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There's Something About Marrying

There's Something About Marrying

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 After Springfield gets rated as one of the worst towns in America to visit Quimby and the town decide to label Springfield as a town for gay marriages. After the tourist level of gay couples that wish to get married goes up Reverend Lovejoy decides to close the church and not allow gay marriages. When Quimby sees this he mentions that Lovejoy could be collecting up to $200 per couple and Homer overhears this.  Homer decides to go online and become an official Minister. Within a couple of minutes of the online class he goes to setup his Lil' Chapel out of their garage. Business starts to slow down for Homer and around the time he decides to give up the ministry Patty visits Homer to ask him a marry her with her girlfriend. Marge is very surprised to hear about Patty's gay life-style even though the hints were there their entire life. Veronica, Patty's girlfriend is a Pro Golf Player who met Patty during a tournament where she got hit by Veronica's club.  During preparation for the marriage Marge catches Veronica in the restroom with the toilet seat up, and then shaving; Veronica is really a guy. Even though Marge was happy to find this out she decides to tell Patty during the wedding ceremony. Veronica confesses and says that he still loves Patty and proposes to her right there and then but Patty says no because she only likes chicks.

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