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The Simpsons — Season Nine

The City of New York vs. Homer Simpson

The City of New York vs. Homer Simpson »

P-code 4F22 • Index 9×01 • Aired Sep 21, 1997

Barney takes off with Homer's car when he is appointed designated driver. When he returns without the car, the family journey to Manhattan to retrieve it, however, it is illegally parked and has a boot attached.

The Principal and the Pauper

The Principal and the Pauper »

P-code 4F23 • Index 9×02 • Aired Sep 28, 1997

After Principal Skinner is revealed to be an imposter by the real Seymour Skinner, he leaves town and becomes a no good street punk. Meanwhile, the citizens of Springfield have trouble adjusting to the new Skinner.

Lisa's Sax

Lisa's Sax »

P-code 3G02 • Index 9×03 • Aired Oct 19, 1997

When Bart destroys Lisa's saxophone, the family recall how she got it in the first place. While Bart does not fit in at school, Lisa is a young genius.

Treehouse of Horror VIII

Treehouse of Horror VIII »

P-code 5F02 • Index 9×04 • Aired Oct 26, 1997

THE HΩMEGA MAN: Homer battles killer mutants after Springfield is destroyed in a nuclear blast. Fly Vs. Fly: A matter transportation device melds Bart with a housefly. Easy-Bake Coven: Marge is accused of witchcraft during colonial times.

The Cartridge Family

The Cartridge Family »

P-code 5F01 • Index 9×05 • Aired Oct 09, 1994

After a soccer riot escalates into a citywide orgy of destruction, Homer purchases a handgun to protect his family, much to Marge's disgust.

Bart Star

Bart Star »

P-code 5F03 • Index 9×06 • Aired Nov 09, 1997

When Homer criticizes Ned's coaching of the pee-wee football team, Ned quits. Now Homer is the new coach, and he wastes no time in promoting Bart to quarterback ahead of Nelson.

The Two Mrs. Nahasapeemapetilons

The Two Mrs. Nahasapeemapetilons »

P-code 5F04 • Index 9×07 • Aired Nov 16, 1997

Apu becomes one of the town's most sought-after men. But after receiving news of his pending arranged marriage, Apu pretends to have already married Marge Simpson.

Lisa the Skeptic

Lisa the Skeptic »

P-code 5F05 • Index 9×08 • Aired Nov 23, 1997

When Lisa and her classmates conduct an archaeological survey, they find skeleton which looks like an angel.

Realty Bites

Realty Bites »

P-code 5F06 • Index 9×09 • Aired Dec 07, 1997

Marge becomes a real estate agent, however, she loses many customers due to her honesty. Meanwhile, Homer buys a 1960s hot-rod convertible at the local police auction, and is chased by the original owner, Snake.

Miracle on Evergreen Terrace

Miracle on Evergreen Terrace »

P-code 5F07 • Index 9×10 • Aired Dec 21, 1997

When Bart accidentally burns the family's Christmas presents and claims they were stolen by a burglar, the townspeople open their wallets. But when the truth comes out, everybody starts hating the family.

All Singing, All Dancing

All Singing, All Dancing »

P-code 5F24 • Index 9×11 • Aired Jan 04, 1998

Homer is horrified to discover that their video rental, Paint Your Wagon, is actually a musical - a cue for musical highlights from past episodes.

Bart Carny

Bart Carny »

P-code 5F08 • Index 9×12 • Aired Jan 11, 1998

Homer lets a carnival worker and his son move in with the family after he costs them their jobs. However, they lock the family out of their own house and the Simpsons end up living in the tree house.

The Joy of Sect

The Joy of Sect »

P-code 5F23 • Index 9×13 • Aired Feb 08, 1998

Homer and the kids are brainwashed by an underground cult, the Movementarians, and Marge must deprogram the family.

Das Bus

Das Bus »

P-code 5F11 • Index 9×14 • Aired Feb 15, 1998

On their way to a "Model UN" conference, the children of Springfield Elementary become stranded of a desert island. Meanwhile, Homer starts a business on the internet.

The Last Temptation of Krust

The Last Temptation of Krust »

P-code 5F10 • Index 9×15 • Aired Feb 22, 1998

When Krusty realizes that his comedy act is outdated, he makes a comeback as a "tell it like it is" comedian.

Dumbbell Indemnity

Dumbbell Indemnity »

P-code 5F12 • Index 9×16 • Aired Mar 01, 1998

Moe enlists Homer's help to collect on an insurance policy when he bankrupts himself romancing a new love. But when Homer is arrested for stealing Moe's car, Moe must find a way to get him out of jail.

Lisa the Simpson

Lisa the Simpson »

P-code 4F24 • Index 9×17 • Aired Mar 08, 1998

Lisa, with Grampa's help, believes that she is predisposed to lose her intelligence. Meanwhile, Apu discovers Jasper frozen in his freezer, and turns the Kwik-E-Mart into a tourist attraction.

This Little Wiggy

This Little Wiggy »

P-code 5F13 • Index 9×18 • Aired Mar 22, 1998

Taking pity on Ralph Wiggum, Marge pairs him with Bart. However Bart realizes it could be beneficial when he learns that Chief Wiggum holds the master key to every door in Springfield.

Simpson Tide

Simpson Tide »

P-code 3G04 • Index 9×19 • Aired Mar 29, 1998

While Bart gets his ear pierced, Homer takes up a new career in the Navy. Unfortunately, he is left in charge after firing the captain out of the torpedo tube.

The Trouble With Trillions

The Trouble With Trillions »

P-code 5F14 • Index 9×20 • Aired Apr 05, 1998

When Homer's tax return accidentally falls into the severe audit bin at the IRS, he forced to go undercover for the government to try and retrieve a trillion dollar bill stolen by Mr. Burns.

Girly Edition

Girly Edition »

P-code 5F15 • Index 9×21 • Aired Apr 19, 1998

Lisa is furious when Bart becomes her co-anchor on a children's news program and becomes more popular. Meanwhile, Homer obtains a helper monkey to help around the house.

Trash of the Titans

Trash of the Titans »

P-code 5F09 • Index 9×22 • Aired Apr 26, 1998

Homer runs for Sanitation Commissioner, appealing to all the lazy slobs with his "Can't Someone Else Do It?" campaign.

King of the Hill

King of the Hill »

P-code 5F16 • Index 9×23 • Aired May 03, 1998

Homer starts working out, and is offered the chance to climb Springfield's highest mountain for a publicity stunt.

Lost Our Lisa

Lost Our Lisa »

P-code 5F17 • Index 9×24 • Aired May 10, 1998

After hastily boarding the wrong bus to the museum, Lisa finds herself lost in the middle of nowhere. Meanwhile, Bart glues novelty items to his face.

Natural Born Kissers

Natural Born Kissers »

P-code 5F18 • Index 9×25 • Aired May 17, 1998

Homer & Marge re-ignite their sex life with dangerous situations, while Bart & Lisa dig for treasure using a metal detector.

Season 9

Season Nine (1997-1998) brought us a new Executive Producer, Mike Scully, who has been referred to, as "the guy who started The Simpsons' decline". Bitter sentiments of Internet fans aside, there was undeniably a change in style from this Season. Episodes feel very sitcom-like, almost as if there was supposed to be a laugh track in the background. Whether this change was good or bad is debatable - but another thing that's certain is there are still many quality episodes here.

We see Homer buying a handgun to apparently protect his family; the school children stranded on an island, a la "Lord of the Flies"; Lisa believing she is going through a process of "dumbening"; Bart befriending Ralph Wiggum; and another milestone episode - the 200th - in which Homer runs for Sanitation Commissioner.

Just for completeness, among the bad eggs are Skinner being revealed to be an imposter (they must have been eating rotisserie chicken when they came up with that one); Homer being a jerk as Bart's football coach; and a musical clip show with no real story.

Groening's DVD intro

Greetings, Friends of Milhouse!

Welcome to Season 9 of those lovable scamps, The Simpsons, on DVD! You might think that after so many years of creating new ways for Itchy to jam dynamite into Scratchy's nostrils that we'd become cynical and jaded, but you have no idea our fresh-faced penchant for thinking up malicious frivolity. In addition to plenty of mouse-on-cat mayhem, we've embedded lots of classic treats in these 25 episodes, including the marriage of Apu and Manjula, the fall and rise of Krusty The Clown, Lisa's discovery of the Simpsons male stupidity gene and the disturbing tale of Moe falling in love. Broad-minded viewers will be delighted by the extravagant and bouncy nudity of Homer and Marge in "Natural Born Kissers," an episode as educational as it is arousing. You also get our Emmy-winning 200th episode, "Trash Of The Titans," along with the heartwarming story of Bart destroying Christmas. As usual, we chatterboxes can't get enough of our own brilliant opinions of ourselves, which is why each and every episode comes with its own special Hollywood-style audio commentary.

And I have to mention some of the great, great guest voices this time around, including Jim Varney, Stephen Jay Gould, Paul Winfield, Rod Steiger and Bob Denver, just to name the ones who are now dead.

So on behalf of the hand-cramped animators, irreplaceable actors, clever-beyond-their-years writers, sleep-deprived producers, battle-fatigued publicists, overworked musicians, and long-suffering production assistants, enjoy!

Your Pal,
Matt Groening