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UK censorship guide: Season 14

I'm Spelling as Fast as I Can (EABF07)

In the school hall

Skinner: You mean your dad the raging alcoholic? Now, lets start the year with a little educational fun...
Bart: Oh, come on, everyone knows the first day of school's a total wank.
Skinner: If by wank you mean educational fun, then stand back, it's wanking time.

(The kids laugh)

Sky One

Moe Baby Blues (EABF17)

Moe recalls the story of The Godfather.

Moe: And now it's intermission. (sighs from back pain; Maggie shrugs at him) Give me a break will ya - it's a friggin' saga.

Channel 4

Maggie cries as Moe finishes the first part of his The Godfather story.

Moe: Okay - part two. Little Anthony is having his first communion at Lake Tahoe. Meanwhile, Michael can't get a gaming license, but senator Geary's got one weakness - call girls. (Maggie laughs)

Channel 4