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Bart's Inner Child

Bart's Inner Child

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Homer sees a free trampoline advertised in the newspaper, and rushes out to get it. He turns it into an attraction for the kids of Springfield. However, when everyone starts getting hurt, Marge complains. Homer tells her that she nags to much, so she gets a self-help video by Brad Goodman. Sometime later, Brad Goodman hosts an "Inner Child" seminar in Springfield. At the seminar, Bart's outburst prompts Brad Goodman to tell the people of Springfield to do what they like. Springfield holds a "Do What You Feel Festival," however, it turns into a disaster and everyone blames Bart. The townpeople chase after him, but he escapes and the townspeople go to the old mill to get some cider.

Memorable quotes

Homer: Kids, kids: once you get hurt, move aside and let other people jump.

Snake: All right! I got me a bed.

Homer: Marge, I'm feeling a lot of shame right now.
Marge: I'm hearing that you feel a lot of shame.
Homer: And I feel that you hear my shame.
Marge: I'm feeling annoyance and frustration, but also tolerance.
Homer: I feel validated by that.

Brad Goodman: Let me hear what's troubling you. Don't be shy, yell it out. Everybody, go!
Quimby: I, er, can't commit to a relationship.
Mr. Burns: I'm too nice!
Apu: I have problems with--
Lenny: I'm always interrupting people!

Lisa: This is madness. He's just peddling a bunch of easy answers.
Carl: And how!

Bart: Lis, everyone in town is acting like me. So why does it suck?
Lisa: Simple, Bart: you've defined yourself as a rebel, and in the absence of a repressive milieu, your societal niche has been co-opted.
Bart: I see.

Lisa: This is your chance to develop a new and better identity. May I suggest "good-natured doormat"?
Bart: Sounds good, sis. Just tell me what to do.

Kent Brockman: A new mood is in the air in Springfield, as refreshing as a pre-moistened towlette. Folks are finally accepting their feelings and really communicating, with no holding back, and this reporter thinks it's about ****ing time.

Kent Brockman: Springfield will have its first annual "Do What You Feel" Festival this Saturday. Whenever you feel like throwing up, it'll be a welcome change from our annual "Do As We Say" Festival started by German settlers in 1946.

Skinner: Eat my shorts, young man!

Squeaky-Voiced Teen: Mister, I can't stand the sound of your voice!

Homer: Ooh! It's that new show about the policeman who solves crimes in his spare time!


  • Krusty lives at 534 Center Street.
  • Homer reads ''Owning Your Okayness.''
  • Light beams shine through the clouds when Rod and Todd ask what they have done to make God mad.
  • Maggie eats food with her pacifier.
  • Admission to ''Homerland'' is $50.
  • Marge wears a baseball cap backwards on top of her hair at the festival.
  • The diseases in the Feel Bad Rainbow include ''Motor Mouth'' and ''Uncontrollable Falling Down.''
  • When Homer and Marge are talking in bed and Marge sits up and says "thats not true" she is naked. However, the close-up uses recycled animation...and she is wearing a nightgown.


  • The scene of the injured kids lined up in rows parodies the soldiers from ''Gone With The Wind''.
  • Homer pushes the trampoline off the cliff a la Wile E Coyote from the ''Road Runner'' cartoons. It bounces back up and pummels Homer into the edge of the cliff. The cliff then breaks off.
  • The run away Ferris Wheel is a reference to ''1941.''
  • The women reveling on the statue of Brad Goodman parodies ''The Ten Commandments''.