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The Simpsons — Season Thirteen

Treehouse of Horror XII

Treehouse of Horror XII »

P-code CABF19 • Index 13×01 • Aired Nov 06, 2001

House of Whacks: The Simpsons get a home automation computer (voiced by Pierce Brosnan) which tries to kill Homer. Curse of the Dummy: A gypsy curses Homer. Wiz Kids: The children attend Springfield Elementary School for Wizards in a Harry Potter-like adventure.

The Parent Rap

The Parent Rap »

P-code CABF22 • Index 13×02 • Aired Nov 11, 2001

After accidentally joyriding in Wiggum's police car, Bart is sentenced to be tethered to Homer at all times.

Homer the Moe

Homer the Moe »

P-code CABF20 • Index 13×03 • Aired Nov 18, 2001

While Moe returns to Bartending School to re-ignite his passion for work, he puts Homer in charge of the tavern. But when Moe returns and gives the bar a facelift, Homer and the barflies open their own bar in the Simpsons' garage.

Hunka Hunka Burns in Love

Hunka Hunka Burns in Love »

P-code CABF18 • Index 13×04 • Aired Dec 02, 2001

Mr. Burns dates a much younger woman (with Homer's help), but her old boyfriend, Snake, gets jealous and kidnaps her and Homer.

The Blunder Years

The Blunder Years »

P-code CABF21 • Index 13×05 • Aired Dec 09, 2001

A hypnotist releases a childhood trauma within Homer - when he was little, Homer found a dead body. And so The Simpsons set out to solve the mystery of the unknown corpse.

She of Little Faith

She of Little Faith »

P-code DABF02 • Index 13×06 • Aired Dec 16, 2001

After Homer & Bart's rocket inadvertently destroys Springfield's church, the church rents out its wall space to advertisers to cover the cost of repairs, Horrified, Lisa leaves the church and converts to Buddhism.

Brawl in the Family

Brawl in the Family »

P-code DABF01 • Index 13×07 • Aired Jan 06, 2002

After a family fight over a Monopoly game, a social worker visits the family and shows them how to become a functional family again. Until Homer's Las Vegas wife shows up...

Sweets and Sour Marge

Sweets and Sour Marge »

P-code DABF03 • Index 13×08 • Aired Jan 20, 2002

After Springfield is named the World's Fattest Town, Marge goes on an anti-sugar crusade and sugar is banned from the town.

Jaws Wired Shut

Jaws Wired Shut »

P-code DABF05 • Index 13×09 • Aired Jan 27, 2002

After Homer breaks his jaw in an accident it is wired shut, making him a better listener and well-mannered husband. However, when the wires come off, Marge realizes that she preferred the old Homer.

Half Decent Proposal

Half Decent Proposal »

P-code DABF04 • Index 13×10 • Aired Feb 10, 2002

Artie Ziff returns to Springfield and offers Homer one million dollars for a weekend alone with Marge.

The Bart Wants What it Wants

The Bart Wants What it Wants »

P-code DABF06 • Index 13×11 • Aired Feb 17, 2002

Bart develops a crush on Rainier Wolfcastle's daughter Greta. However after Bart dumps her and regrets it, she goes out with Milhouse.

The Lastest Gun in the West

The Lastest Gun in the West »

P-code DABF07 • Index 13×12 • Aired Feb 24, 2002

Bart meets a movie star of westerns from the 1950s and attempts to revive his career.

The Old Man and the Key

The Old Man and the Key »

P-code DABF09 • Index 13×13 • Aired Mar 10, 2002

Grandpa Simpson falls in love with a new woman who persuades him to renew his driving license.

Tales from the Public Domain

Tales from the Public Domain »

P-code DABF08 • Index 13×14 • Aired Mar 17, 2002

Homer reads three stories from a children's book. Bart is Hamlet, Lisa is Joan of Arc, and Homer is Odysseus.

Blame It on Lisa

Blame It on Lisa »

P-code DABF10 • Index 13×15 • Aired Mar 31, 2002

A young Brazilian orphan that Lisa has been sponsoring goes missing, and so the Simpsons journey to Brazil to find him.

Weekend at Burnsie's

Weekend at Burnsie's »

P-code DABF11 • Index 13×16 • Aired Apr 07, 2002

After being attacked by crows, Homer gets addicted to medical marijuana.

Gump Roast

Gump Roast »

P-code DABF12 • Index 13×17 • Aired Apr 21, 2002

The Springfield Friars Club roasts Homer Simpson, with from clips from the Simpsons' past escapades.

I Am Furious (Yellow)

I Am Furious (Yellow) »

P-code DABF13 • Index 13×18 • Aired Apr 28, 2002

Homer gets furious over Bart's online animated comic strip,

The Sweetest Apu

The Sweetest Apu »

P-code DABF14 • Index 13×19 • Aired May 05, 2002

While the townspeople re-enact the Civil War, Apu has an affair with the Squishee lady at the Kwik-E-Mart.

Little Girl in the Big Ten

Little Girl in the Big Ten »

P-code DABF15 • Index 13×20 • Aired May 12, 2002

When Lisa joins a gymnastics class outside of school, she meets up with two college students, and pretends to also be a student.

The Frying Game

The Frying Game »

P-code DABF16 • Index 13×21 • Aired May 19, 2002

When an old woman who Homer and Marge have been helping is murdered, they are the prime suspects.

Papa's Got a Brand New Badge

Papa's Got a Brand New Badge »

P-code DABF17 • Index 13×22 • Aired May 22, 2002

After a blackout in Springfield, the citizens begin looting. When Chief Wiggum is useless at restoring order, Homer starts his own security firm.

Season 13

To quote Matt Groening from The Simpsons Forever book: "Time has a way of slogging on". And so we come to the thirteenth year of The Simpsons' brilliant comedy.

Season Thirteen (2001-2002) marked a notable turnaround in episode quality for many fans. Mike Scully left, and was replaced as Executive Producer by Al Jean, a former EP with Mike Reiss in Seasons 3 and 4. Out were some of Homer's "jerkass" qualities, and in was a more caring Homer in favour of self-improvement (though this didn't last long).

This year marked the end of constant Homer episodes, and introduced some more character episodes - most notably, Marge-based episodes. My personal favourites here include Marge's crusade to ban sugar; Homer getting his jaw wired shut; the return of Artie Ziff; Bart's comic-strip-turned-internet-cartoon, Angry Dad, temporarily taking the world by storm; and Lisa posing as a college student (my favourite episode of the whole Jean era).