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The Simpsons — Season Eleven

Beyond Blunderdome

Beyond Blunderdome »

P-code AABF23 • Index 11×01 • Aired Sep 26, 1999

Homer helps Mel Gibson edit his latest movie.

Brother's Little Helper

Brother's Little Helper »

P-code AABF22 • Index 11×02 • Aired Oct 03, 1999

When Bart is diagnosed with Attention Deficit Disorder, he must take Focusin, a new drug which boosts attention spans.

Guess Who's Coming to Criticize Dinner?

Guess Who's Coming to Criticize Dinner? »

P-code AABF21 • Index 11×03 • Aired Oct 24, 1999

Homer becomes a food critic for The Springfield Shopper newspaper, but angers restaurant owners by panning their cooking.

Treehouse of Horror X

Treehouse of Horror X »

P-code BABF01 • Index 11×04 • Aired Oct 31, 1999

I Know What You Diddily-Iddily Did: Ned Flanders returns from the grave seeking revenge after Marge accidentally runs him over. Desperately Xeeking Xena: Bart and Lisa become superheroes and must save Lucy Lawless from The Collector. Life's A Glitch, Then You Die: The Y2K bug takes over Springfield, turning all electrical appliances evil.

E-I-E-I-(Annoyed Grunt)

E-I-E-I-(Annoyed Grunt) »

P-code AABF19 • Index 11×05 • Aired Nov 07, 1999

After Homer's empty threats of a duel are taken up, the family move to Grampa's old farm, where Homer comes up with Tomacco, an addictive cross between tomatoes and tobacco.

Hello Gutter, Hello Fadder

Hello Gutter, Hello Fadder »

P-code BABF02 • Index 11×06 • Aired Nov 14, 1999

After Homer bowls a perfect game, he becomes an overnight celebrity. However, he becomes suicidal when his fifteen minutes of fame are over.

Eight Misbehavin'

Eight Misbehavin' »

P-code BABF03 • Index 11×07 • Aired Nov 21, 1999

Apu's wife Manjula gives birth to octuplets. But when they turn out to be a handful, Apu gives them to the Springfield Zoo.

Take My Wife, Sleaze

Take My Wife, Sleaze »

P-code BABF05 • Index 11×08 • Aired Nov 28, 1999

After Homer wins a motorcycle, he forms a bike gang, the Hell's Satans. But another (tougher) gang show up, also called the Hell's Satans, and take off with Marge.

Grift of the Magi

Grift of the Magi »

P-code BABF07 • Index 11×09 • Aired Dec 19, 1999

Springfield Elementary is taken over by a toy company due to a lack of funds. However, as Christmas approaches, Lisa suspects they have a sinister motive.

Little Big Mom

Little Big Mom »

P-code BABF04 • Index 11×10 • Aired Jan 09, 2000

After Marge breaks her leg in a skiing accident, Lisa takes over running the household.

Faith Off

Faith Off »

P-code BABF06 • Index 11×11 • Aired Jan 16, 2000

Bart becomes a faith healer, while Homer builds a homecoming float for the upcoming big game.

The Mansion Family

The Mansion Family »

P-code BABF08 • Index 11×12 • Aired Jan 23, 2000

After Mr. Burns receives an award for being the oldest citizen in Springfield, he goes for a health check, leaving The Simpsons in charge of his mansion.

Saddlesore Galactica

Saddlesore Galactica »

P-code BABF09 • Index 11×13 • Aired Feb 06, 2000

The Simpsons acquire a racehorse after its owner is arrested for animal cruelty.

Alone Again, Natura-Diddly

Alone Again, Natura-Diddly »

P-code BABF10 • Index 11×14 • Aired Feb 13, 2000

The Simpsons help Ned Flanders cope with the death of his wife, Maude.

Missionary: Impossible

Missionary: Impossible »

P-code BABF11 • Index 11×15 • Aired Feb 20, 2000

Homer becomes a missionary on a remote island after pledging a large sum of money to PBS.


Pygmoelian »

P-code BABF12 • Index 11×16 • Aired Feb 27, 2000

Feeling down about his looks, Moe gets plastic surgery and becomes a hot new soap opera star.

Bart to the Future

Bart to the Future »

P-code BABF13 • Index 11×17 • Aired Mar 19, 2000

An Indian Casino manager shows Bart a glimpse of the future: he is a failing musician with Ralph Wiggum as his roommate, so he seeks help from President Lisa Simpson. Meanwhile, Homer searches for Lincoln's gold.

Days of Wine and D'oh'ses

Days of Wine and D'oh'ses »

P-code BABF14 • Index 11×18 • Aired Apr 09, 2000

After seeing a videotape of himself drunk, Barney quits drinking and takes helicopter lessons. Meanwhile, Bart and Lisa take up photography.

Kill the Alligator and Run

Kill the Alligator and Run »

P-code BABF16 • Index 11×19 • Aired Apr 30, 2000

To relieve Homer's depression, the family take a holiday in Florida, but become fugitives after accidentally killing Captain Jack, the state's beloved alligator.

Last Tap Dance in Springfield

Last Tap Dance in Springfield »

P-code BABF15 • Index 11×20 • Aired May 07, 2000

Lisa takes up tap dancing but has no coordination. Meanwhile, Bart & Milhouse escape from school camp and spend the week hiding out at the mall.

It's A Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad Marge

It's A Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad Marge »

P-code BABF18 • Index 11×21 • Aired May 14, 2000

After Otto ditches his fiancé, Becky, at the altar, Bart invites her to stay, forcing Marge to compete with her.

Behind the Laughter

Behind the Laughter »

P-code BABF19 • Index 11×22 • Aired May 21, 2000

This special explores the 'actual', off-stage lives of the Simpson family, including how the family was torn apart by fame and money.

Season 11

One thing that is apparent in these later Seasons is that while there are still great episodes, there are more and more bad ones - and in fact the gap seems to get bigger with each Season. Season Eleven (1999-2000) brought us more of the same humour as Seasons Nine and Ten, however here there were noticeably more wacky stories: the family relocate to a farm and conjure up 'Tomacco', a cross between tomatoes and tobacco; Maggie miraculously saves Homer from drowning; fights with motorcycles; a mad chase with Teletubbies shooting lasers; jockey elves threatening Homer; and a Florida vacation that soon turns into a farcical running-from-the-law debacle.

Something else I noticed about the "Scully years" is that the character designs were quite different from the older Seasons. Comparing the fourth and eleventh Seasons, it's easy to see that the characters generally look more "human", in that the classic Simpsons features (huge eyes, massive overbite) have been toned down. This is most apparent in Homer - in earlier episodes he always looked as though he had some kind of childlike innocence about him. Of course it was not all bad, and even the worst episodes had the classic elements we've all come to know and love.

Groening's DVD intro


Welcome to the wee mini-booklet that accompanies Season Eleven of The Simpsons, in which I prattle on for a few goopy sentences about the wise purchase you have just made. Indeed, what an absolutely-no-refunds collectible this is: here are some of the best, or at least most disturbing, episodes ever, including the ones in which Bart and Homer end up in a leper colony, Apu and Manjula have octuplets, Moe gets a facelift, Homer annoys Mel Gibson, Maude Flanders gets killed, Bart goes beserk and plows through Springfield in a tank, Lisa grows up to be president, and Homer is abducted by evil horse-jockey trolls. Not to drop names, but this season we exploited the voice talents of Lucy Lawless, Gary Coleman, Kid Rock, Dick Clark, Edward Asner, Charlie Rose, Jan Hooks, Penn & Teller, and Britney Spears. I could go on and on. So I will: Tim Robbins, Shawn Colvin, John Goodman, Parker Posey, Don Cheadle, Butch Patrick, Jay North, Ron Howard, Henry Winkler, The B-52's, and Willie Nelson. All this and the usual bonus detritus: deleted scenes, animation showcases, a tribute to Krusty the Clown and jabber-filled audio commentaries for every episode. It's a nifty little package.

So on behalf of everyone at the Simpsons Creative Unit, thank you for the pure joy of your ongoing enthusiasm, which we find truly inspiring as we endeavour to keep on amusing and surprising you. The money helps a little bit too.

Your cartoon chum,
Matt Groening