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Dog of Death

Dog of Death

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Santa's Little Helper one days collapses in the kitchen and he is rushed to the vet. It turns out that he has a twisted stomach and needs surgery. However, it costs $750. The family decide to make cutbacks to pay for the operation: Bart must get his hair cut for free at the Barber College, and Marge gives up buying her weekly lottery ticket, and stretches the food budget by using low grade meats. However, things turn bad for the family: Bart gets shaved bald and Marge's numbers come up on the lottery. The family blame Santa's Little Helper and the dog runs away. He is picked up at the dog shelter by Mr. Burns who is looking for an attack dog. Bart goes looking for SLH, and eventually ends up at Burns' house. Burns tells Smithers to release the hounds on him, and Santa's Little Helper is about to tackle Bart, but remembers who his owner is just in time. The pair are reunited again.

Memorable quotes

Announcer: The state lottery, where everybody wins! (very quickly) Actual odd of winning one in three hundred and eighty million.

Homer: (on the phone) Bart, I need some lucky numbers, fast! How old are you? Uh-huh. And what's your birthday? No kidding. And what's Lisa's birthday? What? You don't know your sister's birthday? What kind of brother are you?

Homer: You don't understand, Marge. The lottery is the one ray of hope in my otherwise unbearable life! (pause) Uh, the lottery and you.

Kent Brockman: But there's already one big winner: Our state school system, which gets fully half the profits from the library.
Skinner: Just think what we can buy with that money... History books that know how the Korean War came out. Math books that don't have that base six crap in them! And a state-of-the-art detention hall, where children are held in place by magnets.
Teacher: Magnets, always with the magnets.

Wiggum: (during the lottery) No, you got the wrong number, this is nine-one... two.

Marge: Well, we lost the money, but at least we still have each other.
Grampa: Hey, the dog's dead.

Mr. Burns: Dogs are idiots! Think about it, Smithers. If I came into your house and started sniffing at your crotch and slobbering all over your face, what would you say?
Smithers: If you did it, sir?

Homer: Marge, I've figured out an alternative to giving up my beer. Basically, we become a family of traveling acrobats!

Homer: Well, he's got all the money in the world, but there's one thing he can't buy.
Marge: What's that?
Homer: A dinosaur!

Marge: Remember, doggie heaven?
Homer: Oh, Marge, there is no such place! (Marge coughs suggestively) Or, to put it another way... there is.

Bart: I'm not giving up. I don't care if I have to knock on every door in this two-bit town. I'm going to find my dog!
Homer: And I'll be right here watching TV!

Homer: I wanna pet him again!
Marge: You can pet the cat.
Homer: The cat? What's the point?


  • Maggie pokes SLH's eyeballs.
  • The ''missing dog'' posters are put over the flyers of Skinner being missing, from 8F03 Bart the Murderer.
  • A smaller newspaper headline reads ''President, Rock Star To Swap Wives.''
  • The lion statues outside the Veterinary Hospital are wrapped in bandages.
  • On SLH's journey, he passes through Swartzwelder Country, referencing John Swartzwelder, the writer of this episode.
  • SLH is picked up by the dog pound truck on the Michael Jackson Expressway, named so in 7F24 Stark Raving Dad.
  • Flanders is seen wearing the Assassins sneakers he got in 7F14 Bart's Dog Gets An F.


  • Santa's Little Helper rescues a baby from a burning building as in Lassie, and takes on a bear a la Old Yeller.
  • The SLH brainwashing scene is a reference to A Clockwork Orange.