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Season 7 DVD guide

This box set continued with the "head" theme from the Season 6 set, this time featuring Marge. The traditional design was sold alongside the head box from the start (see the Season Six DVD guide for information on the previous controversy).

The menus on this DVD are not as well developed as previous Seasons, but carry on the same general theme as 5 and 6. The information booklet is very well put together in the style of a newspaper.


Season 7 DVD box Season 7 DVD head box Season 7 DVD menus

The traditional box style depicting Marge trying to take the family's photo (left); the alternate 'head' box (center); and DVD menu designs (right)

Matt Groening says:

Ahoy-hoy, Simpsons Freaks!

Welcome to this deluxe yet tiny mini-booklet box set! By now, you all know the drill: This here Simpsons grand-slam combo platter is the best blah blah blah yet, full of bonus blah blah blah, including essential, nutritious blah blah blah and even a few secret blah blah blahs! You got your magnificent guest stars: Linda McCartney, Glenn Close, Tito Puente, Christina Ricci, and a host of other unlikely suspects. You got your audio commentaries on every single dagnab episode, featuring brilliant animator, charismatic actors, and talented writers who don't know when to shut up. You got your deleted scenes, extracted especially for you from the bottom of the barrel. And you got your interactive animation whatsits, giving you all the technical wingding lowdown on the behind-the-scenes hoo-ha. All this on four jam-packed discs - 571 minutes of viewing pleasure that you can never get back. On behalf of everyone who has worked on The Simpsons for the past couple of decades, I'd like to thank you for you loyalty, your enthusiasm, your giggles, and your spooky obsessiveness.

Your chum,
Matt Groening



Note: episode commentaries are not listed here, but they are available for every episode.






Easter Eggs

It seems there are no Easter Eggs on this DVD, even though Groening says in his introduction that there are hidden gems!


Menus & Animations

The menus resemble a movie premiere, and characters from the Season's episodes are on the red carpet. In most cases, each episode is represented by a character; however there are some exceptions:

This also means that Lisa does not appear on any of the menus. The animations on the main menu are quite simple, unlike previous Seasons. Each character in the scene does something in turn.


  1. Mr. Burns steps forward and waves, but when someone takes a flash photo, he becomes disorientated.
  2. Flanders steps forward; a spotlight shines on him and a heavenly choir sings.
  3. Radioactive Man tries to show off by flying, but it goes wrong and he is left dangling. Bart slingshots his behind.
  4. Kang steps forward, but a flash photo turns him into ice for a few seconds.
  5. Bart pulls a few faces.


  1. Homer reveals he is wearing a fat suit by stepping out of it and taking a bow.
  2. "Matt Groening" gets angry and pulls out a gun; however it only shoots water.
  3. Sideshow Bob takes a bow, revealing Bart is tied to his back. Bart is released and stands next to Bob (who acts casual).
  4. Mother Simpson steps forward, revealing she is chained up.
  5. Moe picks up a ball and bowls it; it turns out to be the ball at the end of Mother Simpson's chain; she goes flying...


  1. Krusty squirts water at the crowd, and ducks a pie thrown at him - it hits George Bush instead.
  2. George and Barbara Bush step forward. Barbara tastes the pie on George's face.
  3. Marge shows off her Chanel suit... and the $90 price tag still attached.
  4. Jub-Jub hisses at Patty; Selma gives it a cigarette to smoke.


  1. Homer catches a cannonball in his belly as in Homerpalooza.
  2. Cletus steps forward and is thrown off-screen by another cannonball.
  3. Grampa falls asleep against the Very Tall Man; he puts a bird nest between them.
  4. Apu turns around the reveal a "Deport Me" sign taped to his back.
  5. Homer polishes his freak show helmet.


The "Episode Extras" menus are fairly plain: silhouetted characters watch a short clip from the episode in a movie theatre. The "Disc Extras" menu features Squeaky-Voiced Teen in the lobby of a cinema.


The "Language Selection" menu displays a slideshow of foreign language images. There are two slideshows: the first is on discs 1 and 3; the second on discs 2 and 4.