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Treehouse of Horror V

Treehouse of Horror V

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The Shinning: No TV and no beer makes Homer go crazy. Time and Punishment: Homer's toaster transports him to the past, where he inadvertently changes the future. Nightmare Cafeteria: When detention becomes overcrowded, Principal Skinner and Lunch Lady Doris start cooking kids and serving them in the canteen.

Memorable quotes

Homer: So what do you think, Marge? All I need is a title. I was thinking along the lines of No TV and No Beer Make Homer...something-something.
Marge: Go Crazy?
Homer: Don't mind if I do!

Willie: You've got the Shinning.
Homer: You mean Shining--
Willie: Shh! Do you wanna get sued?


  • Wendell is seen in the classroom when Bart is sent to detention for turning his desk around. A few seconds later, he's seen packed in the detention room with the other kids when Bart arrives to it. Yet again, he's seen in detention in the cafeteria a few seconds after that.
  • In all three stories Willie gets hit in the back with an axe.


  • The first segment, "The Shinning", parodies the film "The Shining". Here are some references you may have spotted:
    • Obviously, the title.
    • The main plot: A caretaker (Homer/Jack) at an isolated lodge goes insane.
    • Blood pouring out of the elevator.
    • Young child (Bart/Danny) can read people's thoughts, and calls Willy/Halloran when in trouble.
    • Maggie spells "REDRUM" with her blocks, which is "MURDER" backwards. In the film, Danny writes "REDRUM" on the walls.
    • Jack writes "All Work And No Play Makes Jack A Dull Boy" on his typewriter; Homer types "Feelin' Fine", but has scrawled "No TV And No Beer Make Homer Go Crazy" all over the walls.
    • When Homer/Jack goes crazy, he advances on Marge/Wendy (carrying a baseball bat) up the stairs. (Interesting fact - this scene in the film holds the record for the most number of takes at 127)
    • Homer/Jack talks to the ghost of a bartender (the rooms also look the same)
    • Marge/Wendy leaves Homer/Jack in a walk in fridge; he is released by the bartender.
    • Homer/Jack breaks into rooms with an axe, saying "Heeeeeere's Jonnny!" from the Johnny Carson show; Homer adds new entrances from David Letterman and 60 Minutes.
    • Willy/Halloran rushes to help, but is axed in the back.
    • The family (Danny in the movie) rush out into the snow, with Homer/Jack following with the axe.
    • Simpsons/Jack end up frozen in the snow.
  • The plot of "Time and Punishment" is loosely based on the short story "The Sound of Thunder."
  • Pinhead, Freddy Krueger, and Jason Voorhees all show up and help a werewolf, Dracula, a mummy and Moe drag Homer out of the pantry in "The Shinning".