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Season 4 DVD guide

I think the menus on this DVD are great - to me they look the most Simpsony out of all of the DVDs, and the animations are cool.


Season 4 DVD box Season 4 DVD menus

The Season Four DVD case & menu design

Special Features

Note: episode commentaries are not listed here, but they're available for every episode.

Disc 1:

Disc 2:

Disc 3:

Disc 4:


Easter Eggs

There is a hidden audio commentary on Marge Vs. The Monorail, which can be accessed by pressing the audio button on your remote twice. The main commentary features Matt Groening, Al Jean, Mike Reiss, Rich Moore and David Silverman; the hidden commentary features the same people with the addition of Conan O'Brien.



There are a variety of menus featuring different characters, and each menu has three animations, one of which plays when you select an option. All the ones we've found are listed below.

  • Homer finds a donut under the plunger.
  • Homer struggles to pull the plunger off, and when he eventually does, it removes the top of his head.
  • Homer successfully removes the plunger from his head, and seems happy. However unknown to him he also has a plunger stuck to his butt.

1. Water drips onto the floor, so Marge whips out a brush and wipes it up.
2. Marge pulls a pin out of her hair, causing it to deflate.
3. Marge looks confused; She turns around and we see Maggie is holding onto the back of her dress - Marge was obviously looking for her.

1. Bart lights a rocket and it takes off, with him still attached.
2. Bart pulls down his pants, revealing the words "Enjoy the show, man" written on his butt.
3. Bart draws a hole in chalk, then reaches though, takes a cream pie, and throws it at the camera.

1. Lisa's scepter turns into a light saber at the touch of a button, and she takes a piece out of the "wall" and walks through to bliss on the other side.
2. Lisa presses a button on her scepter which sprouts a rotating blade. She flies off.
3. Lisa shakes the scepter at the ground and a flower sprouts from the ground.

1. Grampa wakes with a start...then goes back to sleep.
2. Grampa spits out his false teeth and catches them again in his sleep.
3. He puts his feet up, but the chair swallows him.

1. It turns out Krusty is not actually juggling.
2. Krusty catches the balls in his mouth.
3. He drops a ball and it explodes on the floor, making a hole.

1. Professor Frink's mechanical bird flies off, so he dons a jetpack and flies after it.
2. The bird crashes into the camera.
3. The bird flies up off screen, and drop an egg on Frink.

1. Barney burps and a hole opens up beneath him. He falls in.
2. He burps...then shatters into pieces.
3. He wobbles a bit and falls over; An airbag springs from the ground and cushions his fall.

1. Moe pulls the tap to pour a beer, but bats come flying out.
2. After Moe cleans a glass, he squeezes the rag over a bottle and puts it back under the counter, ready to serve up again.
3. Moe spits in the glass to clean it.

1. Ralph pulls a yoyo out of his pocket, but the string is not attached to his finger and it just rolls along the floor.
2. He pulls out a frame picture of Lisa, and sweet music plays. Lisa frowns in the picture - maybe it's a video picture?
3. Ralph picks his nose and eats it.

1. Kang makes a bunny ear behind Kodos.
2. Kodos presses a button on Kang's belt which causes popcorn to cook inside the glass helmet.
3. Kang keeps getting in Kodos' way, to Kodos pushes him over.

1. A paper plane flies in from above and gets stuck in Mrs. Krabappel's hair.
2. Mrs. K puts out her cigarette and walks off, revealing a target stuck to her back.
3. She blows a smoke ring, which takes the shape of Bart. She is understandably shocked.

1. A plane circles King Homer; A donut is formed in the trail and Homer eats it.
2. People are climbing up his back; Homer pulls one off and eats him.
3. He pulls a mushy banana from his chest.

1. Itchy whacks Scratchy into the camera with a baseball bat.
2. Itchy & Scratchy read their scripts, then continue to hit each other.
3. They read the scripts again, but this time swap weapons.

1. Mr. Teeny pours "Krusty Hair Growth Formula" on a bald patch under his hat; A tree then sprouts from his head.
2. Teeny picks something off the ground, sniffs it, then eats it.
3. He picks something off the ground again, but this time adds salt then eats it.

On the Language menu, Sideshow Bob walks into the same rake over and over, each time saying one of his quotes in a different language. The quotes are as follows for each Disc:
Disc 1: "That was a big mistake"
Disc 2: "Whom do you love?"
Disc 3: "Yes, thank you"
Disc 4: "Lies! Lies! Lies!"
(The second one is from Krusty Gets Busted, while the others are from Sideshow Bob Roberts).