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Simpson and Delilah

Simpson and Delilah

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Homer rushes out to buy a new hair growth formula, Dimoxonil, charging it to his health insurance at the power plant. He wakes up the next day with a thick mop of hair, and is soon given a promotion at the plant. He hires a male secretary named Karl, who teaches him some self-confidence. Burns is impressed so much by Homer that he gives him the key to the executive washroom. Smithers is jealous and snoops through Homer's files, finding the bogus health insurance policy. When confonting Homer about it, Karl takes the blame and is fired. When Bart spills the bottle of Dimoxinil, Homer loses his hair. Karl returns and convinces Homer that it was never the hair that made him successful. Homer gives a big speech (written by Karl) but no-one takes him seriously now that he has no hair. Burns demotes Homer back to his old position.

Memorable quotes

TV: The capital of North Dakota is named after what German ruler?
Homer: Hitler!
Marge: Hitler, North Dakota?

Marge: Some women find bald men quite virile.
Homer: Marge, weren't you listening? This is a miracle breakthrough.

Lenny: Why should you get nothing, while some guy who loses a finger hits the jackpot?

Homer: Dear God, give a bald guy a break. Amen.

Smithers: Attention Homer Simpson. You have been promoted. You are now an executive. Take three minutes to say good-bye to your former friend and report to room 503 for reassignment to a better life.

Homer: And what does my little girl want?
Lisa: An absence of mood swings and some stability in my life.
Homer: Uh... How about a pony?

Homer: Okay, I'm not going to kill you, but I'm going to tell you three things that are gonna haunt you for the rest of your days. You've ruined your father, you've crippled your family, and baldness is hereditary!
Bart: (scared) It is?

Homer: I'm just a big fool!
Karl: Oh no you're not!
Homer: How do you know?
Karl: Because my mother taught me never to kiss a fool! (kisses him)

Executive: Some nerve, telling us how to run the plant. He doesn't even have hair!


  • The name of the hair restoration formula, Dimoxinil, is very similar to real life hair product Minoxidil.
  • Homer has trouble with the questions on Grade School Challenge.
  • The heart on the Dimoxonil T-shirt had hair growing on it.
  • On the insurance form, Homer first checked the ''Female'' box before erasing it and checking ''Male.''
  • Homer was born on 5/10/55.
  • Homer was reading Playdude in the barber's shop.
  • Homer put his hardhat over a flashing red sign and then entered a ''Hard Hats Required'' area.
  • One of the plant employees smokes in front of a ''No Smoking'' sign.
  • Homer's other hair-growth products: ''Hair Master,'' Gorilla Man,'' ''Hair Chow,'' ''Bald Buster,'' ''NU GRO'' and ''U Wanna B Hair-E.''
  • A sign inside the ''Royal Majesty'' clothing store reads: ''You Rip It, You Buy It.''
  • Mr. Burns states that he is 81 years old.


  • Homer runs through the streets celebrating his new hair, parodying It's a Wonderful Life.