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The Simpsons — Season Three

Stark Raving Dad

Stark Raving Dad »

P-code 7F24 • Index 3×01 • Aired Sep 19, 1991

Homer is committed to a mental institution, where he meets up with an overweight white man who thinks he is Michael Jackson.

Mr. Lisa Goes to Washington

Mr. Lisa Goes to Washington »

P-code 8F01 • Index 3×02 • Aired Sep 26, 1991

Lisa wins a essay competition in Reader's Digest, and the family get a free trip to Washington D.C.

When Flanders Failed

When Flanders Failed »

P-code 7F23 • Index 3×03 • Aired Oct 03, 1991

Ned Flanders announces that he is opening a left-handed store. Homer, however, wishes that Flanders would fail.

Bart the Murderer

Bart the Murderer »

P-code 8F03 • Index 3×04 • Aired Oct 10, 1991

Bart gets a job at 'The Legitimate Businessmen's Social Club', which is actually mafia headquarters. However, when he shows up late at work and blames Principal Skinner, Skinner disappears.

Homer Defined

Homer Defined »

P-code 8F04 • Index 3×05 • Aired Oct 17, 1991

During a meltdown, Homer saves the plant by pressing a random button, and is subsequently praised as a hero.

Like Father, Like Clown

Like Father, Like Clown »

P-code 8F05 • Index 3×06 • Aired Oct 24, 1991

When Krusty comes to dinner at The Simpsons' home, he reveals he is Jewish and estranged from his rabbi father.

Treehouse of Horror II

Treehouse of Horror II »

P-code 8F02 • Index 3×07 • Aired Oct 31, 1991

Homer, Bart and Lisa eat too much candy, and have nightmares: Lisa's Nightmare: Homer buys a monkey's paw that gives the holder four wishes, but with bad side effects. Bart's Nightmare: Bart has evil powers, and everyone in Springfield must act happy or bad things will happen. Homer's Nightmare: Homer is the subject of Mr. Burns' Frankenstein-like experiment.

Lisa's Pony

Lisa's Pony »

P-code 8F06 • Index 3×08 • Aired Nov 07, 1991

Homer buys Lisa's love with a pony, which the family cannot afford.

Saturdays of Thunder

Saturdays of Thunder »

P-code 8F07 • Index 3×09 • Aired Nov 14, 1991

To be a better father, Homer helps Bart build a soapbox racer. However, Bart jumps at the chance to ride in Martin's superior machine when Martin breaks his arm.

Flaming Moe's

Flaming Moe's »

P-code 8F08 • Index 3×10 • Aired Nov 21, 1991

Homer gives Moe the recipe to his own cocktail - the 'Flaming Homer'. But Moe steals his idea and the profits when it becomes a huge success.

Burns Verkaufen der Kraftwerk

Burns Verkaufen der Kraftwerk »

P-code 8F09 • Index 3×11 • Aired Dec 05, 1991

Homer is fired from the plant after Mr. Burns sells it to German businessmen for one million dollars.

I Married Marge

I Married Marge »

P-code 8F10 • Index 3×12 • Aired Dec 26, 1991

After Marge thinks she may be pregnant again, Homer tells the kids the story of how Bart was born.

Radio Bart

Radio Bart »

P-code 8F11 • Index 3×13 • Aired Jan 09, 1992

Bart tricks all of Springfield into thinking that a little boy named Timmy O'Toole has fallen down a well.

Lisa the Greek

Lisa the Greek »

P-code 8F12 • Index 3×14 • Aired Jan 23, 1992

Lisa's football predicting skills brings about a closer relationship between her and Homer.

Homer Alone

Homer Alone »

P-code 8F14 • Index 3×15 • Aired Feb 06, 1992

When stress caused by the family causes Marge to have a nervous breakdown, she takes a solo vacation at 'Rancho Relaxo'.

Bart the Lover

Bart the Lover »

P-code 8F16 • Index 3×16 • Aired Feb 13, 1992

Mrs. Krebappel takes an ad out in the personals, however, it all goes wrong when Bart answers it for a joke.

Homer at the Bat

Homer at the Bat »

P-code 8F13 • Index 3×17 • Aired Feb 20, 1992

To win a million-dollar bet, Mr. Burns replaces the company softball team with professional players.

Separate Vocations

Separate Vocations »

P-code 8F15 • Index 3×18 • Aired Feb 27, 1992

Bart finds new respect for the law after a test shows he is suited to be a police officer. Meanwhile, Lisa hangs out with the bad kids after her test says she should be a homemaker.

Dog of Death

Dog of Death »

P-code 8F17 • Index 3×19 • Aired Mar 12, 1992

Santa's Little Helper runs away after the expense of an operation for him leads to budget cuts and low morale for the family.

Colonel Homer

Colonel Homer »

P-code 8F19 • Index 3×20 • Aired Mar 26, 1992

Homer becomes a manager to a beautiful country and western singer, much to Marge's disapproval.

Black Widower

Black Widower »

P-code 8F20 • Index 3×21 • Aired Apr 09, 1992

Sideshow Bob gets paroled from prison, and marries Selma. However, Bart suspects an ulterior motive.

The Otto Show

The Otto Show »

P-code 8F21 • Index 3×22 • Aired Apr 09, 1992

Bart invites Otto to live with the Simpsons when he loses his job and is kicked out of his apartment.

Bart's Friend Falls in Love

Bart's Friend Falls in Love »

P-code 8F22 • Index 3×23 • Aired May 07, 1992

Milhouse falls in love with a new girl at school, and casts his friendship with Bart aside. Meanwhile, Homer tries to lose weight by listening to a subliminal tape.

Brother, Can You Spare Two Dimes?

Brother, Can You Spare Two Dimes? »

P-code 8F23 • Index 3×24 • Aired Aug 27, 1992

Herbert Powell (Homer's half-brother) returns, and asks Homer to fund a new invention of his.

Season 3

The third series (1991-1992) is widely considered to be the start of "The Golden Years" of the show; by this time The Simpsons had well and truly established itself as a pop culture phenomenon.

Again, improved animation and funnier plots helped it to become one of the most successful television programs of that year, with merchandise selling like crazy. Now the show was not just for kids, as is the impression you get from the first two Seasons - this was the start of the multi-layered humour and storylines that makes all the great Simpsons episodes so good.

Among the many classics, we see Homer get committed to a mental institution for wearing a pink shirt (with the guest voice of Michael Jackson); a new drink called the "Flaming Moe" take Springfield by storm; Mr. Burns selling the power plant to Germans; the story of Homer and Marge's marriage and Bart's birth; and Homer managing a beautiful country singer (one of his many lifelong dreams).

Groening's DVD intro

Pardon me if I sound a little emotional in this introduction, but when I come home after work and turn on the TV and gaze at all the old reruns of The Simpsons, I get a bit choked up. When I see those yellow-skinned, overbitey cartoon characters I love so much running through their sweet, innocent paces in some almost-forgotten adventure from more than a decade ago, my eyes start to water. As I watch their high jinks and snappy retorts and merry mix ups, I find myself stifling a sob or two. But don't get me wrong. I'm not crying because I'm sad. I'm crying because I'm filled with rage. Do they really have to hack up the syndicated episodes of The Simpsons so poorly, butchering them to the point of near incomprehensibility? Just to squeeze in several more commercials for heavily salted snack treats? Is this how TV repays our years of slavish, unquestioning loyalty?

What I'm trying to say is that if you're hip to the whole recycled Simpsonian merchandise thing, then you're really going to dig this little baby: the whole uncut third season of the show, with all the jokes, credits, and original animation glitches intact. We've continued the acerbic audio commentaries by the writers, animators, and actors for every single episode - although by the end of this season you'll notice we've run out of things to say and have filled the soundtrack with a lot of quiet scuffling and squealing. (Just some foolish horseplay, I assure you. Won't happen in the next boxed set).

This is the season in which The Simpsons found love. We see Homer and Marge getting married at Shotgun Pete's Wedding Chapel (just over the border from whatever state Springfield's in). We leer at Homer's near romance with country singer Lurleen Lumpkin. We recoil at Marge's sister Selma's marriage to the ever-conniving Sideshow Bob. We stare in disbelief at Milhouse falling in love with someone other than Lisa (Samantha Stanky, to be precise). Plus we get a gander at the 1971 sex-education film "Fuzzy Bunny's Guide to You Know What," not to mention Homer's psychedelic ride in the SpineMelter 2000 massage-chair or his unforgettable rhapsody in the Land of Chocolate.

All in all, not a bad batch of shows. I actually think this makes Season Two look like Season One.

Your pal,
Matt Groening