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El Viaje Misterioso de Nuestro Jomer (The Mysterious Voyage of Homer)

El Viaje Misterioso de Nuestro Jomer (The Mysterious Voyage of Homer)

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Homer attends the annual Springfield Chili Cook Off, where every year he gets drunk. This year he promises not to drink, but when he tries Chief Wiggum's Guatemalan peppers, he passes out and goes into a weird dream. Homer meets a crazy coyote, who tries to teach him to find his real soul mate. At first he believes it to be Marge, but upon returning home, Marge yells at him. So he goes off to find his real soul mate, ending up at a lighthouse. However, the bulb burns out and there is a ship heading for the rocks. Marge turns up and they work together and find a replacement bulb. Homer and Marge use teamwork to save them and the ship and then Homer realizes that Marge is his soul mate after all.

Memorable quotes

Homer: Well of course, everything looks bad if you remember it.

Lenny: (after Homer brandishes his spoon) They say he carved it himself... from a bigger spoon.

Homer: Man, this is crazy. I hope I didn't brain my damage.

Homer: Note to self: stop doing anything.

Bart: (pointing to his hat) Lis, check it out. Time for chili.
Lisa: I saw it, Bart.
Bart: You're just mad 'cause there's no clock in your hat.
Lisa: What hat?
Bart: Pfft, this baby's wasted on an idiot like you.

Coyote: Fear not, Homer. I am your spirit guide.
Homer: Hiya
Coyote: There is a lesson you must learn.
Homer: If it's about laying off the insanity peppers, I'm way ahead of you.

Homer: Look, just give me some inner peace, or I'll mop the floor with you!

Bart: So I says to Mabel, I says...

Homer: Oh, honey, I didn't get drunk, I just went to a strange fantasy world.

Moe: I'm a well-wisher, in that I don't wish you any specific harm.

Homer: Alone! I'm alone! I'm a lonely, insignificant speck on a has-been planet orbited by a cold, indifferent sun!


  • A hobo sells water for $3 at the cook-off.
  • After Marge trims the curtains, they appear later sewn up again.
  • A sign at the cook-off reads: ''Please Lick Spoons Clean After Each Use''.
  • Stands at the cook-off: ''Apu's Vegetarian Chili'', ''Professor Frink's Virtual Chili'', ''A Little Bit of Lenny'', ''Firehouse Ned's Five-Alarm Chili''.
  • The sign for the beer garden reads ''Proof Of Age Or Exact Change Required''.
  • The article in ''Kickin' Back'' is called ''Fifty Ways To Waste Your Weekend''.
  • The light bulb for the lighthouse is a ''40,000 Watt Energy Miser'' bulb.


  • When Homer approches Wiggum's stand, the music from The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly plays.
  • The computer in the lighthouse is a parody of a Twighlight Zone episode, where a man in a cave turns out to be a computer.
  • Jasper's ''Goo goo ga joob'' line is from the Beatles song, ''I Am The Walrus''.
  • The striped snake that Homer comes across and other parts of his hallucination parody Beetlejuice.