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Bart the Lover

Bart the Lover

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After a group of professional yo-yo-ists come to Springfield Elementary, everyone starts playing with yo-yos. Bart becomes a great yo-yo-ist, however, for one trick he hits the fish tank with his yo-yo and breaks it. Mrs. Krabappel gives him an after school detention. While cleaning the room he goes through Mrs. Krabappel's desk and finds a want ad for a man. Bart answers it in the name of "Woodrow" and soon they are both writing back and forth. She asks "Woodrow" for dinner, so Bart agrees, leaving her alone in the restaurant. Bart feels sad so he reveals it to the family. They then write another letter as Woodrow saying that he must leave her forever. Bart leaves it on her doorstep, making Mrs. Krabappel happy again.

Memorable quotes

Willie: Don't you worry about your wee fish, lass. They're goin' to a better place. (off-screen toilet flush)

Ned: Sorry to bother you, Reverend Lovejoy, but I'm kind of in a tizzy. My son Todd just told us he didn't want to eat his damn vegetables.
Reverend Lovejoy: Well, you know kids and vegetables. What was it, asparagus?

Reverend Lovejoy: Well, kids usually pick these things stuff up from someplace. Find out who's doing it and... direct them to the Bible.
Ned: Where in the Bible?
Reverend Lovejoy: 900.
Ned: But Rev--
Reverend Lovejoy: (hangs up) Damn Flanders.

Ned: Is this all he watches?
Maude: Well, he used to watch Davey and Goliath, but he thought the idea of a talking dog was blasphemous.

Homer: Damn crappy nails! Superglue my butt!

Ned: I'm talking about your potty-mouth.
Homer: What the hell are you talking about?

Homer: Step aside! Sensitive love letters are my specialty! "Dear Baby, Welcome to Dumpville. Population: you."

Homer: Three simple words: I am gay.
Marge: For the last time, I'm not putting that in!

Homer: (in a letter to Marge from a brewery) Maybe its the beer talking Marge, but you've got a butt that won't quit. They've got these big chewy pretzels here that are... (random mumbling) ...five dollars?! Get outta here!


  • At the Yo-Yo assembly, Mrs. Krabappel and Miss Hoover smoke under a ''No Smoking'' sign.
  • Homer's drawing of the dog house has a chimney with smoke coming out.
  • According to this episode, the Simpsons live at 94 Evergreen Terrace.


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