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The Trouble With Trillions

The Trouble With Trillions

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Homer realizes that he hasn't done his taxes for the year, and rushes to get it finished, making up information. He is arrested for tax fraud and is ordered to go undercover for the FBI. He is enlisted to help recover a trillion dollar bill that Mr. Burns was supposed to deliver to Europe after the war, but never arrived. Homer makes it into Burns' home and persuades him to show him the bill. The FBI immediately enter and arrest Burns, but his speech about government taxation makes Homer believe that the FBI are in the wrong. Homer snatches Burns and along with Smithers, they flee the country and arrive in Cuba. They are tricked into handing over the trillion dollars to Cuba, and Burns vows to bribe the jury when he is brought to trial.

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  • At the post office, Skinner (trying to cut in line) asks Edna if she has a new green sweater, referencing the fact that characters never change their clothes pn the show.
  • Lucius Sweet (from The Homer They Fall) can be seen at the IRS, wiping his brow with a hundred-dollar bill.
  • The FBI's undercover van is disguised as a "Two Guys from Quantico" pizza truck. There is an FBI training center in Quantico.
  • The sign at the airfield reads "Birthplace of Wind Shear".
  • The "purpose of visit" form which Homer filled in when they landed in Cuba had three options: Business/Pleasure; Smuggle Cigars; and Assassinate Castro.


  • The self-destructing video in the photo booth references Mission: Impossible.