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Colonel Homer

Colonel Homer

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When Homer ruins a movie for everyone by revealing the ending, Marge yells at Homer, embarrasing him. Homer drives off to a pub out of town, where finds a country singer named Lurleen Lumpkin. Her song gets into Homer's head, and he goes back the next day to get a copy of it. They record a CD at a booth, where a guy offers to have it played on the radio. It becomes an instant hit, Homer becomes Lurleen's manager, much to Marge's displeasure. Lurleen starts to fall in love with Homer, and kisses him right before a big TV gig. But Homer turns her down because he loves his wife and kids. He returns home to make up with Marge, while Lurleen sings a song dedicated to Homer.

Memorable quotes

Willie: (on a mechanical bull) Ach! How come no one else's chair is doin' this?!

Lurleen: My name's Lurleen Lumpkin.
Homer: That's a pretty name.
Lurleen: Oh, you think so?
Homer: Maybe. I'm not sure. I forgot it.

Homer: Lurleen, I can't get your song out of my mind. I haven't felt this way since Funky Town!

Homer: Marge, you make it sound so seamy. All I did was spend the afternoon in her trailer watching her try on some outfits.

Marge: Homer, how much did you just give that man?
Homer: Calm down, Marge, it's just our life savings. I'm not going into hock for this.

Homer: Marge, it takes two to lie. One to lie and one to listen.

Bart: As much as I hate that man right now, you gotta love that suit.

Homer: They don't call me Colonel Homer because I'm some dumb-ass army guy.

Lurleen: You're as smart as you are handsome!
Homer: Hey! Oh, you meant it as a compliment.


  • Other films showing at Springfield Googleplex Cinema include ''Honey, I Hit A School Bus'' and ''The Smell in Room 19.''
  • The sign at the Royal King Trailer Park reads ''14 Days Without A Tornado.'' When Homer returns later in the episode, it says 2 instead of 14.
  • Lurleen's other songs include: ''I'm Basting a Turkey With My Tears,'' ''Don't Look Up My Dress Unless You Mean It'' and 'I'm Sick of Your Lying Lips and False Teeth.''
  • A cow can be seen on top of a garbage heap at the dump that Homer passes by.
  • The Beer N' Brawl sells Laramie High Tar cigarettes.


  • The TV show, Ya-hoo! is similar to Hee Haw.
  • Homer passes a kid playing a banjo on a porch as he enters Spittle County, a la Deliverance