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The Last Temptation of Homer

The Last Temptation of Homer

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Mr. Burns is ordered to reverse his sexist hiring policy and bring in a woman at the plant. He hires a woman called Mindy, but Homer finds he is attracted to her. He tries talking to her, but realizes they have so much in common - they are both slobs who love eating, sleeping and watching television. Homer's home life seems to be taking a bad turn as well. Although he tries to avoid Mindy at work, they are both chosen to represent the power plant at the National Energy Convention. They win a romantic dinner at a Chinese restaurant, where the fortune cookie tells Homer that he will find happiness with a new love. After dinner, they return to their rooms, but instead of giving in to temptation, Homer invites Marge to stay with him at the hotel.

Memorable quotes

Homer: Another day, another box of stolen pens.

Skinner: Blast it, woman! You parked too close. Move your car!
Mrs. Krabappel: I'm in the lines! You got a problem, go tell your momma.
Skinner: Oh, don't worry: she'll hear about this.

Charlie: Well, sir, I won't bore you with the details of our miraculous escape, but we desperately need a real emergency exit!
Mr. Burns: Why, that's a fabulous idea! Anything else you'd like? How about real lead in the radiation shields? Urinal cakes, maybe?

Lenny: Aw, if they hire a woman we won't be able to spit on the floor.
Carl: And we can't take off our pants when it gets real hot.
Homer: And we won't be able to pee in the drinking fountain... (Lenny and Carl stare at him) Er, I mean, not... you know, if we wanted to... not that I ever did...

Homer: I got this friend named... Joey Jo-Jo... Junior... Shabadoo.
Moe: That's the worst name I ever heard. (a man runs out crying)
Barney: Hey, Joey Jo-Jo!

Homer: I'm attracted to another woman! What am I going to do?
Barney: Your infatuation is based on a physical attraction. Talk to the woman and you'll realize you have nothing in common.
Homer: Barney, that is so insightfuI. How did you come up with that?
Barney: It was on one of these bar napkins.

Guardian Angel: Homer, I'm your guardian angel. I've assumed the form of someone you'd recognize and revere: Sir Isaac Newton.
Homer: Sir Isa-who-who?

Lisa: Dad, why are you singing?
Homer: (thinking) Tell a lie, tell a lie. (aloud) Uh, because I have a small role in a Broadway musical. It's not much, but it's a start. (thinking) Bravo! [slow clapping]

Homer: Stop that! I love my wife and family. All I'm gonna use this bed for is sleeping, eating, and maybe building a little fort.

Mindy: Well, desserts aren't always right.
Homer: But they're so sweet!


  • When Homer tries to deceipher the message he wrote on his hand, he misreads it as a Buddhist chant.
  • Mindy calls Capital City ''The Windy Apple.''
  • The sign outside the hotel reads ''Legionnaires' Disease-Free Since 1990.''
  • The sign at the National Energy Convention burns out.
  • The sign at the nuclear power plant stand reads ''As Seen On 60 Minutes.''
  • At the wind power stand, an electric fan blows air on the windmill, turning the blades.
  • Homer and Mindy dine at ''Madame Chao's'' - pronounced ''chows'' but spelt like ''chaos''.


  • Homer's hallucination of Mindy naked in a clam shell is from ''The Birth of Venus'' painting by Botticelli.
  • The boy in the nerd hideout says that it is ''the refuge of the damned'' - a reference to ''Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom.''
  • Homer and Mindy share a hot dog a la spagetti in ''Lady and the Tramp.''
  • When Burns says to his monkeys, ''Fly my pretties, fly!'' it is a reference to ''The Wizard of Oz.''