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Bonfire of the Manatees

Bonfire of the Manatees

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After taking bad advice on football gambling, Homer is in debt to the mafia who loaned him the money. To repay them, he lets them shoot a "gentleman's film" at his house. Homer sends Marge and the kids off to "Santa's Village" while this is going on, however, Marge finds out when they return early. She leaves in a fit of rage and ends up at the beach, where she meets Caleb Thorne, a marine biologist trying to save the endangered manatees. Marge takes a shine to Caleb, even though he seems to care too much about his mission. She decides to join him and take a chance to find herself. Meanwhile Homer searches for Marge, and ends up staying with a 'country cousin'. When he eventually finds her he apologises, but Marge won't take him back so easily. Homer decides he must help save the manatees to win her back. After a run in with some jet-skiers, Marge sees that Homer is 'the real endangered species' - a devoted husband and father.

Memorable quotes

Bart: I wanna see Santa. He can explain why he gave me a Playstation box with nothing inside but a coloring book.
Homer: It got your hopes up, didn't it?

Homer: (his hand is hammered by Legs) OWW! It's not my fault the Raiders lost. It's Professor Pigskin's!
Fat Tony: If he mentions that pig again, use two hammers.
Homer: But the pig! (gets both hands hammered) OWW! OWW!

Homer: Okay!! You guys can shoot your gay adult film at my house!!
Fat Tony: Gay? Who said anything about gay?

Homer: Look, we've been through this road before, I do something stupid, your mom leaves, we eat waffles!

Homer: Now if you'll excuse me I have to use the out-house again.
Cousin 1: We don't have an out-house.
Cousin 2: My recording studio!


  • The gag about Homer using the recording studio as an outhouse was done in "Who Shot Mr. Burns? Part 2". Grampa told Homer he was going to go use his outhouse, which really was his toolshed.


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