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The Simpsons — Season Twelve

A Tale of Two Springfields

A Tale of Two Springfields »

P-code BABF20 • Index 12×01 • Aired Nov 05, 2000

After an argument about area codes, Homer splits Springfield into two separate cities: New Springfield & Old Springfield. He then elects himself as mayor of New Springfield.

Treehouse of Horror XI

Treehouse of Horror XI »

P-code BABF21 • Index 12×02 • Aired Nov 01, 2000

G-G-Ghost D-D-Dad: Homer dies from eating broccoli, and must perform one good deed to get into heaven. Scary Tales Can Come True: Bart & Lisa get lost in a fairy-tale forest. Night of the Dolphins: Dolphins take over Springfield.

Insane Clown Poppy

Insane Clown Poppy »

P-code BABF17 • Index 12×03 • Aired Nov 12, 2000

Krusty discovers he has a daughter called Sophie from a one-night stand. However, he loses Sophie's respect when he gambles her violin in a poker game.

Lisa the Tree Hugger

Lisa the Tree Hugger »

P-code CABF01 • Index 12×04 • Aired Nov 19, 2000

After meeting a handsome young Animal Rights activist, Lisa volunteers to camp out in Springfield's oldest redwood tree to stop it being cut down, in an effort to win his respect. Meanwhile, Bart gets a job to pay for a games console.

Homer vs. Dignity

Homer vs. Dignity »

P-code CABF04 • Index 12×05 • Aired Nov 26, 2000

In order to get some extra cash, Homer becomes Mr. Burns' new prank monkey, embarrassing himself for money.

The Computer Wore Menace Shoes

The Computer Wore Menace Shoes »

P-code CABF02 • Index 12×06 • Aired Dec 03, 2000

Under the alias Mr. X, Homer creates a web site full of damaging gossip about the townspeople. However, he soon stumbles upon a terrible government secret.

The Great Money Caper

The Great Money Caper »

P-code CABF03 • Index 12×07 • Aired Dec 10, 2000

Strapped for cash (again), Homer and Bart become scam artists. With Grampa's help, the Simpsons men extort all the money they can from the elderly.

Skinner's Sense of Snow

Skinner's Sense of Snow »

P-code CABF06 • Index 12×08 • Aired Dec 17, 2000

The kids get snowed in at Springfield Elementary, and soon rebel against Principal Skinner's authority.



P-code BABF22 • Index 12×09 • Aired Jan 07, 2001

Homer becomes a guinea pig for scientific experiments, where researchers discover a crayon lodged in his brain. Upon removal, Homer becomes much smarter.

Pokey Mom

Pokey Mom »

P-code CABF05 • Index 12×10 • Aired Jan 14, 2001

An ex-con with artistic ability is paroled into Marge's care. Meanwhile, Homer discovers a great cure for a bad back - a trash can, a.k.a. the

Worst Episode Ever

Worst Episode Ever »

P-code CABF08 • Index 12×11 • Aired Feb 04, 2001

After Comic Book Guy suffers a near-fatal heart attack, Bart and Milhouse take over running the Android's Dungeon, while Homer tries to help Comic Book Guy to be friendly & outgoing.

Tennis the Menace

Tennis the Menace »

P-code CABF07 • Index 12×12 • Aired Feb 11, 2001

The Simpson family tastes the high life when they build a tennis court in their back yard. However, when Marge chooses Bart as her partner over her husband, Homer becomes jealous.

Day of the Jackanapes

Day of the Jackanapes »

P-code CABF10 • Index 12×13 • Aired Feb 18, 2001

When Krusty accidentally erases all the old tapes of his show, Sideshow Bob vows revenge on him for destroying his work, and so hypnotizes Bart.

New Kids on the Blecch

New Kids on the Blecch »

P-code CABF12 • Index 12×14 • Aired Feb 25, 2001

Bart, Milhouse, Nelson and Ralph are chosen to become members of the next big boy band, Party Possé. But Lisa becomes suspicious after they release a song with the words,

Hungry, Hungry Homer

Hungry, Hungry Homer »

P-code CABF09 • Index 12×15 • Aired Mar 04, 2001

After Homer learns that the Springfield Isotopes are planning to move to Albuquerque, he goes on a hunger strike in protest.

Bye Bye Nerdie

Bye Bye Nerdie »

P-code CABF11 • Index 12×16 • Aired Mar 11, 2001

Lisa has many problems with a new girl at school, and sets out to discover why bullies prey on the nerdy, with ground breaking results.

Simpson Safari

Simpson Safari »

P-code CABF13 • Index 12×17 • Aired Apr 01, 2001

The Simpsons win trip to Africa, where they encounter strange animals, tribesmen and a sanctuary owner with a secret.

Trilogy of Error

Trilogy of Error »

P-code CABF14 • Index 12×18 • Aired Apr 29, 2001

A day in the life of The Simpsons is told from three different perspectives: Homer's Day: Marge accidentally cuts off Homer's thumb, and he must be rushed to the hospital. Lisa's Day: Lisa misses the bus and needs to get to school for the Science fair. Bart's Day: Bart & Milhouse find a cave full of fireworks, but are chased by the mafia.

I'm Goin' to Praiseland

I'm Goin' to Praiseland »

P-code CABF15 • Index 12×19 • Aired May 06, 2001

Ned builds a bible-themed amusement park in memory of his deceased wife, Maude.

Children of a Lesser Clod

Children of a Lesser Clod »

P-code CABF16 • Index 12×20 • Aired May 13, 2001

After breaking his leg, Homer starts a daycare center at home. However, this leaves Bart and Lisa feeling neglected.

Simpsons Tall Tales

Simpsons Tall Tales »

P-code CABF17 • Index 12×21 • Aired May 20, 2001

The Simpsons meet a hobo when boarding a train, who tells them three tales of early American lore: Paul Bunyan (Homer) and his giant Ox Connie Appleseed (Lisa) and her crusade for vegetarianism Tom Sawyer (Bart) and Huck Finn (Nelson)

Season 12

Season Twelve (2000-2001) was the fourth and final Season with Mike Scully as Executive Producer. Many fans see this as the worst Season to date, but that's up for debate. While the gap between good and bad episodes grew, the good far outweighs the bad.

In this Season, Krusty discovers he has a daughter; Lisa becomes an eco-warrior; the children are trapped in the school and must spend the night under Skinner's authority; Homer goes on a hunger strike (the same episode in which the family visit Blockoland); Comic Book Guy has a heart attack in one of my all-time favourites; and a day in the life of the Simpsons is replayed from three different perspectives in what is regarded as a true modern classic.

The Season Premiere marked the 250th episode, a record for a prime-time animated show. However, this and a few episodes fell way short of greatness. This was definitely the Season for bad endings; it's hard to find an episode here where the ending preserves some kind of humour or normality. The most notable example of this is the infamous "Surf's Up!" ending to The Great Money Caper, my least favourite episode ever (reading that sentence aloud in Comic Book Guy's voice really sells the point).

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And the guest star roll call in Season 12 is the screwiest yet! Stephen King, Drew Barrymore, John Updike, Amy Tan, The Who (Pete Townsend, Roger Daltry, John Entwhistle), Jay Mohr, Leeza Gibbons, Patrick McGoohan, Joshua Jackson, Edward Norton, Charles Napier, Michael Keaton, Robert Schimmel, Bruce Vilanch, Tom Savini, Venus Williams, Serena Williams, Pete Sampras, Andre Agassi, Gary Coleman, 'N Sync, Stacy Keach, Kathy Griffin, Frankie Muniz, Shawn Colvin, Kelsey Grammer as Sideshow Bob, and Joe Mantegna as Fat Tony!

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