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Flaming Moe's

Flaming Moe's

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Business is slow at Moe's Tavern and he is out of beer, so Homer shows Moe his home made cocktail, known as the "Flaming Homer," made from a mixture of several liquors, Krusty's Cough Syrup, and then he lit on fire. Moe starts making the Flaming Homers at his bar and its an instant hit, but Moe takes the credit for Homer's drink and calls it the "Flaming Moe." Soon Moe's Tavern is growing in popularity very quickly, and even Aerosmith plays there one night. Homer asks Moe for all the money he is making over Homers idea, Moe refuses. A Local Restaurant Food Chain offers Moe one million dollars for the recipe. When Moe was about to accept the money Homer blabs and tells everyone the recipe. The company puts Moe out of business and everything returns to the normal bar Moe's Tavern.

Memorable quotes

Homer: You spoke while you were jinxed, so I get to punch you in the arm! Sorry, it's the law!

Moe: Business is slow. People today are healthier and drinking less. You know, if it wasn't for the junior high school next door, no one would even use the cigarette machine.

Man: This drink is delicious. And my phlegm feels looser. What do you call it?
Homer: It's called a Flaming--
Moe: Moe! That's right a Flaming Moe. My name is Moe and I invented it, that's why it's called a Flaming Moe.

Barney: Hey, what's this?
Moe: A sneeze guard.
Barney: (sneezes) Wow, it really works!

Bart: My father invented that drink, and if you'll allow me to demonstrate...
Mrs. Krabappel: Bart, are those liquor bottles?
Bart: I brought enough for everybody!
Mrs. Krabappel: Take those to the teacher's lounge. You can have what's left at the end of the day.

Homer: How could you do this to me Moe? This bar was going under and it was my drink that saved it. If there was any justice, my face would be on a bunch of crappy merchandise.

Moe: He may have come up with the recipe, but I came up with the idea of charging $6.95 for it.

Frink: Brace yourselves, gentlemen. According to the gas chromatograph, the secret ingredient is... love?! Who's been screwing with this thing?!

Barman: (pulls gun on Homer) Whadda you want?
Homer: A beer!
Barman: Okay then. (pours a beer in a filthy glass)
Homer: Can I have a clean glass?
Barman: (grudgingly cleans it) Here you go, your majesty!

Marge: Well, Homer, maybe you can get some consolation in the fact that something you created is making so many people happy.
Homer: Oh, look at me! I'm making people happy! I'm the Magical Man from Happy-Land, in a gumdrop house on Lollipop Lane! (slams the door, then put his head back round) Oh, by the way, I was being sarcastic.
Marge: Well, duh!

Homer: Where's that waitress of yours?
Moe: Oh, she left to pursue a movie career. Frankly, I think she was better off here.


  • During the Eye On Springfield credits, a SPRINGFIELD can be seen spelt out in giant letters a la HOLLYWOOD sign.
  • Underneath the floorboards at Lisa's slumber party is a pipe labelled ''lead'' and insulation labelled ''Asbestos.''
  • A bowie knife, a glass eye, a troll doll and the cough syrup are in the Lost and Found box.
  • Moe cheats at Solitaire.
  • A sign behind the bar reads: ''Bartenders Do It 'Til you Barf.''
  • The Flaming Moe knockoffs that appear the next day include ''Famous Moe's'' and ''Flaming Meaux.''
  • Maggie says ''Moe'' in this episode - in Homer's hallucination. Whether or not it counts as her first word is up to you. Note that she also said ''It's your fault I can't talk!'' in Bart Vs. Thanksgiving (in Bart's nightmare).


  • This episode's plot was loosely based on a restaurant called ''Coconut Teaser'' in Hollywood, which became popular because of a drink.
  • The waitress, the Flaming Moe's song, and several other scenes are inspired by ''Cheers.''
  • Homer swings from the gantry and has his sweater draped over half his face a la ''Phantom of the Opera.''
  • The Flaming Moe's knock-offs reference Famous Ray's Pizzeria in New York.