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UK censorship guide: Season 15

The President Wore Pearls (EABF20)

Homer is greeted by Drederick Tatum

Drederick Tatum: Welcome to Springfield Elementary Casino Night. My fee for this evening goes to the victims of my criminal recidivisms, so relax, have fun and please god, don't piss me off.

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Treehouse of Horror XIV (EABF21)

After the scene with the mafia

Frankie the Squealer: Better call my wife, tell her I'll be late.
(Cut to Moe's, where Moe is hanging himself.)
Moe: Boy, if I knew it would take so long, I would've turned on the TV.
Pizza Boy: (enters) Pizza!
Moe: Your money's on the counter. No tip.
Pizza Boy: Oh, you miserable bastard.
Moe: That's why I'm up here.

(Cut to Simpsons Home.)

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Today I Am A Klown (FABF01)

Bart & Lisa try to sell a puppy to Groundskeeper Willy

Willy: He's a wall-eyed, misfit bastard... just like Willy.

This cut is really badly done and results in the line not making sense.

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'Tis the Fifteenth Season (FABF02)

The family are on their way to buy a Christmas tree

When the family drive through the bad side of Springfield, one of the sights is Gil preparing to hang himself with Christmas lights. This is cut out, though he does appear later with the noose draped around his neck (like a tie), which isn't cut.

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I, (Annoyed Grunt)-Bot (FABF04)

Bart & Milhouse ride their bike around Springfield

Wiggum: Sounds like a motorcycle gang. And we don't have backup. Better lay low.
(Wiggum puts a Pizza sign over the siren)
Lou: Hey Chief, what if they like pizza?
Wiggum: Way ahead of you Lou!
(Wiggum sticks a "Dominoe's" [sic] Pizza sticker over the police department logo.)

This was removed because Domino's sponsors The Simpsons on Sky One.

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The Ziff Who Came To Dinner (FABF08)

After Artie reads Lisa a story

Lisa: He's still looking for that chocolate factory. It consumes him.
(Cut to living room. where Homer and Marge are watching TV. Bart and Milhouse walk in.)
Bart: Hey, Mom, can I sleep over Milhouse's?
Marge: I thought you were playing catch with Artie?
Bart: Yeah, but, after the ice cream man cut up his credit card, he got a little depressed.
(Cut to Kitchen, where Artie Ziff is hanging himself. Ziff happily smiles and waves at Marge and Homer.)
Marge: Oh... my! Well, Homer, maybe you should take him to Moe's.
Homer: (to Artie) Come on, little fellow, you're hanging with me, tonight.
(Homer cuts loose the noose and carries Artie away.)

(Cut to Moe's)

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Simple Simpson (FABF15)

ACT 2/3
Pie Man is caught by Burns

(At the end of Act 2, Mr. Burns' hand closes in on Pie Man's mask. His hand shadows the eye holes, causing a black-out.)
(Act 3 starts by repeating some of the footage of Mr. Burns reaching for Pie Man's mask. Burns pulls off the mask to reveal (gasp!) Homer!)

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Fraudcast News (FABF18)

Everyone in town has printed their own newspapers

Willy: Check out the "Willy World News". I reviewed the new tractors - they're all shite!

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