grampa vs. Sexual Inadequacy »

P-code 2F07 • Index 6×10 • Aired Dec 04, 1994

Grampa's love tonic saves Homer & Marge's sex life, while Bart believes there is a Government conspiracy on UFOs.

Fear of Flying

Fear of Flying »

P-code 2F08 • Index 6×11 • Aired Dec 18, 1994

When Homer is mistaken for a pilot and wrecks a plane, he wins free tickets to fly anywhere he wants. However, this reveals Marge's fear of flying.

Homer the Great

Homer the Great »

P-code 2F09 • Index 6×12 • Aired Jan 08, 1995

Homer joins a secret society known as the Stonecutters, and is believed to be the 'chosen one'. The other members, however, don't like his new-found power.

And Maggie Makes Three

And Maggie Makes Three »

P-code 2F10 • Index 6×13 • Aired Jan 22, 1995

Homer tells the story of how he had to give up his dream job when Maggie was born.

Bart's Comet

Bart's Comet »

P-code 2F11 • Index 6×14 • Aired Feb 05, 1995

While assisting Principal Skinner in his amateur astronomy, Bart discovers a comet is heading straight for Springfield.

Homie the Clown

Homie the Clown »

P-code 2F12 • Index 6×15 • Aired Feb 12, 1995

Homer goes to clown college to become a 'regional Krusty'. However, it all goes wrong when he is mistaken for the real thing by the mafia.

Bart vs. Australia

Bart vs. Australia »

P-code 2F13 • Index 6×16 • Aired Feb 19, 1995

Bart is forced to apologize to an Australian boy in person after placing a $900 collect call... but also receives an additional punishment.

Homer vs. Patty and Selma

Homer vs. Patty and Selma »

P-code 2F14 • Index 6×17 • Aired Feb 26, 1995

Homer is broke after investing in pumpkins and so borrows money from Patty and Selma without Marge knowing. Meanwhile, Bart takes up ballet.

A Star Is Burns

A Star Is Burns »

P-code 2F31 • Index 6×18 • Aired Mar 05, 1995

The town of Springfield hosts a film festival to attract more tourists.

Lisa's Wedding

Lisa's Wedding »

P-code 2F15 • Index 6×19 • Aired Mar 26, 1995

A fortune-teller predicts Lisa's future - 10 years from now, wedding bells are heard.

Two Dozen and One Greyhounds

Two Dozen and One Greyhounds »

P-code 2F18 • Index 6×20 • Aired Apr 09, 1995

Santa's Little Helper has a new girlfriend who gives birth to 25 puppies. However, Mr. Burns steals them.

The PTA Disbands

The PTA Disbands »

P-code 2F19 • Index 6×21 • Aired Apr 16, 1995

Bart manages to get the teachers at Springfield Elementary to go on strike, however he is not out of school for long - the teachers are replaced by townspeople, and Marge is his new teacher.

'Round Springfield

'Round Springfield »

P-code 2F32 • Index 6×22 • Aired Apr 30, 1995

While Bart sues Krusty for putting dangerous objects in breakfast cereals, Lisa meets up with Bleeding Gums Murphy again and he tells his life story for the last time.

The Springfield Connection

The Springfield Connection »

P-code 2F21 • Index 6×23 • Aired May 07, 1995

After catching a dangerous criminal, Marge looks for more excitement in her life - and joins the police force, much to Homer's disapproval.

Lemon of Troy

Lemon of Troy »

P-code 2F22 • Index 6×24 • Aired May 14, 1995

When some Shelbyville kids steal Springfield's beloved lemon tree, Bart, Milhouse, Nelson, Martin, Database and Todd sneak into their rival town to get it back.

Who Shot Mr. Burns? (Part One)

Who Shot Mr. Burns? (Part One) »

P-code 2F16 • Index 6×25 • Aired May 21, 1995

Mr. Burns certainly has a lot of enemies - after stealing the newly discovered oil under Springfield Elementary, putting Moe out of business, and never remembering Homer's name, he finally blocks out the sun. After a town meeting he is shot and everyone wonders who did it. But in a town where everyone has a motive, it's not that simple.

Season 6

Season Six (1994-1995), along with the previous two Seasons, are probably the most quotable in the show's history. Here's where it really shows: you can't go through this list and find an episode that doesn't have at least half a dozen hilarious quotes in it.

This could easily be the "parody season": from Hitchcock's Rear Window in "Bart of Darkness" to Kubrick's The Shining in "Treehouse of Horror V" to 101 Dalmations in "Two Dozen and One Greyhounds" and various other short skits, the show rewarded movie lovers more than ever. And of course, one of the defining moments in Simpsons history was the first of a two-part murder mystery, "Who Shot Mr. Burns?", a great spoof of Dallas' "Who Shot J.R.?" episode.

Groening's DVD intro

Aloha, Simpsons freaks!

Welcome to - what is this? Season 6? Well, by golly, whatever season it is, I'll confess one thing: what you're holding isn't merely the spiffiest deluxe DVD boxed set we've cranked out so far. This fine gift item is chock-full of the vintage animated frivolity that true fans have long clamoured for: like the scene where Bart pulls that prank, the incident when Maggie falls down, the time when Lisa is unappreciated and, of course, who can forget that classic bit in which Homer hurts himself? Lots of laughs, lots of tears, lots of blood.

Here's what we've jammed onto this here DVD hoo-ha this time: all 25 of the classic episodes from whatever year we did these things, a whole mess of rambling, self-congratulatory audio commentaries for every episode, including the dreaded clip show - all of which feature the writers, directors, and actors sharing hazy show-biz memories while sipping cognac, smoking cigars, and in one case, munching on Froot loops. Plus spicy storyboards, sneaky designs, murky animatics, TV commercials for assorted snack treats, and various interactive whatnots, I think.

Best of all, this time around you get what may be the most profound philosophical statement in the entire history of The Simpsons. That's when sweet, innocent, pacifier-sucking Maggie (voiced by James Earl Jones) says (after nailing Groundskeeper Willie in the back with an axe):

"This indeed is a disturbing universe."

There's only one thing left to say after that.

Praise Jebus!

Your pal,
Matt Groening.