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Some Enchanted Evening

Some Enchanted Evening

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Feeling unloved by her family, especially Homer, Marge phones a radio shrink, who tells her to leave Homer. At work, Homer hears this, and so buys her flowers and chocolates and books himself and Marge into the Offramp Inn hotel. They eventually manage to get a babysitter, called Ms. Botz, and Homer and Marge leave. When the babysitter is out of the room, Bart and Lisa tune in to America's Most Armed and Dangerous, where they see the Babysitter Bandit - Ms. Botzucowski. Realizing that it is their babysitter, the kids run, but are caught and tied up. While the bandit rummages through the Simpsons' possesions, Maggie escapes from her crib and unties the kids. They knock out and tie up Ms. Botzucowski, and run to the nearest phone booth. Meanwhile, Homer and Marge return. Homer thinks the kids have played a prank on the babysitter and he frees her. Just then, the police and several TV crews turn up, and Homer realizes that he has made a stupid mistake.

Memorable quotes

Worker: Hey, isn't that your wife, Homer?
Homer: Don't be ridiculous, my wife worships the ground I walk on.

Dr. Marvin Monroe: You've got to tell him you're fed up, and if he doesn't start loving you, you will be leaving.
Marge: Leave Homer?!
Dr. Marvin Monroe: Please! Don't use his real name!
Marge: Leave Pedro?!

Moe: You're a pig. Barney's a pig. Larry's a pig. We're all pigs. Except once in a while we can crawl out of the slop, hose ourselves off, and act like human beings.

Homer: Uh, I'd like some flowers.
Florist: What kind of flowers?
Homer: Uh, you know, pretty ones. Not dead.
Florist: Well, we've have some beautiful long-stemmed roses. They're fifty five dollars a dozen.
Homer: (pause) One please.

Homer: Hello, this is Mr... Samson.
Receptionist: Did your wife just call a second ago?
Homer: No, I said Samson, not Simpson!

Lisa: (on phone) We caught her! We caught the Babysitter Bandit! She's tied up at our house right now!
Bart: Ask if there's a reward.
Lisa: Is there a reward? (pause) If she's convicted, we get T-shirts.
Bart: Yeah!

Ms. Botz: Mr. Samson, can I give you a bit of advice?
Homer: Sure.
Ms. Botz: Don't turn your back on that boy for a second.

Reporter: Are you telling the world that you just aided and abetted the escape of the notorious Babysitter Bandit?
Homer: The what? Well, I wouldn't say I aided her, because actually, it was quite a struggle!

Marge: The way I see it, if you've raised three children who can knock out and hog-tie a perfect stranger, you must be doing something right.

Host: The Cue-ball Killer should be considered extremely armed and dangerous. If you think you have seen him, call 1-800-U-SQUEAL.


  • Everybody fits on the couch in this episode. This is because it is the first episode produced, although it was shown at the end of the season.
  • Bart pours an entire bowl of sugar on his cereal.
  • Waiting on Line 2 on the phone at the radio station is Paul Hsi, who bites other people's nails.
  • There is an FBI warning at the beginning of the Happy Little Elves tape.
  • The call-in number for America's Most Armed and Dangerous is 1-800-U-SQUEAL.
  • Homer's facial hair grows back seven seconds after shaving.
  • A sign at the power plant says "7 Days Since Last Accident".


  • Bart's cry of "The Elves! The Elves" is a parody of The Hunchback of Notre Dame
  • The music from Jaws plays as Ms. Botz approaches.
  • The film "Night of the Hunter" has a similar plot to this episode.
  • "USA's Most Armed And Dangerous" is a parody of "America's Most Wanted"