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Treehouse of Horror

Treehouse of Horror

Rating: 3.7 (230 votes)


Bart and Lisa exchange three horror stories: Bad Dream House: The Simpsons move into a haunted house that turns the family against each other. Hungry Are The Damned: Aliens kidnap the Simpsons. The Raven: James Earl Jones narrates Edgar Allen Poe's classic tale starring the Simpsons.

Memorable quotes

Lisa: (after the house implodes) It chose to destroy itself rather than live with us. You can't help but feel a little rejected.


  • In "The Raven", the upside down shot shows the chamber door to be open, but in the next shot the door is closed.
  • Maggie's head turning around in "The House of Bad Dreams" is a reference to "The Exorcist."
  • Lisa and the aliens taking turns blowing the dust off of the book in "Hungry are the Damned" is based off of an episode of "The Twilight Zone" called "To Serve Man".
  • The doll beside the box Bart was unpacking is Binky, the one-eared rabbit from Matt Groening's "Life In Hell" comic strip.


  • Edgar Allen Poe's "The Raven": the actual poem is read in this episode (by James Earl Jones).
  • The plot of "The House of Bad Dreams" is based on the horror flick "The Amityville Horror."
  • The house the Simpsons move into in "Bad Dream House" resembles the house in Hitchcock's "Psycho".